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Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez defeats Callum Smith to win super-middleweight titles

Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez defeats Callum Smith to win super-middleweight titles

'Canelo' Alvarez vs. Callum Smith: live

Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez defeats Callum Smith to claim Super Middleweight world title

Smith came into the fight with both the WBA and The Ring Super Middleweight world titles but Canelo, the pound-for-pound world number one, secured a unanimous victory. 

The crowd in the Alamodome, Texas were rooting for the Mexican and he delivered a performance of real quality to become undisputed world champion in a third weight division. Smith was bleeding heavily during the later rounds but refused to be knocked out for the first time in his professional career. 

Pre-fight records

- Alvarez Career Record:  53-1-2 (36 KOs)

- Smith Career Record:  27-0 (19 KOs)


Canelo secures Super Middleweight world titles

That's all from us at AS English, thanks for checking out our Canelo vs Smith live feed.

Good night. 


Hearn impressed with both fighters

Head of Golden Boy, Eddie Hearn, praised both Canelo Alvarez and Callum Smith for their performances tonight. Canelo was the unanimous winner but Smith battled through until the end, maintaining his record of never being knocked down in his professional career. 

Footage shows serious injury to Smith in the post-fight

Callum Smith was on the wrong end of some extremely heavy body shots at times and he was forced to employ his defence far more than he would have hoped. He'll have the bruises to show for it in the coming days days and sported a huge lump on his bicep after the fight. 

Reports suggest that he may have dislodged his bicep muscles mid-fight, perhaps limiting his throwing power. 

[Canelo] is getting better and better, and he's punching hard... He is a great fighter. Pound-for-pound? He's the world's best.

Joe Calzaghe, Former Super Middleweight world champion

Stats show the extent of Canelo's dominance

Smith has previously broken a division record for the number of punches thrown in a fight but he was largely outboxed in San Antonio on Saturday night. Speaking after the fight Smith said that Canelo's jab surprised him and the Mexican landed over twice as many punches as the Brit. 

On a rematch with Gennady Golovkin: I'm scared of no one

Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez, WBA and The Ring Super Middleweight world champion

Canelo's sensational record goes on

Fighting for a world title for the first time at 168lbs, Canelo beat a champion with a substantial height and reach advantage. There was no KO tonight but the Mexican put on a clinic of how to outbox a bigger opponent. 

Canelo Alvarez wins by unanimous decision 

After an imperious performance the number one pound-for-pound fighter in the world claims the WBA and The Ring Super Middleweight belts. There was little doubter that result as Canelo made all the plays throughout what was a gruelling fight for Smith. 

The judges all gave Canelo the victory, some by 11-1 and some by 9-3. Either way, Canelo was good value for the win an confirmed his status as a true great. 

British former World Champion Audley Harrison praises both fighters

Canelo jumps on the ropes, claiming victory in front of a home crowd

The 12th round ends as most of the evening has gone, Canelo prowling the ring and looking to pick off Smith. The Mexican has been outstanding this evening and is thoroughly deserving of a victory here. Credit to Smith however, who hung in there until the end. 

Smith goes on the offensive in the 12th

He knows he's behind in the scoring so in the final minutes of this worl title fight Smith starts with a few big swings. Canelo just soaks it up and is back on the attack, pushing him back against the ropes. 

Smith glances up to the stadium clock. Less than 50 seconds to go. 

We enter the 12th and final round with Canelo leading the scoring

Canelo should be fairly comfortable from here but Smith is showing incredible fight here. Having never gone down in his 29-fight unbeaten professional career, the Brit will not want to do so here. 

Smith pinned against the ropes in the 11th

Canelo pins Smith against the ropes in the 11th

Heavy combination of body shots from Canelo to end the tenth

This is getting really punishing for Smith here and you'd be surprised if Smith's corner isn't considering the future in this fight. Smith has done well to rebuff the enslaught but Canelo's ferocious body attack is leaving him breathless, wearing down his defences. 

