PS5 and PS4 State of Play July 2021: times, stream online, and how to watch

PlayStation fans can tune in to Sony's latest online event on Thursday, 8 July for the latest updates on Deathloop and some exciting new indie titles.

PS5 and PS4 State of Play July 2021: times, stream online, and how to watch

Sony have announced that the next edition of their State of Play online events will take place on Thursday, 8 July with updates on several upcoming games.

The event will see Sony air the latest gameplay trailers for a number of titles to be released on both the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

In the official Sony statement, Sid Shuman tells fans to “Get ready for approximately 30 minutes of indie and third-party updates, including a reality warping tour of Blackreef Island.”

How to watch Sony’s July 2021 State of Play

For American viewers the event will be available to stream for free online and is scheduled to begin at 2pm PDT or 5pm EDT. Viewers in Europe can tune in from 11pm CEST or 10pm BST.

The whole thing will be streamed online on a variety of different platforms with PlayStation’s official Twitch and YouTube channels representing the best way to watch. However many technology websites and gaming-related channels will also be offering their own coverage of the event.

What to expect from Sony’s State of Play event

The gaming giant has made clear that fans should not be expecting any major hardware announcements from the event, but that the 30-minute show will include updates on a number of exciting new games.

Polygon report that the main feature from the show will be a nine-minute in-depth look at Deathloop, the new title from Arkane Studios. The first-person shooter is expected to land on PlayStation 5 and Windows PC from 14 September and follows the movements of Colt as he attempts to unravel a time-hopping mystery. Players can use Colt's supernatural abilities to teleport, turn invisible and rewind time as he makes his way through an exciting new world.

Sony have also promised a first look at some “exciting indie and third-party titles,” although the specifics have not yet been announced. We do know that there will be no further insight on the new Gold of War and Horizon Forbidden West titles, but Sony have said there will be more updates on those games “throughout the summer.”