Tebas versus Rubiales - a war for war's sake

For some, the absence of football is a big concern and they have been trying to think ways to get the competition back up and running as soon as possible. That seems perfectly logical to me. The likes of Infantino, Ceferin, Tebas, Rubiales et al are doing the right thing by discussing the matter now rather than later, which should give everyone time to finish off the games that remain. That’s their job - all of us are hoping that sometime soon, life will return to normal and within that, the need to play out the 11 remaining matches in LaLiga – and of course, those in other leagues who have a similar number of games outstanding, as well as the European competitions. There’s a lot to fit in and we still don’t know exactly when competition can return.

Tebas planning for the day football resumes

That, as Salvador Illa pointed out to Cadena COPE the other night, will be on the date which he announces, as the State Minister of Health - not whatever date Javier Tebas might come up with. He was stating the obvious - because Tebas is not trying to set a date when football will return but rather to organise plans (in conjunction with UEFA and the clubs) for when it actually happens. On top of that pettiness he went on to compare and contrast Spain’s daily death toll of 700+ with Tebas’ wishes of not losing out on hundreds of millions of revenue if the season is declared void. Illa was far too quick to take sides in the Rubiales-Tebas battle, which is becoming more and more absurd by the day and that has only served to give Rubiales even more reassurance.

Looking for solutions

He has declared that under no circumstances will games be played every 48 hours (an option that was only put forward as a rare exception that might be employed just once or twice) when it turns out that he permitted five games to be played under exactly those circumstances in the Copa. I say this war is becoming more and more absurd because both of them are actually in agreement over what matters the most – that this season’s LaLiga campaign is completed however and whenever. With all of that taken into account, it has to be said that at least Tebas, who regularly puts his foot in it, is looking for solutions but Rubiales keeps putting spokes in the wheel. It’s an unpleasant situation. But that’s what happens when you mix football with politics... But I suppose you always expect something more from football.