Canelo looks fresh here

We're midway through the tenth and Canelo looks as lively as ever dancing around the ring as his opponent struggles to escape the ropes. Interestingly, while Smith was slumped in his corner at the bell, Canelo stood the whole time. 

Smith makes it to the tenth

The Brit has withstood a particularly heavy round here, blood streaming from his nose and a number of big hits connecting. Canelo had him pinned against the ropes at times, launching a barrage of strikes against the WBA tite-holder. 

Will Smith make it to the bell again?

Smith is knocked back against the ropes with a real corker from Canelo but he manages to bounce away from the enslaught. Blood is really pouring from Smith's nose now and he will be desperate for the bell. 

Final few seconds of the ninth here. 

Canelo starts the ninth with some heavy hits and he's drawn blood on Smith now. The Liverpudlian is up against the ropes at times and Canelo is beginning to move in for the kill.

Stark comparison in the hit rate

Not only is Canelo throwing more punches but he's finding the target three times as often. A neat combination from Smith at the end of the eighth looked to have carved a rare opening in Canelo's defence but a crafty weave frees the Mexican. It's something of a step up for Smith. 

Seventh round sees the contest open up

Some very substantial hits from Canelo as we enter the final minute of the seventh in San Antonio. The Mexican is growing in confidence and appears to be throwing a few more expansive shots now. One particularly heavy hit catches Smith on the jaw with an uppercut. 

Smith looks to return the enslaught with a few hits of his own but Canelo's looking pretty imperious here, taking what he's being dealt. This must be a demoralising sight for Smith. 

Canelo throws punches in the early rounds

Striking distance

Canelo's corner appear to be happy with the performance so far. He's done enough to comfortably lead the scoring at the halfway point in this 12-round clash and appear to be working his way through Smith's defences. Can the Brit push Canelo back in the final six?

Canelo dominates the first five

Things are going to plan for the Mexican so far, proving that he can mix it with a far bigger fighter. So far 72% of the fight has taken place at close quarters, something that will suit Canelo and testament to his ability to force the issue. 

Canelo is not willing to be kept at arm's length here. He's getting right inside the reach of Smith and doing damage at close quarters. 

Alvarez continues to make the running in the fourth

Canelo's tight stature and energetic style are making it tough for Smith to land anything significant here. The Mexican has landed 45% of his punches so far, Smith is on 19%. This bodes well for Alvarez's round -by-round score, Smith may simply have to stay in the fight and look to deliver something special late on. 

Coppinger gives all three rounds to Canelo 

The Athletic's boxing insider believes the Mexican is well ahead. Can Smith respond in the fourth?

Canelo making inroads now, Smith's preotective jab is dropping off a bit already and the Mexican is getting closer to the body shot range. Two powerful jabs land with 30 seconds of the round remaining. 

In reponse, Smith throws a couple in return but the two men are well within distance now. You feel this will only favour Canelo if it continues. 

Interesting start to the third. Canelo's trainer tells him to keep Smith at bay, preventing him from landing too many punches from afar. Possibly in response to that, Canelo comes out with a wild, swing to start the third round - perhaps warning the Brit to keep his distance. 

Smith isn't afraid to get stuck in here with a few meaty-looking jabs landing in the early stages. Canelo, as you would expect, is biding his time however and looks to be sizing up his opponent. If Canelo is allowed to get into his stride here Smith could face the same fate as his brother, Liam. 

Sparks flying already, who will be on fire tonight?

Canelo enters the fray

One round down, Canelo perhaps slightly ahead on points but there's been plenty of promise for Smith already. 

The first thing that stands out as the two men finally face off after weeks of anticipation, is the size difference between the two men. With a 6-inch height disadvantage Canelo will try to make this a body battle, keeping low and trying to attack on the inside. 

It's cagey so far, with neither man wanting to leave themself exposed. Respect shown early here.

And we're off...

Alvarez knows a thing or two about brutal endings. The Mexican idol has so far beaten five British boxers in world title fights, only one heard the last bell and the others tumbled over in pain, left on the canvas sleeping or on the canvas clutching their liver and crying. Alvarez has so far done something like that to 36 of the 53 men he has beaten since turning professional at 15.

