Messi is excited and ready to help PSG win another Champions League

After much drama following his departure from Barcelona, Messi speaks at a press conference, thanking PSG and the fans for treating him well.

Last week, the world was shocked to learn that soccer’s greatest player, Lionel Messi, would not be returning to play with Barcelona. There was some speculation that all of it was just a ploy, but it became official soon after.

Now, he has officially been announced as the newest addition to Paris Saint-Germain in France. The soccer star told the club and the fans that he is thankful to them for how easy they made the process and how well they’ve treated him.

When will Messi start with PSG?

After an emotional departure from Barcelona, Messi says he’s ready to play again. He expressed his desire to play in Friday’s game against Strasbourg. He hasn’t played since the Copa America finale with Argentina on July 10, and has since been on vacation. Technically a free agent, he wasn’t obligated to play at preseason camp and will need a proper preseason to train before playing in a regular game with PSG. So as much as he and the fans might like it, it’s likely Messi won’t start for at least two to three weeks.