Coronavirus: total USA cases and deaths, real-time map, 1 April

Updates on the total number of registered Covid-19 cases, deaths and discharged patients, both in the United States and throughout the world.

Coronavirus: total USA cases and deaths, real-time map, 1 April

This article is now out of date. You can follow the United States' coronavirus numbers for Thursday 2 April here.

Confirmed US coronavirus cases

As of 22:00 CEST on Wednesday 1 April (16:00 EDT, 13:00 PDT), there were a total of 214,639 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the US, with 5,099 deaths. 8,878people in the country have officially recovered after contracting Covid-19.

Worldwide real-time coronavirus map

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Worldwide coronavirus cases

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide at the above time stood at 935,022. In total, 47,189 people have died from Covid-19, while 193,989 have recovered from the disease.

U.S. President Donald Trump walks past Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, as the president arrives for the daily coronavirus response briefing at the White House in Washington, U.S., March 31, 2020.

US coronavirus news

On Wednesday, the first fatality from Covid-19 was reported in Hawaii. Officials confirmed that an elderly man had become infected with coronavirus and died on Oahu island. It means that Wyoming, who currently have 120 reported cases of positive infections, is the only remaining US state not to have suffered a death from the coronavirus pandemic. 

A Russian military transport plane took off from an airfield outside Moscow early on Wednesday and headed for the United States with a load of medical equipment and masks to help Washington fight coronavirus, Russian state TV reported.

President Vladimir Putin offered Russian help in a phone conversation with President Donald Trump on Monday, when the two leaders discussed how best to respond to the virus.

The flight, which was organised by the Russian Defence Ministry, is likely to be unpopular with some critics of Trump who have urged him to keep his distance from Putin and who argue that Moscow uses such aid as a geopolitical and propaganda tool to advance its influence, something the Kremlin denies.

Live coverage of the coronavirus pandemic

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