Jupiter's Legacy cast: who is who in the Netflix series?

Netflix's new superhero saga came out this week and fans are already wondering who plays their favourite stars like The Utopian, Brainwave and Lady Liberty.

Jupiter's Legacy cast: who is who in the Netflix series?

One of the most hotly anticipated releases on Netflix this month was the arrival of Jupiter’s Legacy, the intergenerational superhero series. The show is based on the comic books by Mark Millar, after the streaming giant bought Millar’s publishing house for £25 million in 2017.

Millar brings considerable pedigree in the superhero genre after also penning DC’s Superman: Red Son and Marvel’s Civil War. The action is set around the time of the emergence of the first generation of superheroes, and cuts between their Great Depression-era existence and that of their children.

There are a number of hugely memorable performance in the first season of Jupiter’s Legacy and fans will be hoping that Netflix decide to extend the series beyond its current eight-episode duration. Until then, here’s everything you need to know about the stars who made season one.

Which actors are in Jupiter’s Legacy on Netflix?

There aren’t too many huge box office names in the series but there are a number of promising performances that will leave fans wanting more. Millar himself has described Jupiter’s Legacy as “sincere” and as “a love letter” to the superheroes of television and cinema, and the cast were clearly eager to maintain that proud tradition.

Two of the main stars in series one are The Utopian, who is played by Josh Duhamel of the Transformers film series, and Lady Liberty, played by Leslie Bibb who was involved in the first two Iron Man Movies. The two characters are married in the show and form the emotional anchor for many of the most memorable moments.

This being a superhero series, there are civilian identities and alter-egos for many of the characters, which can make keeping track of who’s who particularly difficult. If you want to know who played your favourite characters in Jupiter’s Legacy, check out this full list:

  • Josh Duhamel as Sheldon Sampson / The Utopian
  • Leslie Bibb as Grace Sampson / Lady Liberty
  • Ben Daniels as Walter Sampson / Brainwave
  • Elena Kampouris as Chloe Sampson
  • Andrew Horton as Brandon Sampson / The Paragon
  • Mike Wade as Fitz Small / The Flare
  • Matt Lanter as George Hutchence / Skyfox
  • David Julian Hirsh as Richard Conrad / Blue Bolt
  • Tenika Davis as Petra Small
  • Ian Quinlan as Hutch
  • Anna Akana as Raikou
  • Tyler Mane as Blackstar
  • Richard Blackburn as Chester Sampson
  • Kara Royster as Janna/Ghostbeam
  • Micah Karns/Chase Tang as Baryon
  • Tyrone Benskin as Willie Small
  • Meg Steedle as Jane
  • Paul Amos as Barnabas Wolfe
  • Jess Salgueiro as Jacinda Dos Santos/Shockwave