Barcelona's Rakitic takes the 90-second challenge

Ivan Rakitic was up against the clock in Barcelona's 90-second challenge.

Coronavirus: Vidal's tough time and chatting with Ter Stegen - Rakitic takes the 90-second challenge

Staying entertained during lockdown as the world attempts to tackle the coronavirus pandemic can unquestionably be tricky.

For football stars it is just as important to maintain an active mind to while away the oft tedious, but essential, hours spent at home.

Barcelona midfielder Ivan Rakitic took part in a quickfire question and answer session on his club's social-media channels, titled the 90-second challenge.

Rakitic pondered several topics and revealed which team-mate is struggling more than others.

Rakitic's 90-second challenge

Below is a full run-down of his replies:

Staying at home is? Boredom

What do you miss the most? Friends

Which team-mate do you speak to the most? (Marc-Andre) Ter Stegen

What series did you last watch? El Ganador

What's the best thing about being at home? Family

And the worst? Boredom

Lockdown without the internet or without family? Without family  

At this point, Barca provided a comical interlude which read: "*Disclaimer - we all know no one cares more about family more than Ivan. We also know anyone can have a lapse when they are in a rush!"

Which team-mate lives closest to you? [Lionel] Messi

Is your mobile battery lasting less at the moment? No more, but much, much more

What is your favourite place in the house? Now - the gym

Which family member do you speak to the most? My in-laws

From 0-10 how are you coping with lockdown? 10

Which social network do you use the most? Instagram

Who's having the worst time in lockdown? Arturo Vidal

And the best? Ter Stegen

Favourite board game? Ludo

At the end of the session Rakitic was told he had answered one more question than his coach Quique Setien to which he replied with a grin: "Okay, that's important!"