Ligue 1

Lyon president Aulas criticises "stupid" Ligue 1 decision

With LaLiga cleared to restart as of June, Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas again slammed Ligue 1's decision to end the season early.

Coronavirus: We are too stupid – Aulas again criticises Ligue 1 decision

Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas again criticised the decision to cancel the rest of the Ligue 1 season, saying it was a stupid move. The remainder of the Ligue 1 campaign was cancelled last month due to the coronavirus pandemic, with Paris Saint-Germain being named champions and Toulouse and Amiens consigned to the drop. 

But it is the only one of Europe's top five leagues to make that move, with the Bundesliga having restarted and LaLiga cleared to begin from June 8, while Serie A and the Premier League are also bidding to resume.

Aulas said the fact Ligue 1 had decided against playing out the rest of its campaign showed officials had lacked patience.

Aulas: "Spain has thought about and found answers"

"In reality, what they said at this meeting with UEFA, it's patience," he told L'Equipe on Saturday.

"When we see that our leaders attended, drawing different conclusions, we say that we are really too stupid, excuse me for the term."

Aulas has pleaded for the decision to be reconsidered and said it made little sense that Spain, hit harder by Covid-19, could restart and France could not.

"It is nevertheless paradoxical that a country like Spain, which has been more affected than France by the pandemic, has thought about and found answers," he said.

Spain has more than 282,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and a death toll exceeding 28,600, while France has 182,000 and 28,300 respectively.

Lyon finished seventh in the table with the season stopped.