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Microsoft's Xbox and Bethesda conference at E3 2021 recap: games, announcements, trailers

Redfall, Halo Infinite and Starfield, three of the Xbox exclusive games coming in the future to the console

Microsoft's Xbox+Bethesda Games Showcase recap

xbox game pass new games

Microsoft's Xbox + Bethesda games showcase has been really impressive. A high pace of announcements, world-reveals, gameplay trailers, upcoming titles for Xbox Game Pass. As stated by the company, it will have "the biggest and most diverse lineup in Xbox history"

- 27 games coming to Xbox Game Pass.

- Starfield had a new trailer. It's coming exclusively for Xbox on November 11, 2022. Day one on Game Pass.

- Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl got the date of release: April 28, 2022. Coming first for Xbox consoles and PC

- Back 4 Blood will be available on day one on Xbox Game Pass.

- Contraband, a new co-op open-world game IP for Xbox developed by Avalanche.

- Sea of Thieves will have a crossover with Pirates of the Caribbean, a free update coming on June 22, 2021.

- Yakuza: Like a Dragon, available from today on Xbox Game Pass.

- Revealed the first gameplay trailer of Battlefield 2042.

- 12 Minutes, console launch exclusive, out on August 19.

- Psychonauts 2 got a new gameplay and story trailer. Launching on August 25.

- 10 more iconic Bethesda games arrive today at Game Pass.

- Fallout 76 is launching a new update, Steel Reign on July 7. It will have a new expansion in 2022: The Pitt.

- Party Animals will be a console launch exclusive. Releasing in 2022.

- Hades, arriving Xbox Game Pass on August 13.

- Somerville, a new game for Xbox coming to Game Pass in 2022.

- Halo Infinite multiplayer looks impressive in its new gameplay trailer. Launching in Holiday both the campaign and the multiplayer.

- Diablo 2 Resurrected got a new gameplay trailer and an official release date: September 23. 

- Confirmed a sequel for A Plague Tale. Requiem. Launching in 2022 and will be also available on Gamepass.

- Shredders, available in Game Pass in December 2021.

- Slime Rancher 2 coming to Game Pass in 2022.

- Atomic Heart will be available on Game Pass from day one.

- Grounded receives a new update: Shroom & Doom

- Age of Empires 4 is launching on October 28

- Replaced, a new game coming to Xbox in 2022.

- Elyuden Chronicle Rising is coming in 2022 while Rising, the main game, on 2023

- The Outer Worlds 2, revealed with a cinematic trailer.

- Microsoft Flight Simulator coming to Xbox on July 27

- Forza Horizon 5 launching on November 9.

- Redfall, a new IP from Arkane exclusive for Xbox launching in Summer 2022.

Thank you for following Microsoft's conference at E3 2021 with us. We'll be back tomorrow to cover the Square Enix conference later today and Nintendo Direct on June 15.

Vampires. Yes, they are vampires that use magic, weapons, and all kinds of skills in a contemporary time. That's Redfall. A new Xbox exclusive coming in 2022.

arkane xbox exclusive

Sci-fi? Magic? These elements seem to be present in the game. Previous Arkane's works have been some of the best in terms of gameplay so expect a similar level. 


Phil Spencer is on the scenario to show one more thing... A brand new IP from Arkane...

Check Forza Horizon 5 gameplay demo

forza horizon 5

No, this is not a National Geographic photograph. This is a Forza Horizon 5 screenshot

It's happening. Forza Horizon 5 confirmed! What graphics! It will bring the action to Mexico and will feature once again an open world that has been defined as "unparalleled" by Playground Games. The previous entry was one of the best titles of Xbox One. They have revealed both cinematic and gameplay trailers. It is coming out on November 9.

The Outer Worlds 2 confirmed. This is a non-stop conference. Exclusives, fresh content for Xbox Game Pass, gameplay trailers... The community will surely remember this event.

Time for some Age of Empires 4 showcase! Despite its gameplay was previously revealed, we now have the chance to enjoy a bit more content in-game. And we've got finally a official release date: October 28th

New update for Among Us! Coming to Game Pass and with 15 people lobbies

More information about Replaced

Replaced, new exclusive coming in 2022. Seem to be set in a sci-fi /cyberpunk atmosphere that makes use of pixel art mixed with 3D elements that convert it into a very appealing game. And storywise we will be controlling an IA inside of a human body. What else do we want?

slime rancher 2 xbox

Slime Rancher 2, new console launch exclusive for Xbox in 2022 (and yes, it will also be available for Game Pass) 

Another World Premiere reveal. Asequel for a Plague Tale. Requiem will be its name. Coming in 2022.

diablo 2 resurrected launch date

Diablo 2 Resurrected launching on September 23, 2021. Its gameplay trailer looked outstanding: polished graphics, lots of particles, and the mechanics seem to be the ones expected by the players.  What a conference from Microsoft. Full of surprises and gameplay content. The game i

Microsoft has gone cinematic with the first trailer to show more of the storyline that Halo Infinite will follow. The game is launching this holiday, including the competitive multiplayer mode.

