Chivas out to equal, then surpass América's haul of Mexican titles

Guadalajara’s new boss, Ricardo Peláez, confirmed that Chivas are working to become the team with the most titles in the Liga MX.

This year Chivas wants to tie and then surpass America in titles

With a perfect preseason and new signings, Chivas' confidence is increasing prior to the beginning of the Clausura 2020. The team with the second-most titles in the Mexican championship let go of some key players like Alan Pulido, but brought young national talent like Uriel Antuna (LA Galaxy) and José Juan Macías (León) for this new semester.

Chivas sporting director Ricardo Peláez is not afraid to say that their first goal is to equal América's haul of titles and then surpass them to be the best franchise in the Mexican soccer championship, “We only have one less title than América and the goal is not only to tie them but to surpass them as quickly as possible. We want to be the team to beat every semester, thats where Chivas should be. Those are our objectives as long as I am here and hopefully we can achieve them with the help of our fans”.

To reach that goal it is known that Chivas can only use Mexican-born soccer players that now are part of the squad to start the Clausura 2020. So the rumours of a late signing, like Rodolfo Pizarro from Monterrey, are not possible because they are going to use the players that played during the preseason.

“I said it multiple times, no more signings! The media was responsible for saying that we wanted to sign Rodolfo Pizarro and Héctor Moreno, but I can assure you that those players will not be part of Chivas this semester. We have plenty of quality and quantity for this tournament so we are happy with the players we have”.

On the other hand, Peláez explained why Pulido, the top scorer from last semester, left Chivas, “It is very easy, if you know me you know that I only want players that want to be here; if not, they are more than welcome to leave. I talk to all of them before I plan for the next semester and I talked with Alan Pulido, who said to me that he wanted to leave, so we granted his petition, as easy as that. We analysed the best offer, San José wanted him so we sold him and it was done.”