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Simone Biles out, Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: results & who won gymnastics team final

Team USA takes silver on a dramatic day at the Tokyo Games. ROC wins gold, and the Americans fail to win their third consecutive competition. Simone Biles leaves the floor after vault run.

Simone Biles out as Team USA takes silver: Live


ROC wins the gold medal in the women's gymnastics event

The Russians take the gold after Angelina Melnikova finishes her routine with a 14.6 score. ROC has been consistent and has shown to be great champions. The preparation of four years comes to an end with gold for them.

But this event has been anything but typical. The qualifiers already had something to talk about, as Team USA had a weak showing. However, from that moment on, there was nothing ordinary to this gymnastic finals. The Americans had never failed to qualify in the first place since 2010 neither at the Olympics nor World Championship.

Two days later and what had begun in a strange fashion continue its course. Simone Biles and Grace McCallum had poor showings in the vault competition. Then, while heading to the uneven bars, all drama broke lose as reigning champ Simone Biles strangely left the competition. Later, Team USA would issue a statement clarifying that it was due to medical issues.

Rather than sink the Americans, they came out swinging with the highest competition scores in the uneven bars and the balance beam. Sunisa Lee and Jordan Chiles did not want to surrender so easily to the Russians.

In the end, the consistency of ROC was too much, and Team USA had given too much advantage to the Russians. They would not be able to turn it around, ending with less than a point to catch up.

Team USA could not win their third consecutive gold medal. But they gave it all. It was close. At the moment, the most important thing to do for team USA is to try again. Hoping that Simone Biles is healthy both physically and mentally.

This is a very well earned silver medal that feels like gold!

Thanks for tuning in, folks!

A silver that feels like gold

Can't win them all as the saying goes. But losing the way this team did feels nice. They fought and fought and thats's all one can ask for

The emotion from the floor!

Floor Routine

Sunisa Lee

Finishes her floor routine with a tucked double double, double layout, 3/2 to front 1/1, and double tuck


One more routine for the gold

ROC is one routine away from winning gold. Jordan Chiles's floor performance was great, but it might not be enough to catch up to a Russian team that has been great and has been consistent.

The US. individually have been the best, but as a team, it hasn't been the best performance.

Don't leave your seat folks

Floor routine

Grace McCallum

A safe and nice performance by the American. A double-twisting double tuck with a slight bound back


Less than 1pt to catch up!

This is tense, folks. Whoever messes up will lose; there is no room for errors by ROC and Team USA on the floor.

The Americans have to be perfect and wait for ROC to slip up.

The Russians will have to be almost perfect, keep their cool, and try not to mess up big.

Balance beam

Jordan Chiles

A Switch to switch 1/2. Straddle 1/2. Double pike dismount and a Side somie. WIth a great dismount, double pike, the team goes to the floor.

Another great performance by Team USA.


Official: Simone Biles has a medical issue

We hope she is doing great and can support her team, which is doing phenomenally at the moment. Her injury has made the team step up and show that Team USA is not finished

Balance beam

Sunisa Lee

With a front aerial, small check, split jump, bhs. 21/2 twist to finish with a great performance again. 

Suni is doing great at the moment and Team USA  is within less than a point of ROC

14.4 ! Keep it coming

The moment where Simone Biles left the competition

As she finished her vault routine, Simone Biles felt that the competition might be over her. Let's hope it is nothing serious.


I truly do feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders at times. I know I brush it off and make it seem like pressure doesn’t affect me but damn sometimes it’s hard

Simone Biles, Team USA gymnast

ROC pulls ahead but Team USA is not far behind

As we head over to the beams, Team USA trails, but a great performance by Sunisa Lee and Jordan Chiles on the uneven bars has given the Americans a fighting chance.

This is Rocky against Drago, and Team USA has to keep getting up until ROC utters those words 'THEY ARE A MACHINE."

Uneven bars

Sunisa Lee

WIth a Nabieva to Bhardwaj to Maloney to inbar Gienger. Pike Jaeger to Pak to van Leeuven with a great dismount.


15.4!!! Massive for Team USA

Simone, the team's got your back

A massive performance by Suni Lee, just as the team needed the most. Just when the best gymnast in the world is out because of injury. Her teammates remind the world that the Team U.S.A. is here for the gold, with a G.O.A.T. or without it.


Per NBC Simone Biles out of competition

This is a worrisome news for the team, but Jordan Chiles just proved that Team U.S.A. is capable of turning things around and can win even if the G.O.A.T. is not feeling well

Uneven bars

Jordan Chiles

Replaces Simone Biles and sticks her pike Tkatchev to Pak beautifully and sticks her dismount.

A must needed performance for Team USA to start changing things around

14.166 to help her team

Uneven bars

Simone Biles out of the finals!!!


The uneven bars

Simone Biles’s 13.766 was her worst score in years. The ROC open up a lead with a 43.799-42.732 in the first rotation on an apparatus.

They’ll be heading to the uneven bars next, where ROC posted massive scores in qualifying.

Not her best start

Let the comeback begin. Team USA behind ROC a surprise but not the end


Simone Biles

No her best run. She got off and got a really high jump but her landing was not was she expected and her reaction says it all.

Biles went for an Amanar yet she pulled a Yurchenko one-and-a-half, nearly falling forward on the deep landing

Not a great start for Team USA

13.6. On a low diffcult  run

They are ready are you?

Team USA looking to do better and correct a bad qualifying run


Grace McCallum:

Finishes her run on the Vault.

She steps out of the lines and gets a reduction.

14,3 pts

And we are off!

Let the show begin. Can the Team USA win a third straight medal?

A behind ths scenes of Tokyo

A legend's goodbye

Oksana Chusovitnia has competed for the last time at an Olympic Games. This is strange to see as she became a regular at the Games

At 46-years-old, Oksana has been present in 8 Olympics, a record for any gymnast an absolute legend

The event will start 6:45 AM EST

Standings per qualifying round



V. Ferrari, M. Maggio, A. D'Amato, A. D'Amato-


M. Murakami, A. Sugihara, H. Hatakeda, Y. Hiraiwa-

Great Britain

J. Gadirova, A. Morgan, J. Gadirova, A. Kinsella-


M. Brassart, J. Verkest, N. Derwael, L. Vaelen-


X. Tang, Y. Ou, Y. Lu, J. Zhang-


C. Heduit, A. Friess, M. Boyer, DE JESUS DOS SANT.-

United States

J. Chiles, S. Lee, G. Mc Callum, S. Biles-


V. Urazova, V. Listunova, A. Melnikova, L. Akhaimova

Can Team USA do better?

Their qualifying round was not the best, but they are the best. It will only take concentration and a bit of luck for them to take the gold.

The judges pose for a pic in solidarity for the Olympics and the pandemic.

Their work makes these games possible. A big thank you to all of them.

Artistic gymnastics

Women's artistic team all-around


Good morning folks. The Women's artistic team all-around will commence in about an hour. Superstar Simone Biles will look to do better today after a disappointing qualifying round.

For the first time since 2010, the American women's gymnastics team failed to qualify in the first position, either at the finals, at the Olympics, or World Championships.