Setién: "Messi did what Messi always does"

Setién was on the winning side of a Messi goal for the first time in his career and applauded the captain after his goal sealed victory over Granada.


You suffered more than you expected?

When a team shuts up shop at the back, it's not easy to find ways through. But you have to look for alternatives to try to do damage. Sometimes playing is short and sometimes going deep.

What are the wrinkles you've put into the team so far?

The stamp is still the same. Do thing well. There are four or five concepts that are important and you have to stick with them. You have to stick with them for the whole game, not ten minutes or 70 minutes. We did well, above all in recovering the ball after losing it.

The team completed 1002 passes. But the centre of the field at the end with Riqui and Arthur seemed like you wanted to see or not what they did?

We will be watching it as we go. The reality is that in the first half, they were much more fresh. After when Arthur came on for example, they were down to ten.

How does Messi win these games?  

He has done it his whole life. Sometimes there are games that he is blocked up and then he appears with a wonderful play. A really nice backheel from Arturo and it's the same play he did in the first half. When the ball fell at his feet, the chances of him scoring is really high.