Steve Bunce, British boxing expert, BBC and BT Sport

Callum Smith enters the fray with a virtual intro from Michael Buffer

E-Buffer to get us started 

As is traditional, this world title fight will be introduced by the iconic Michael Buffer with his classic "Let's get ready to rumble" intro. However this time Buffer is not able to be there in person so we're treated to a virtual version. 

Canelo enters the Alamadome to raucous applause

The home crowd roar as pound-for-pound world number one Canelo Alvarez enters the building. His intro clip featured some of his biggest hits, which seemed to be narrated by Matthew McConaughey, another favourite with Texans.

he's even got a live trumpet-player marking his arrival, playing a flamboyant rendition of The Final Countdown. 

Callum Smith is first to enter the ring

The first man out is WBA and The Ring Magazine Super Middleweight world champion Callum Smith, who struts out in all white with gold trim. Behind him, two team members carry his world title belts. 

Anthems conclude and we're ready to go

We've had the national anthems of Great Britain (Callum Smith), Mexico (Canelo Alvarez) and the USA (host nation) and the Alamadome crowd starts chanting 'CANELO, CANELO' in anticipation of the much-anticipated ringwalks. 

The Athetic's Boxing Insider is eager to get things going

Canelo vs Smith ringwalk imminent

We're now just minutes away until the massive Super Middleweight bout between Canelo Alvarez and Callum Smith. Both fighters are limbering up in the locker rooms now and the crowd is buzzing with anticipation. 

Canelo Alvarez vs Callum Smith: times, TV, price & how to watch online


Canelo Alvarez vs Callum Smith: times, TV, price & how to watch online

Canelo Alvarez vs Callum Smith: times, TV, price & how to watch online

One of the biggest fights of the year takes place in San Antonio, Texas in just a few moments as Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez takes on Callum Smith for the WBA and The Ring Super Middleweight world titles. For both men this is their first fight of the year after a severely disrupted 2020 boxing calendar but we're expecting a fight of real quality.

Career Record: Callum Smith

Nationality:  English

Born:  April 23, 1990 (30 years old)

Height:  6-3

Reach:  78 inches

Record:  27-0 (19 KOs)

Career Record: Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez

Nationality:  Mexican

Born:  July 18, 1990 (30 years old)

Height:  5-8

Reach:  70.5 inches

Record:  53-1-2 (36 KOs)

I think that as the fight goes on, Canelo will find a way to get close and will find a way to go to the body. I think Canelo will find that body eventually, maybe in the ninth round, 10th round, the later rounds, and be able to possibly stop Callum Smith very late in the fight.

Teddy Atlas, Boxing trainer and analyst

I'd rate myself a solid B-, I'm happy with my performance but there's a lot to improve on.

Marc Castro, 2x Amateur World Champion, Professional debut tonight

Castro opens with a win

In his first professional bout Marc Castro stops Valdes in the third round. He got his opponent pinned against the ropes and secured a knockout victory in his first pro appearance. As the final fight before Canelo vs Smith this evening, Castro has done his reputation no harm at all. 

Swift right hand from Castro sends Valdes to the deck 

He's back up now and looks to have come back with more motivation, some bigger shots are landing now. Promising moves for Castro but Valdes still very much in the contest here 

"Calm down" Castro

It's a frantic start to the the final undercard bout as both fighters throw big punches in the early stages. Tony Castro, father of the debutant, tells his son to calm down. Both amateur national champions are clearly looking to make the most of the professional spotlight tonight. 

Two 21-year-olds compete in featherweight clash

Castro faces Valdes in final undercard attraction

Making his professional debut this evening Marc Castro takes on Luis Javier Valdes at the Alamadome. Aged just 21 Castro will be looking to make his mark on his first appearance in the featherweight division. 

Like I said before, Canelo has been out for a year, and when you fight a taller guy, with that kind of reach, it's gonna take some time for Canelo to do what he wants to do.

