Inzaghi: “Zlatan doesn’t money or glory, he wants to play”

Ibrahimovic returned to AC Milan this winter and in two games he already demonstrated he wants to make a difference by scoring his first goal.

Inzaghi: “Zlatan doesn’t money or glory, he wants to play”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic decided to leave LA Galaxy in January to return to Europe and demonstrate he is still capable of making a difference. The 38-year-old signed for AC Milan, a team who is not at the top of the table, after leaving in 2012, that last time they won a title.

Now that Ibra is playing in Italy, his presence has been felt because in barely 2 games, a total of 125 minutes, he already scored his first goal. Since he arrived, AC Milan has a tie and a victory. During an interview with Corriere della Sera, Filippo Inzaghi, ex teammate of Zlatan, talked about the importance of the Swedish striker returning to this important club.

“I played with him and all I have is respect. He doesn’t need money or glory, if he came back is because Zlatan thinks he can leave a legacy. We saw what he can do in two games already.”

Confidence in Maldini

Inzaghi was a key player back in the days for AC Milan, where not only he played with former striker Zlatan, but he also played alongside with Maldini, the new head coach. Filippo believes that with time the ex defender will bring back Milan to the top of the table.

“Right now the team is not in a good place but sadly that has been the case for many years now. I have total confidence in Maldini and I am sure that with time he will do a fantastic job alongside with assistant coach, Boban. AC Milan has to start over, make two or three important signings each year and most importantly be patient with him.”

Zlatan's first goal with AC Milan

Ibrahimovic scored his first goal last Saturday when AC Milan defeated Cagliari during week 19 of the Serie A. With that goal Milan obtained their first victory of the year and Zlatan became one of the few players who has scored a goal in different decades.