After €100M investment, the key changes to the new Bernabéu

Real Madrid have already invested 100 million euro of the 570 million earmarked for the new and modernised Santiago Bernabéu stadium.


The current construction work in modernising the Santiago Bernabéu is expected to be finished in the summer of 2022 according to the company overseeing the remodelling work FCC. At present, Real Madrid have already spent 100 million euro of the overall  570 budget.

Florentino Perez's brief was clear from the outset with the president demanding a total overhaul of the ground and the hopes are that the new Santiago Bernabéu becomes an architectural icon in the same way that the Sydney Opera House or Bilbao's Guggenheim have become. 

A roof that closes in 15 minutes

According to the design plans, the roof to cover the stadium will take just 15 minutes to open and close with a giant 360 degree LED screen scoreboard set to be visible from every seat in the stadium. The open roof will offer 76 meters of light which is a global record according to the design team.

Little change in the stands

Apart from being slightly more elevated, there will be little change in the stand with the bulk of the changes taking place on the exterior of the building. The stadium is well known globally for offering spectacular views with its steep sloping seats for all of the 80,000 plus spectators. 

Moveable pitch 

The idea of a pitch that can be easily moved to lend the venue over to events such as concerts was not originally part of the design plan but something that was pushed through by Florentino Pérez with the president anxious to develop a source of income from sub-letting the stadium to promoters of large scale public events.

A unique exterior

The design team behind the new Bernabéu have been anxious to avoid typical or traditional exteriors and have come up with a unique asymmetric design.

Welcome to the  Bernabéu

At present the stadium has 57 access gates with none of these acting as the main entrance point. The new look Santiago Bernabéu will have a designated welcome entrance gate on the Castellana side of the stadium. 

Luxury hotel

The new project will see the creation of a luxury hotel and shopping mall within the complex. At yet it has not been decided if any of the hotel rooms will offer an access view of the Bernabéu pitch.

Museum key to future business plans

The current club museum is to be extended with the venue still a vital source of revenue for Real Madrid. Both the stadium and museum tour rank as one of the most popular for tourists in the Spanish capital along with traditional museums such as the Prado or Reina Sofía. The club will also facilitate new conference rooms and hope to secure major international corporations to hold their annual events at the Bernabéu.