Real Madrid: "Something's not right with Hazard" - Berbatov

Berbatov gave his thoughts on the situation at Real Madrid and feels Zidane should be given more time. But if he leaves, Pochettino is the best replacement.


Former Manchester United and Tottenham player and now an ambassador for Betfair, Dimitar Berbatov believes that Mauricio Pochettino would be the ideal person to take over from Zinedine Zidane if Real Madrid decide that it's time for a change of coach for the poor results the team has been getting. “Pochettino is the ideal choice, especially if you look at his virtues, at how he manages his teams and how he is able to adapt his team to his style. The way he understands football and the way his teams play would suit Real Madrid,” Berbatov argued. “I'm surprised that Mauricio is still without a club. It's too long to be out of coaching and I don't know why that's the case. I'm sure it's because he is waiting for the right moment to come along or the right club. But it's telling that a coach like him is still out of work”.

Nevertheless, the Betfair ambassador also defended Zidane. “I still believe that Zidane needs to be given more time. I don't think anyone is going to achieve what Zidane has achieved, those three consecutive Champions Leagues. Even if they are eliminated at the group stage, Zidane has won the right to continue so the team can focus on LaLiga and have more time to do that. Sometimes, when you have such a big figure on the bench, you have to show him more respect and allow him more margin,” Berbatov continued.

"To suffer eight injuries like Hazard is not normal"

Another big surprise for Berbatov was that Eden Hazard has yet to take off at Madrid for all of the fitness problems he has had since joining last year. “Having an injury or two is normal in football, but having eight injuries, one after the other, like Hazard has had at Real Madrid is strange. Something is not right there,” he said. “Now it is up to the club's medical services to find out the cause of the injuries and how to prevent them. I would imagine that a big club like Real Madrid would have all of the facilities and means required to be able to manage injuries like his and get him back to full fitness,Berbatov continued. “I'm sure that Hazard is looking for answers himself and exploring every avenue - doctors in Madrid, in Belgium, in England… but when everyone gives you a different opinion, that's can be confusing and exasperating. When you suffer eight injuries, you find yourself in a dark tunnel more often than you would like. You can put on a brave face and try to be strong, but at the end of the day, you end up suffering much more because something is clearly wrong when you have eight injuries. If he isn't playing regularly, he is not going to be able to play like he did at Chelsea - that will generate stress and fear that he might fall injured again. In cases like this, you are constantly questioning yourself and asking why these injuries keep happening,” Berbatov concluded.