Boxing legend Mike Tyson believes that Floyd Mayweather is going to win against Logan Paul

Former heavyweight world champion Mike Tyson is sure of Mayweather's chances against YouTuber Logan Paul when they meet up in Miami for their fight.

Tyson certain of Mayweather vs. Paul result

Though the Paul brothers are spouting and shouting that the older of the brothers will beat "Money" in their upcoming fight this June 6th in Miami, the reality is that most experts bet on a Mayweather win.

One of those expert voices is none other than Mike Tyson. The heavyweight champion gave his opinion about the fight when asked by TMZ if he believed that Logan Paul has a chance to win the bout. The Brooklyn native answered without hesitation that "No, He's gonna get beat up pretty bad."

Logan Paul's boxing record

Logan Paul's has only boxed twice in his career. Both bouts against YouTuber KSI. Tying one and losing the second on a split decision.

Many boxing fans seem more interested in knowing how long can Logan last against one of the best fighters the sport has ever seen.

A possible Tyson vs. Paul brothers fight?

When inquired about the likelihood of fighting the brothers in another exhibition bout, the 54-year-old responded with a no. The boxing legend admitted to liking Jake Paul and Logan Paul but has no interest in squaring up against them.

Tyson recently fought Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition matchup that ended up in a tie.

Jake Paul vetoed from attending the fight.

Logan Paul's younger brother Jake has been prohibited from attending the fight due to an altercation with "Money" during an event to promote it.

During a pre-fight square up, standard in boxing, Jake grabbed Mayweather's hat, something that the undefeated boxing champion didn't like, and that got the younger of the Paul's vetoed from being able to be at the stadium to see his brother fight.