Zidane responds to Piqué: "Refs favour Real Madrid? I don't think so"

The coach gave his reply to comments made by the Barcelona centre-back: "You can play off the pitch, but Real Madrid don't do that".


Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane gave a pre-match press conference via Zoom link from the Alfredo di Stéfano to give his thoughts on tomorrow's trip to San Sebastián where his side will take on Real Sociedad. The game took on extra significance for Madrid after Barcelona were held 0-0 by Sevilla on Friday, which gives Madrid the chance to go top (level on points but with a superior head-to-head record) if they win on Sunday.

Live coverage of Real Sociedad vs Real Madrid

Madrid on 62 points, Barcelona on 65

How's the team shaping up?

The same as before, I think after the last couple of games, which have been very good, the team seems to be going in the same direction. We've prepared well for this game although we haven't had a lot of time to do that. It's our first game away from home and against a very good side - La Real play wonderful football and we know how difficult this game is going to be. We know we have to do everything right 

With Barcelona drawing in Seville, is this Madrid's moment to strike?

It's not going to change anything, we have our game tomorrow, our third. We have spoken about 11 finals and tomorrow we have another one. We have got to give everything we've got - wihout thinking about anything else.

Barcelona play before Real Madrid

You haven't complained about the difference in times of the fixtures… 

It's just the way I am. I accept the truthful side of everything that happens to me in life - I'm lucky in that I am able to a job which I enjoy - not everyone can say the same. I could moan, like anybody can, but in my job as a coach, it doesn't change anything. I'm very positive in life and I have to give everything I have. After that, whatever happens, happens. What matters is giving the best you've got.

What did you think about Piqué's comments?

The same as always, whatever others say, the only thing that interests me is tomorrow's game. I have my opinion, of course I do, but I'm not going to voice it because the same thing could happen to me but the other way around. Everyone expresses their feelings. All I care about is the game, that's what excites us and that's all.

But he said referees help Madrid...

No. I'll be very direct about this, I don't think they do. That's all.

Odegaard has taken full advantage of his time in San Sebastián

Martin Ødegaard will be playing tomorrow, do you think he's ready to come back to Madrid?

He's our player, and that's great because he represents the present and the future. He's been doing very well. I'm not going to say what we will do with him, we have to respect the fact that right now, he is with Real Sociedad. In the future we'll see what the club has in mind. The good thing is that he has really made the most of his loan spell at La Real and we'll see what is decided in the future.