Zamalek end talks with Saint-Étienne and threaten legal action

The Egyptian club ended talks with the French side that were about to land the striker this transfer window after the French club's vice president's statement.

Zamalek end talks with Saint-Étienne and threaten legal action
AFP7 vía Europa Press AFP7 vía Europa Press

Egyptian club Zamalek announced that they have terminated negotiations with AS Saint-Étienne over the promising Egyptian striker Mostafa Mohamed following a statement given by the French club's vice president, Roland Romeyer.

In an interview with the Egyptian website, Filgoal, Romeyer questioned the transparency and credibility of some officials at Zamalek claiming they were seeking to make a personal financial profit out of the deal.

Zamalek's Spokesperson Essam Salem expressed the anger of the club's officials over Romeyer's words that were aimed at defaming people who are sincerely working for the good of Zamalek and are not looking for any personal interests through Mohamed's transfer deal.

Zamalek may take legal action against Saint-Étienne

Salem also revealed that Zamalek will take the necessary legal action against the French side in the case that their president didn't reveal the names of those who he accused of corruption.

The two clubs were on the verge of closing the deal and were just waiting to reach a final agreement on some minor details of the contract, however, the Egyptian club did what they deemed necessary to defend the dignity of its officials who have been libeled by the Saint-Étienne vice president by announcing the termination of any negotiations between the two parties.

Salem also told the media that the player is totally supportive of Zamalek's decision as he is one of the club's sons and will definitely refuse to play for a team who disrespected the 'White Castle'.