LeBron James walks out on his team after a blowout loss against the Phoenix Suns

L.A. Lakers lost game five against the Pheonix Suns and are in danger of not making it to the next round of the playoffs with a 3-2 series at the moment.

LeBron James walks out on his team after a blowout loss against the Phoenix Suns

Lebron James left the court and went to the dressing room in the 4th quarter, and still with 4 minutes on the clock, by that time, the Suns were up by 32 points, and it seemed impossible that the Los Angeles franchise would be able to level the score and force an overtime.

The game ended 115 to 85, and with Lebron nowhere in sight, the reigning champs are having a hard time coping with injuries; the latest Anthony Davis, the other Lakers team star, sat the game out with a hamstring injury.

Criticism for leaving

Exiting the game with still time to go on the clock has brought LeBron a lot of criticism. Sports commentator Skip Bayless took to Twitter and said that "The Drama King leaves the bench with 5:40 left in this blowout and walks quickly up the tunnel to the locker room. Guess he doesn't want to sit through the rest of this embarrassment like his teammates have to."

The Ohio native has been battling an ankle injury that has cost him the option to fight for the MVP award. In addition, there has been questioning whether he can carry the team without a healthy Anthony Davis, and it seems likely that this is not the case, as the team has lost two consecutive games after Davis's injury.

Moreover, the Suns can send the Lakers to an early summer vacation if they win their next match against the Los Angeles franchise. It would be the first time in 15 years that James will be unable to reach the postseason's second round.