But I feel like Smith has never been in a big stage like this, and I think Canelo, sooner or later, will break him down. It's going to take a couple of rounds for Canelo to get to him, cut off the distance. Once he does and he gets his rhythm, Canelo will score a late round TKO.

Raul Marquez, Former U.S. Olympian and junior middleweight champions

Boxing legend Calzaghe ready for the fight

Joe Calzaghe is the longest-reigning super-middleweight world champion in boxing history and is an expert analysis on tonight's coverage. 

Big hit from Sanchez sends Fernandez flying

Sanchez punches Fernandez out of the ring

There was an explosive ending to the third undercard fight as Frank Sanchez proves his talent with a big finish. Sanchez managed 108 successful punches to Fernandez's 43 and was the instigater for most of the bout. 

The final hit saw Fernandez sent sprawling through the ropes, fortunately landing on a camera operators' platform to avoid a dangerous drop to the floor. He has since got back to his feet and has congratulated the winner. 

Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez vs Callum Smith: Everything you need to know

The the WBA and The Ring Super Middleweight world title clash takes place in the Alamodome, Texas this evening. Smith comes into the fight with the belts but Canelo is the pound-for-pound world number one. 

- Ring walk start time: 11pm ET/4am WT

- Alvarez vs Smith is available to stream online on DAZN in most regions

- Smith boasts a 6-inch height advantage over Alvarez

- Eddie Hearn's Matchroom Sports presentsthe action

Fifth round ends with taunts from Fernandez

Things are heating up in San Antonio as underdog Fernandez continues to frustrate top ten-challenger Sanchez. Fernandez has taken a number of big punches this evening but he's taken them well. In response he juts out his jaw and tells Sanchez: "Bring it on"

Fernandez takes a blow to the back of his head

A touch of controversy in the third round as Sanchez catches Fernandez with a wild swing to the back of his head. The illegal shot clearly affected Fernandez but after taking a knee he was told to get to his feet by the referee. He made it to the bell but that won't have helped his chances of an upset, although his coach is trying to encourage him to attack during the break.

It’s very important for me shine in this fight. It’s such a big stage, and I just wanna give everyone the same kind of performance and have them talking about me after this fight as well. I’m looking forward to putting on a similar performance.

Frank Sanchez, Pre-fight thoughts from the Cuban boxer

Fernadez looks to the clock midway through the second round

Tonight's fight came at short notice for Julien Fernandez and the underdog is clearly struggling to find the required energy to take the fight to Sanchez. We're only in the second round and he's already glances to the stadium clock to see how long he has to the bell. Lets see how he fares from here...

Canelo and Sanchez are well-acquainted with each other

The man known as The Cuban Flash may be an undercard this evening but he has spent plenty of time with main event Canelo Alvarez in recent months, getting the pound-for-pound world number one ready for action. 

Frank Sanchez and Julian Fernandez take to the ring

The third fight of the evening sees one of Canelo Alvarez's sparring partners take on the former Cuban national champion. The heavyweight bout will begin in minutes

It's Callum's biggest fight and I don't think he will look lackluster like he has been for some of his fights. But he will have to be up for it as Canelo has been in with the best. It's now or never for Callum.

I see Alvarez winning, he will be too busy for Callum, and will probably win on points.

George Groves, Former super middleweights world titlist, lost to Callum Smith in 2018

Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez is in the building

Ford wins by TKO

The fight has gone with the formbook as undefeated Raymond Ford defeats Antonio Lopez by TKO. Ford started quickly, knocking Lopez down in the first, but it wasn't until a lightening-quick right hook from southpaw Ford in the sixth that he scooped th win. Ford takes his professional record to 8-0. 

After that early knock Ford has struggled to land any big hits on Lopez since then and the underdog has got himself back in the battle. Ford is a highly-rated 21-year-old by Lopez has shown impressive staying power. 

Lopez back in the fight against Ford 

After a powerful start from Ford the bout appears to have levelled out and Lopez has caused a couple of problems in the third round. An overhand left from Lopez late in the third round caught Ford nicely, and his corner will be happy with how things are progressing. 

