AFC urges Perspolis to respond to Al-Nassr's complaint

Perspolis have 48 hours to respond to the complaint filed by Al-Nassr with the AFC following their game in the ACL.

AFC urges Perspolis to respond to Al-Nassr's complaint

The AFC has informed Perspolis of the complaint filed by Al-Nassr following their clash in the ACL semi-final, with the Iranian side urged to respond to the AFC's letter within 48 hours. Al Nassr have accused the Iranian side of unlawfully registering players ahead of the competition, despite being banned by FIFA from signing any new players

According to Kooora, a source inside the discipline and ethics committee of AFC revealed that "the protest note submitted by the Saudi-Arabian club was reviewed with all data related to the issue carefully considered".

Perspolis has 48 hours to respond:

"Al-Nassr's complaint comes within the legal framework, and every team has the right to file a complaint if they have evidence, but the final decision remains subject to AFC," the source added.

The Kooora source has also pointed out that the AFC contacted Perspolis to clarify their situation which as is routine, with the time limit to receive a response from the Iranian club set at 48 hours.

Al-Nassr's mission in Doha filed a complaint against Perspolis as the Iranian team had been previously banned by FIFA from landing any new deals or adding new players to their squad who can participate in different competitions, as the club hadn't paid off money owed to their former Croatian coach Branko Ivanković and other players who had previously played for the team.

The complaint was submitted immediately after 'Al-Alamy' was defeated by Perspolis 5-3 on penalties following a 1-1 draw in ACL semi-finals.