Qatar’s sporting ambitions won’t stop after the World Cup 2022

Qatar will bid to host the 21st Asian Games 2030, drawing on their experience of hosting the Games in 2006, and the World Cup in 2022.

Qatar’s sporting ambitions won’t stop after the World Cup 2022
Issei Kato REUTERS

As Qatar, host of the World Cup 2022, prepares to organise the tournament for the first time in the Middle East, the country’s ambitions and aspirations are without limit after the Qatar Olympic Committee announced its intention to bid for the rights to hold the 21st Asian Games, in 2030. Qatar continues to look to the future with the plan of holding major international sporting events – the World Cup 2022 won’t be the last major event held in the capital of Doha, nor an end to hosting international tournaments. Bidding for the Asian Games represents another step in showcasing Qatar’s ability to superbly organise and host leading sports events, which will draw on the fruits of hosting an exceptional World Cup in 2022 and ensure its legacy endures far after the tournament.

While in 2006 Qatar organised the 15th Asian Games, which was a milestone in the history of sport in Qatar, a high point for the country in terms of organising international sporting events, it’s important to recognise that the prestige Qatar received from hosting the Asian Games was one of the key strengths in Qatar’s winning bid for the World Cup 2022, a glorious moment in the sporting history of the country.

Joaan bin Hamad: the highest international standards

Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad, president of the Qatar Olympic Committee said, “with the full support of the country’s leaders, the Olympic Committee will bid to organise the 21st Asian Games. It was our pleasure to host the Games for the first time in 2006 and we believe that now is the time to bid again, and to welcome all of Asia to our country”. Continuing, he said, “The capital Doha is not the same city it was in 2006, and it will continue to develop through to 2030, meaning we can guarantee the athletes, the national Olympic committees, the fans and partners that the 21st Asian Games will be hosted to the highest standards.”

“Qatar has won the rights to organise many major events across a number of sports, meaning the country has acquired experience in organising these tournaments,” said bin Hamad, who explained, “as well as the infrastructure and the best sports facilities, which will allow us to host the Asian Games, we want to devote our experience and abilities to Asian sport through our close collaboration with our friends throughout the Asian Olympic family, promising to provide the best possible environment for the athletes allowing them to give the very best of themselves, which will in turn motivate future generations."

Qatar’s successful bid for World Cup 2022

At the end of 2000, Qatar won the rights to host the 15th Asian Games. Ten years later, on 2 December 2010, Qatar was chosen as the candidate to organise the World Cup 2022 after a fierce selection process with a number of other countries bidding for the rights. FIFA’s executive committee selected Qatar by 14 votes to 8 for the USA.