Real Madrid-Sevilla LaLiga title clash marred by VAR controversy

In the Old Testament, Madrid would have deservedly beaten Sevilla. In the Old Testament, Benzema's goal would have been given, since the linesman did not give offside for Odriozola's cross, and he would not have had a penalty against him, but one in his favour. But the New Testament has rewritten football. With the VAR and the subsequent chicken sexer in the VAR room able to see offside by the hair of a shrimp or rewind a counter-attack to discover a handball that once was not, with this blessed New Testament, by means of David Elleray, you get penalised.

Those two moves together, which were actually three because the penalty against Madrid came from the penalty against Sevilla. It is easier to accept the offside decision than to understand the error made by referee Martínez Munuera for Militao's handball. But Gonzalez Gonzalez had a keen eye and discovered that handball that, as Iturralde explained yesterday, will no longer be a handball next season because David Elleray, who should be in Santa Elena, continues, year on year, to tweak a set of rules that we used to know, and when the decision was left to the referee. Better times, no doubt.

FBL-ESP-LIGA-REAL MADRID-SEVILLAReal Madrid's French coach Zinedine Zidane (L) shakes hands with Spanish referee Juan Martinez Munuera (C) as Real Madrid's German midfielder Toni Kroos walks past during the Spanish League football match between Real Madrid CF and Sevilla FC at the Alfredo di Stefano stadium in Valdebebas, on the outskirts of Madrid on May 9, 2021. (Photo by PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU / AFP)

Madrid's irritation is even greater because of the enormity of the match (they no longer depend on themselves in LaLiga) and because they deserved to win. They started badly, bewildered by a Sevilla team without a No 9. But after Sevilla took the lead, Madrid took charge. Against the odds, they had the energy to put pressure on Sevilla, who were unable to get out of their own half for long periods. As always, Madrid produced very few shots in the box, shooting more from outside the area, but they certainly deserved to win the game. The chicken sexer left them with a draw, but they are still in the title race.