Broadcast scorers give Lopez the third round, his first of the evening. 

Lopez takes a knee in the first round

A first round knock-down saw Lopez take a knee as Ford makes most of the early running. Ford's explosive speed caused Lopez problems and he was thankful of the bell by the end. Southpaw Ford threw some tasty looking right handed punches. 

Lopez favoured by Texas crowd

Home favourite Antonio 'El Loco' Lopez has received a warm applause from the crowd in the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. However he faces a tough evening against highly-rated, undefeated Raymond Ford. 

Raymond Ford and Juan Antonio Lopez take to the ring

The second fight of an action-packed night is nearly upon as as Raymond Ford faces Juan Antonio Lopez in the second undercard bout. Undefeated southpaw Ford comes into the fight as favourite, the 21-year-old with a 7-0 record.

Hearn announces Estrada-Chocolatito rematch for 2021

Eddie Hearn has just announced another huge title bout scheduled for 2021 as Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez faces Juan Francisco Estrada. The boxing promoter confirmed that the fight will take place on Juan Francisco Estrada in a clash of two "pound-for-pound greats". 

"Canelo wins anywhere from Rounds 6 to Round 9, he should take him out. I feel this is a huge, massive step up for Smith. And I think Callum Smith is very good, I really do. But there are a lot of other good fighters that Canelo has also taken apart and dismantled over the last three or four years. I think he's on another level right now."

BJ Flores, Former cruiserweight and heavyweight title contender

First round TKO victory for Ammo Williams in the opening undercard fight

Ammo makes good on promise

The first fight of the evening ended midway through the first round as Ammo Williams secured a TKO victory. In the post-fight DAZN interview he said:  "I'm different, I came in this sport late but I improved the fastest... There's no lay-off for me, there's no hot and cold with Ammo". 

He had been promising a "world shaking knockout" in the build-up and he duly delivered in San Antonio. 

Goodness. Austin “Ammo” Williams smoked Isiah Jones in the first round to open #CaneloSmith. Sheesh.

Andreas Hale, Senior Editor of Combat Sports

Ammo Williams wins with first-round TKO

The first fight of the evening ends with a comprehensive victory for favourite Austin 'Ammo' Williams. In an explosive performance Ammo launched a barrage of body shots sending Isiah Jones stumbling to the ropes. 

Another TKO for Williams and an exciting start to the night. 

Unbeaten Austin 'Ammo' Williams takes to the ring

We have six rounds of middleweight boxing action to kick us off. Isiah 'Swifthands' Jones enters in the red corner, facing Austin 'Ammo' Williams, who has won five of his six professional fights by knockout. We could be in for an explosive start to the evening...

First fight of the night about to start

The opening undercard bout sees Austin Williams face Isaiah Jones at middleweight. Austin 'Ammo' Williams is still undefeated and comes into the fight as narrow favourite. 

"I think when the fight ends, we're going to have a nail biter. I think we're going to have a very, very close decision. If Canelo wasn't Canelo, I would say Smith, just as a fighter. But Canelo is Canelo. The only way to beat Canelo is by a knockout. And that's not happening. Canelo by unanimous decision."

Sergio Mora, DAZN boxing analyst, former junior middleweight world champion

Fans return for Canelo vs Smith

A limited number of lucky boxing lovers will be in attendance tonight for the WBA Super Middleweight title fight. The in the Alamodome are expected to be strongly favouring Alvarez and Smith will enter the stadium in San Antonio, Texas as the underdog. 

Officials have taken every precaution to ensure that the 10,000 spectators can have an enjoyable and safe evening. 

Canelo's British Invasion

Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez has fought five British fighters in his stellar career and has beaten all five to date. The Mexican stopped Callum's brother, Liam, in 2016 and he will be looking to complete the double this evening. 

