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Raúl Jiménez helps Wolves' popularity soar in Mexico

The club's marketing director Russell Jones highlighted the importance of Mexico for them thanks to star striker, Raúl Jiménez.

Wolves popularity increases in Mexico thanks to Raul Jimenez

Wolverhampton Wanderers have become one of the most popular Premier League clubs outside of England since Raúl Jiménez joined them in 2018. Wolves' marketing director, Russell Jones, said in an interview with The Athletic that, thanks to the 28-year-old forward the club has gained more followers on their social media accounts in countries like Mexico and the United States.

“To start with our team colors are unique and we play with a wolf as our symbol, so our logo is very powerful. Personally I think that as a brand, it is the most powerful in the entire Premier League,” Jones explained.

Since Raúl Jiménez's arrival, Wolves have seen how their fan base has increased five fold - largely for new followers in Mexico. Another astute move by Wolves was to launch a green third strip - similar to the jersey worn by Mexico's national team.  “The green kit was incredible. It was also fun for us because it was a great opportunity to connect with our new Mexico-based fans. We never said it was Mexico’s kit - it just resembles their national team’s colours.” Jones added.

Wolves' fan base larger than Manchester City's

Finally, Russell Jones talked about the amount of followers they have gained across their social media accounts since they returned to the Premier League. The impact was so big the figures surpassed Manchester City during the season they won three titles with Pep Guardiola.

“We have been at the top of the engagement table since we returned to the Premier League and we are the team with more interaction in all of Europe. Our interaction with fans was ten times more than clubs like Man City in the year they won the treble.”