Coronavirus: How many Covid-19 patients in the US are in hospital?

The United States has a plan to reopen the economy in the next few weeks depending on how many people are hospitalized due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Coronavirus: How many Covid-19 patients in the US are in hospital?

The United States is now the country with the most coronavirus cases and deaths in the entire world and many states have prolonged the quarantine period in an attempt to prevent the virus from spreading further. As of the morning of Sunday 12 April the U.S. reports a total of 558,447 cases and 21,991 deaths.

United States president Donald Trump addressed the nation in a video message on Sunday morning and he urged everyone to remain at home and keep practicing social distancing.

On the other hand Dr. Anthony Fauci from the White House is very optimistic about getting the economy back up and running in the next few weeks because the daily number of people being admitted to hospital with Covid-19 infection appears to be decreasing.

“Even though the number of cases keep increasing the number of people hospitalised because of the virus is decreasing and this is a good sign for the country because we can tell people that it is safe to return to work,” Fauci said. 

Number of Hospitalised Covid-19 patients in the United States

State Hospitalised
New York 33, 244
New Jersey 7, 618
California 5, 067
Illinois 3, 680
Michigan 3, 636
Florida 2, 744
Georgia 2,491
Massachusetts 2, 120
Pennsylvania 2, 115
Louisiana 2, 067
Ohio 1, 859
Maryland 1, 709
Connecticut 1, 593
Texas 1, 514
Colorado 1, 376
Virginia 1, 252
Wisconsin 950
Missouri 941
Washington 642
Tennessee 556
Mississippi 528
South Carolina 496
Kentucky 459
Oklahoma 446
Alabama 402
North Carolina 362
Oregon 345
Minnesota 340
Kansas 293
Nevada 282
Delaware 190
Utah 190
Rhode Island 183
New Hampshire 146
Idaho 131
Arkansas 130
Iowa 118
Maine 114
West Virginia 81
New Mexico 78
Vermont 77
Montana 46
Hawaii 44
Wyoming 37
North Dakota 36
South Dakota 33
Alaska 31
Guam 14
Virgin Islands 3
Arizona 0
Diamond Princess 0
District of Columbia 0
Grand Princess 0
Indiana 0
Nebraska 0

According to the data provided by the John Hopkins University, while there are 558,447 Covid-19 positive cases only 82,809 are hospitalised, around 16.9% of the total.