Coronavirus: Barcelona players discuss whether to accept salary cuts

Players from Barça's different professional teams are currently analysing the club's proposal to lower their wages until the coronavirus lockdown in Spain is lifted.

Coronavirus: Barcelona players discuss whether to accept salary cuts

The captains of Barcelona's different professional teams are currently in discussions over whether to accept the proposal tabled by directors of the club regarding a considerable salary cut.

Salary cuts

The conditions offered by the LaLiga club involve the players taking a wage cut from 14 March until the end of the lockdown in Spain, guaranteeing that they will be reimbursed once the state of alarm is lifted, despite official competitions not resuming. The club feels the proposal is a reasonable one, but is currently being analysed by captains across Barcelona's professional set-up, including the football team (Leo Messi), women's team (Vicky Losada), basketball team (Tomic), handball team (Víctor Tomás), futsal team (Sergio Lozano) and roller hockey team (Aitor Egurrola).

Barcelona were due to spend 507 million euros in salaries in the 2019–20 season, representing 49% of their budget. However, club president Josep Maria Bartomeu feels they need to act after the economic impact caused by the current coronavirus crisis.

The club awaits a decision

With four months of salaries left to pay this season, Barcelona deem it fair to lower part of its players salaries while no official competitions are being disputed. Once the lockdown is lifted, the players will receive full wages, despite not competing officially. At the present time, the club is waiting for a response from the players in order to move forward with the proposal.