Canelo Alvarez vs Callum Smith: times, TV, price & how to watch online


Canelo Alvarez vs Callum Smith: times, TV, price & how to watch online

How to watch Canelo Alvarez vs Callum Smith - online streaming and cable TV

The Alamadome, San Antonio plays host to one of the most hotly-anticipated fights of the year tonight as Alvarez faces Smith for the WBA Super Middleweight title. Streaming platform DAZN have the rights to the fight in most countries around the world but you can also view it on cable TV in the United States. 

Top earner Canelo back with DAZN for tonight's fight

The Mexican fighter signed a five-year, $365 million contract with Oscar De La Hoya's promotion company and DAZN back in 2018, though the remaining money from that deal was voided in November when Alvarez split with Golden Boy and DAZN to become a free agent. 

Alvarez pocketed roughly $50 million combined for his first two fights on streaming platform DAZN but should earn at least $35 million per fight in the future and according to specialist platform Celebrity Net Worth, Canelo Álvarez is currently worth $140 million. 

Despite having cancelled his contract he is back with DAZN for the fight with Smith as he looks to claim the WBA and The Ring Magazine Super Middleweight belts. 

Smith with 6-inch height advantage over Canelo

Despite coming into the fight with the WBA Super Heavyweight belt and a considerable height and reach advantage, Smith is the underdog against Mexican favourite Canelo Alvarez. 

Canelo shuns record-breaking $365m contract ahead of the fight

As one of the biggest draws in the sport the Mexican was handed a world record $365m, 11-fight contract in 2018 by fledgling streaming service DAZN. The deal made Alvarez the highest-paid athlete in the world but just two years later he has split from the deal. 

His team made clear that he was not given the sort of freedom to choose his own opponents that he wanted, and had the contract cancelled earlier this year. Despite that, tonight's fight will be available to stream exclusively on DAZN. 

You can find everything you need to know to stream tonight's fight here.

Steph Curry gives his support to Canelo Alvarez

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry has been on social media to support the favourite, Canelo Alvarez, ahead of tonight's WBA world title fight in Texas. 

Callum Smith happy to be the underdog vs Canelo

Liverpudlian Smith may be the WBA Super Middleweight title holder but he comes into tonight's bout in Texas as the underdog, a tag that he is not concerned about:

"I understand I'm the underdog, you look at social media, a lot of people don't really give me a chance in this fight but I've been here before, I was the underdog in my world title fight. If anything, it gives me a little bit more motivation, a little bit of a point to prove to prove my worth."

Callum's brother Liam was defeated by Canelo in 2016 and this could be a chance to get some familiar revenge against the Mexican. 

"I believe I deserve to be in this fight. I'm the number one in the world, I worked very hard to be in the position I'm at and now I'm enjoying the luxury of being world champion and being involved in these big fights, which like I said before I dreamed of being in since I was a little boy."

Alvarez knows that facing Smith is "a risk"

Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez, a four-division world champion, said he was taking a risk with the fight, but it is one he is embracing.

"I like risk, I like taking risk, taking this fight is a risk," he told DAZN on Thursday.

"I'm fighting the number one at 168 pounds so these are challenges for me and I continue to bring challenges forward and I like the risk of it. I like challenges to continue making history."

Alvarez’s last fight came in November 2019 when he defeated Sergey Kovalev to secure the WBO Light Heavyweight title with an 11th-round knockout. The Mexican has a stellar record of 53 wins from 56 professional fights, with his sole defeat coming at the hands of Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The main draw on Saturday is Alvarez vs Smith but there are a number of undercard fights to get the action started. Kicking off the action at 8pm Eastern Time (ET) is Alexis Eduardo Molina vs. Robert Greenwod in the featherweight division, with another five undercard fights before Alvarez vs Smith.

Those fights, in order of appearance, are:

Marc Castro vs. Luis Javier Valdes at featherweight

Austin Williams vs. Isaiah Jones at middleweight

Christian Gomez Duran vs. Miguel Angel Hernandez at welterweight

Alexis Espino vs. Ashton Sykes at super middleweight

Diego Pacheco vs. Rodolfo Gomez Jr at super middleweight

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Super middle-weight bout as holder Callum Smith from Liverpool faces Mexican challenger, Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez. 


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