"Unbelievable" Klopp is a "loving person" – Alexander-Arnold lauds Liverpool boss

Trent Alexander-Arnold says everything about Jurgen Klopp is "unbelievable", as the full-back outlined his intention to remain at Liverpool.

Everything about Klopp is unbelievable – Alexander-Arnold

Jurgen Klopp has been lauded as an "unbelievable" manager by Trent Alexander-Arnold, who hailed the Liverpool boss' heart-on-the-sleeve approach.

Since making his debut under Klopp in 2016, Alexander-Arnold has developed into one of Liverpool's key players over the past three and a half seasons.

The 21-year-old has appeared in every Premier League match so far this season, with the Reds leading the way by 25 points, though there will be no football played until at least April 30 in England due to the coronavirus pandemic.

While it remains to be seen when the season will be continued, Alexander-Arnold has spoken of Klopp in glowing terms, with the former Borussia Dortmund coach having taken Liverpool to last season's Champions League triumph and to within two wins of their first Premier League title this term.

"Unbelievable," Alexander-Arnold told GQ when asked about Klopp.

"Just everything about him in every way. His man management, as a person, as a manager. Just unbelievable."

"Klopp is a loving person" - Alexander Arnold

Asked if Klopp was the same off-camera as on it, Alexander-Arnold added: "He's the same person, because I feel as though in those interviews, when you see him on the camera, you can see that he's a loving person.

"You can see that he's someone who cares about the people around him. He cares about his family, he cares about his players, he cares about his staff.

"He treats everyone as equals. He treats the captain the same as he would a young player. People probably have a conception of him as maybe being very emotional, heart on the sleeve.

"Which he is to an extent, but he knows how to control it in ways that are beneficial to everyone around him. He knows what needs to be said and what tone it needs to be said in, at the right time."

Alexander-Arnold identified Barcelona as his favourite team after Liverpool, yet the full-back has no intention of leaving Anfield.

"Yeah, I can imagine that," he replied when asked if he could see out his entire career at Liverpool.

"[Playing abroad] is not something I've ever really thought about. I've always loved Liverpool. I've always supported them. I've always played for them.

"So, I've never had that reason to think about it. Yeah, still now, I wouldn’t sit there in my room and daydream about playing somewhere else. Right now, I'm a Liverpool player. I love the club more than anything. I love everything about it. I love the fans, the people. I love the city. So, no, why would I think about that?"