Barcelona buy the right to sign Brazilian Gustavo Maia

Sao Paulo have sold the right to sign Gustavo Maia to Barcelona for €1 million and they will have to pay a further €3.5 million before 30 June.

Gustavo Maia

Barcelona have signed 19-year-old Brazilian Gustavo Maia from Sao Paulo. The executive manager of the Brazilian club has confirmed to ESPN Brasil that Barcelona have paid €1 million for the option to buy the player and if they do want to exercise that option, they will have to pay a further €3.5 million before 30 June. That will be enough to see them land 70% of the players' rights with the remainder belonging to Sao Paulo.

In principle, Barcelona have to send the money by Wednesday but with the current coronavirus situation, some of their income has been stalled by UEFA, who are holding off the release of funds in these unpredictable circumstances.

Barcelona buy the right to purchase Maia

Alexandre Pássaro, executive manager of Sao Paulo, has given details of the deal: "We sold the option to buy him for €1 million. Barcelona can buy him in half a year, in the case they want him. He has a value of €4.5 million."

"It is one of those things in which we try to bring in money without necessarily losing the player in this instance," he continued.

The winger has a contract until 2022 with the Brazilian side and has played with the national team's under-16 and under-17s. He was one of the best player in the last Junior Cup with three goals in six games. The teenager has been called into Sao Paulo's first team but is yet to make his debut.