Camavinga will wait for Real Madrid

The player is starting to think it might be a good idea to renew with Rennes, bide his time until the pandemic is over and see how the situation develops.

Camavinga will wait for Real Madrid

In spite of the economic crisis which has hit European football, Eduardo Camavinga still harbours hopes of signing for Real Madrid. Diario AS understands that the 18-year-old midfielder, who is  considered one of the revelations of the moment, is weighing up the possibility of delaying his departure from Rennes - which was on the cards this summer, to give himself time and also to give Madrid time to recover from the financial aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.

The current circumstances have nudged the player in that direction. On the one hand, as those in his close circle have told AS, convincing offers just aren't coming in at the moment because the economic crisis is affecting clubs all over Europe, not just in LaLiga. Top Premier League and Ligue 1 clubs also find themselves having to be careful about what they spend -  including PSG, who were one of the clubs pushing hard for Camavinga. On top of that, everything has been moving so quickly for the young player during the past few months that maybe it would be a good idea to step back and look at the situation calmly and in good time. The young midfielder has shown signs that maybe he is not ready for more pressure. For Camavinga, the best option might  be to stay on for another season or two with Rennes, the club which he joined as a kid and where he has been allowed to develop.

Camavinga changed agents last year

It's a radical change of plans for the player who changed agent just a few months ago with the idea of securing the best possible deal this summer. He is now on the books with Stellar Group, owned by Jonathan Barnett, Gareth Bale's agent. Before he switched representatives, his previous agent Moussa Sissoko approached Real Madrid. It was scouting chief Juni Calafat who was in charge of organising that meeting. But then the football world was suddenly in turmoil as a result of the pandemic. The current situation at Real Madrid is very different. Camavinga is under contract with Rennes until June 2022 so this summer was the perfect moment for him to leave. Now though, after being advised by Stellar, he hasn't ruled out the possibility of renewing his contract. He's still young and the options of joining Madrid will be greater over the medium term than in the short term. Right now, Madrid have pinned their hopes on landing Kylian Mbappé or if that isn't possible, Haaland.

Last week, Camavinga himself admitted that he was considering the possibility of renewing with Rennes: “They are negotiating, they have been meetings, we are constantly in talks about renewing my contract. If it happens, it happens. It is you, the media, who want to see me leave, but at the moment I am 100% focused on my team. Later, we'll see what happens,” he said when asked about his future - much to the surprise of the local press, who had taken it as given that he would soon be on his way out of Rennes.