Bucs Fournette backtracks after deleting anti-vaccine tweet

Super Bowl winning running back Leonard Fournette is rethinking a tweet he posted earlier this week that said he would not be getting the Covid vaccine..

Bucs Fournette backtracks after deleting anti-vaccine tweet
Julio Aguilar AFP

The new Covid protocols mandated by the collective bargain agreement continue to dominate headlines as training camps begin across the league. Leonard Fournette deleted a tweet he published ealier this week suggesting he wasn’t interested in being vaccinated.

Fournette looking for Covid clarity

Fournette followed up the deleted tweet by saying he wasn’t committing one way or another coming into training camp. “I just don’t know too much about it” said the Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back.

The new CBA dictates that players and teams will be subject to fines and could potentially be made to forfeit games if schedule problems were to arise from a Covid breakout within a team.

Bucs running back to make best decision for himself and team

The former LSU Tiger said he needs more time to make before making a decision “I’m going to talk to them, and just see what's the best decision, for myself and for the team," Bucs head coach Bruce Arians stated that the team will make doctors available to players to answer any questions player might have.

“We went over the rules yesterday," Fournette said. "I know what's going on, I know what to do and what not to do."

Fournette is not the only NFL player to erase a tweet claiming he wouldn't be getting the Covid shot anytime soon. DeAndre Hopkins tweeted the new regulations have him doubting his future in the NFL.

The players who choose not to get vaccinated will be subject to daily tests, and other restrictions including potential travel limitations, social distancing from teammates outside of the facilities and prohibited sauna and steam room access.

Arians will respect those who decide not to get vaccine

Fournette has assured there has been no internal pressure to get the vaccine from inside the Super Bowl winning franchise, “Coach respects our decision. We’re men. He said he’s 100% with us, whatever we want to do. Just don’t get the team sick”

Arians responded to questions about the situation in Florida saying, "Florida's a hot spot in the nation. Hillsborough [County] and Pinellas [County] were No. 1 for a while. ... Guys still have to be smart. We talked a lot about the delta variant and what it means, what rules you are following if your wristband's red and your wristband's yellow."

Fournett joined the Bucs last year, and scored six touchdowns on 97 carries in Tampa Bay’s Super Bowl winning year.