Real Madrid and Barcelona are the odd ones out in LaLiga

The ‘LaLiga Impulso’ (‘Boost LaLiga’) plan, which needed the backing of at least 32 clubs to pass, was approved by a vote of 38-4. The only teams who joined Real Madrid and Barcelona in rejecting it were Athletic Club and Real Oviedo. Although it was a secret ballot, Athletic made it known that they had voted against it, a choice based on the fact that their accounts are in good shape. Their stadium is sorted and they don’t feel they need a loan for infrastructure or anything else. As for Oviedo, whose stance was revealed later on Thursday evening, they belong to the Mexican business magnate Carlos Slim (with his son-in-law, Ernesto Olías, running the club). Slim moves in a world where it could prove difficult for him to turn to this CVC loan.

All that happens now is the clubs who rebuffed the plan are not part of it. The loan is reduced from 2.7 billion euros to 2.1 billion euros and the 38 who approved the proposal will each get the amount previously agreed upon, which runs in proportion to their television revenue. Those who said no, obviously, won’t lose 10% of their TV rights in the years to come. However, I don’t think this will put a stop to Real Madrid’s lawsuit against LaLiga. Florentino Pérez and Javier Tebas have been at war for years and this will only intensify their battle. What with arbitrations, information requests, injunctions, cases in courts of first instance and cases in appeals courts, I make it 51 different proceedings. LaLiga has won 23; Madrid have won five and withdrawn two; and 21 are ongoing.

It’s not much of a surprise we’re in this situation. LaLiga is like a block of flats whose penthouse is occupied by two millionaires, Real Madrid and Barcelona, and as you make your way down the stairs to the lower floors, you find less and less wealthy inhabitants with very different concerns. For that reason, Madrid and Barça are determined to move away to the European Super League, but as they try to have that building built (and so far they’ve hit water while digging the foundations), they’re inevitably ill at ease. Tebas, the administrator of their current block, does what he should, making decisions based on majorities, so the penthouse dwellers always feel hard done by, whatever the issue - be it the lift, the swimming pool, the cleaning, painting the stairway, or the car park.