Cardassar's coach: "I wouldn't like to be in Simeone's shoes if we beat Atleti..."

Cardassar coach Miquel Àngel Tomás is an Atletico fan but knows how difficult the tie will be: "To say we can beat them would sound conceited, it would be a miracle".

Miquel Àngel Tomàs, entrenador del Cardassar.

Cardassar coach Miquel Àngel Tomàs is a self-confessed Atlético fan - just like the rest of his family, so it's not hard to imagine how thrilled he was when his side were drawn against the rojiblancos in the Copa del Rey. Now Tomàs, who earns a living not from football but as a teacher in San Francesc school in Manacor will be attempting to keep his own emotions under control as he guides his team through a tie which will go down in history in Sant Llorenç.

"Our only obligation is to give 100% and make sure we make things as difficult as possible for Atleti. If we get a miracle... then great," he explained ahead of this evening's tie. "To say that you are going to beat Atlético would sound conceited, you have to be realistic, we know it's going to be very tough".

Atleti are aiming to go all the way

Tomàs hopes his players "will be able to keep away from all of the media attention" - as difficult as that will be but feels that is the best way to approach the game. "Atlético are here to beat us because there is no way that they can be knocked out by an amateur team; I wouldn't like to be in their coach's shoes if they lost. They are starting this competition with the objective of winning it ad so they cannot afford to be eliminated, so whatever team they put out, the players will give the same intensity as always as that is the mark of their identity which their coach has instilled into them. I'm expecting a team who will be playing flat out at 100%".

Miquel Àngel added that if Cardassar were to surprise Atlético, "I'd feel proud of my players because it would mean they have reached the limit of their possibilities".