"Real Madrid could sign Mbappé - Bale is the key" says Tebas

LaLiga's president chatted to Gol, discussing issues such as the Super League and Real Madrid's chances of signing Kylian Mbappé.


Javier Tebas granted an interview to Gol to discuss a number of topics - from the Super League to the possibility of Kylian Mbappé or Erling Haaland being signed by a LaLiga club. He announced that the public will return to football stadiums in August with capacity above 50 %.

Supporters back at football stadiums: "We all cannot wait to get back to watching football inside stadiums. We held a meeting on the matter today. By August we will be back at over 50% capacity - perhaps 60 or 70%".

Super League: "Real Madrid and Barcelona have upset the rest of the European football community. It being football's saviour is just something which have added now, the Super League has been Florentino's dream for a long time, it's got nothing to do with the Covid-19 crisis which is what they have latched onto to try and sell it. The concept is not dead. They want everything to revolve around the big clubs and the rest to fall in line and get down on one knee".

Real Madrid and Barcelona facing punishment from UEFA: "Real Madrid and Barcelona are the ones who should be worried. I cannot image the Champions League without them, but it could happen. Maybe they won't be fined, but Madrid, Barça and Juventus could be escluded from competing in the Champions League. They should be concerned”.

Zidane: "I'd rather have Zidane in LaLiga, but if he leaves because he isn't happy at Madrid. Could he be an ambassador for LaLiga? I think is keen to stay in coaching. I'm not surprised by what Zidane said about Florentino. Some interesting things have come out in all of this”.

Mbappé: "Madrid could sign Mbappé, it's feasible. But the fact is that Real Madrid need to concentrate on other issues. Bale is the key because of his high salary. It would be good for LaLiga to have Mbappé playing in Spain. For a club to sign both Mbappé and Haaland together, that seems impossible to me".

Messi: "I think he'll stay. We won;y be doing anything to ensure Messi stays. The rules applky to everyone. We won't be changing to salary limit".

Ramos: "I'd like Ramos to continue, but I don;t know if that will happen".

Simeone and Atlético winning LaLiga: "I thought that Atlético would hang on and that they did and won is good for the competition. It's good for Atlético and their fans. Having a different champion is good for everyone".

Villarreal: "Now they're getting the recognition they deserve. When Spanish clubs were winning everything, they were the exception. That's a fact, it's very difficult. But that's the level of Spanish football".