Halo Infinite multiplayer seems to be what fans were expecting. These are not the rough graphics and slow-paced action showed in the first gameplay trailer. 

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite time! One of the most awaited moments of the whole E3 2021

Hades is coming to Xbox Game Pass also. Don't worry, we will list later all the upcoming games confirmed to the subscription service.

Who said gaming is just about dirty and bloody violence? What about some fluffy and cute violence? That's the premise of Party Animals, coming in 2022

fallout 76

Fallout 76 is receiving a new DLC in 2022.

New Bethesda games coming to Xbox Game Pass today. What a move!

Double Fine time means Psychonauts 2 time! Also available for Game Pass on day one (August 25, 2021)

The Xbox+Betheda Games Showcase doesn't stop! Many revelations, gameplay trailers...It probably is the best conference of E3 2021 until now (Nintendo might have a chance to equal this)

Futuristic airships, grappling hooks, warfares with hurricanes in the background... The first gameplay trailer of Battlefield 2042 looks really impressive

Xbox Game Pass is one of the protagonists of the day: Yakuza: Like a Dragon will also be part of its catalog. 

This Sea of Thieves x Pirates of the Caribbean might be the ultimate crossover to bring many players back to the game of Rare

pirates carribean

Sea of Thieves will have a collab with Disney to bring PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN CONTENT!


New Xbox Game Studios exclusive title revealed: Contraband. Developed by Avalanche and it will be a co-op open-world game

back 4 blood

Back 4 Blood, developed by Turtle Rock Studios, promises to bring back the crazy action of a franchise like Left 4 Dead. And it will be available day one on Xbox Game Pass

stalker 2

Stalker 2, console launch exclusive is the second game of the event. The gameplay trailer looks graphically spectacular. A group of survivors is around a bonfire telling stories of previous experiences foraging resources and fighting mutated and horrific creatures. It will launch on April 28, 2022.

Starfield is the first game being showcased! And it starts with the recently leaked trailer. We can see a spaceship and an astronaut preparing to takeoff from some remote planet. And it confirms its launching date,11-11-2022, and that it will be exclusive. What a way of starting the show! Microsoft is going all in.

todd howard

Todd Howard, director and executive producer at Bethesda Game Studios is the first person to appear in the show.

It's kick-off time for Xbox+Bethesda Games Showcase at this E3 2021. Be ready for 90 minutes of announcements

starfield exclusive xbox

Attention! Starfield would be exclusive for PC and Xbox Series X|S, according to the leaked trailer at the Washington Post

What other surprises could be at Microsoft's conference?

Well, The Elder Scrolls VI is also in development and will take some years before launching but another teaser could help to raise hype for it again, reminding users why the Bethesda acquisition by Microsoft was a clever and relevant decision. A new Forza Motorsport is also a possibility among the revealed surprises.

Microsoft might additionally shed some light on titles like Psychonauts 2, Perfect Dark, Grounded, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, Fable, and the new Indiana Jones game (in-development by Bethesda).

For those looking to discover what some of the most anticipated titles of E3 2021 are, we at AS English have compiled a list of games. In it, we noted Elden Ring, which has been already revealed. Other names included are Halo: Infinite, Starfield, and The Elder Scrolls VI. It’s not entirely unlikely that these three games will be showcased.

Starfield is the other big title expected to be revealed after its teaser at E3 2018. Bethesda is now part of Microsoft and the artwork shown to promote the E3 2021 conference depicts a moon that resembles that teaser.

The Washington Post site has leaked, probably by mistake, a video trailer that shows its date of release, 11-11-2022, as noticed by Jason Schreier, a reporter for Bloomberg.

It's also confirmed that Microsoft's conference will showcase first Battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer

What to expect from Microsoft's conference at E3 2021?

Knowing the importance of this event and that Sony won't be attending the convention (but it could have its own State of Play later this summer), Microsoft has the opportunity to prove what they have to offer in the new generation of consoles. Halo: Infinite will be present as it is expected to launch this year after being delayed due to the lack of polish it showed in its gameplay disclosure back in 2020.

The starting times of the event are the following: 10 am PT / 1 pm ET / 7 pm CEST

There are less than 30 minutes to the start of Microsoft's conference!

Hello everyone and welcome to our live coverage of the Xbox+Bethesda Games Showcase. Ubisoft’s irregular presentation was the protagonist of Day 1, but now it’s Microsoft’s chance to the shine. The Redmond-based company is expected to have the best event of the convention; it's been predicted that some big AAA games might be presented there. The firm has promised 90 minutes of games, games, and games and fans are eager to discover what they have to offer.


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