Did Tyson Fury change his name?

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury is set to face Deontay Wilder once again in Las Vegas on 24 July as part of their trilogy fight.

Did Tyson Fury change his name?
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WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury vowed to run Deontay Wilder down while the challenger said blood will be shed as the fighters came face-to-face in an odd press conference ahead of their July 24 trilogy fight in Las Vegas.

Fury (30-0-1) first fought former long-time heavyweight champion Wilder (42-1-1) to a draw in 2018 and took the WBC title from him in a rematch in February 2020 with a seventh-round stoppage.

A shirtless and upbeat Fury said that he has added one-punch knockout power to his arsenal and would flatten the American when the bell rings at T-Mobile Arena.

"What I'm going to do to Deontay Wilder this time is I'm going to run him over as if I'm an 18-wheeler and he's a human being," said the Briton, who predicted that he would knock Wilder out in fewer than seven rounds.

"I'm building my weight up, I'm trying to get up to 300 pounds for this fight because I'm looking for a big knockout straight away," he said.

"I don't think he's mentally, physically or emotionally involved in this fight. I think he's doing it for the wrong reasons and when people do things for the wrong reasons, they always wind up getting hurt."

Wilder kept his headphones on and his mouth shut for the majority of Tuesday's press conference but spoke briefly to thank his team, which includes new trainer and former professional boxer Malik Scott, and take a shot at Fury.

"Enough said... because come July 24, there will be blood shed," Wilder said in his smooth, singsong baritone.

The press conference in Los Angeles ended with a more than five-minute long face-off where neither fighter spoke to the other, although members of their camps exchanged words.

Sin tituloBoxers Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury attend a press conference on June 15, 2021, in Los Angeles, California to announce their third WBC heavyweight championship fight scheduled for July 24 in Las Vegas. (Photo by FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP)

Tyson Fury ...real name?

Fury's full name is Luke Tyson Fury and he was born 1 June 1988. He was born in Wythenshawe (south of Manchester), to an Irish family who have a long history in boxing and bare knuckle boxing.

There has been some degree of controversy surrounding the 'Tyson' element of his name with his father John stating: “I thought, there’s only one name fitting for him, he’s fought hard to become a person living in this world. Mike Tyson was the best in the world at that time. Tyson Luke Fury – that’s his name.”

Recent revelations from fellow British boxer Dillian Whyte however claim that Fury added the 'Tyson' element to make him sound 'harder' and that being called Tyson had 'higher commercial value'. 

Responding to these claims, the English fighter has confirmed that Luke is his middle name.