Messi 'decision made to leave' report based on fake audio

Lionel Messi was reported by La Nación to have already made the decision along with his wife and was preparing for life in Manchester with Pep Guardiola. All wasn't as it seemed.

Messi 'decision made to leave' report based on fake audio

According to the Argentine newspaper La Nación Lionel Messi has confessed clearly that his future lies away from FC Barcelona and with Manchester City. But after this was reported, questions were quickly made about its veracity.

Messi audio called into question

Based on the report on Wednesday evening, the player had declared that a decision had been made on his future lying with the Premier League club, and linking up with his former manager Pep Guardiola.

Barcelona fans protest outside the Camp Nou after captain Lionel Messi told Barcelona he wishes to leave the club immediately.

"I made the decision with Antonela [his wife] to leave Barça,” he was reported to have said. “It hurts my soul, but it’s done. This chapter has been closed.”

"I'm going to talk to Pep so that he can arrange for my arrival at City. The football there is spectacular and aligns to what I want," he was believed to have added.

It didn't take long, however, amid the noise over the Argentine legend's announcement on Tuesday for it to be called out as untrue. Guillem Balague for one pointed to the audio sounding like an impersonator.

The fake audio:

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