Where is my polling place for the recall election?

Today is the last day to vote in the 2021 recall election in California. Our team took a look at the tools available to find your polling location.

Where is my polling place for the recall election?

With just one day left to cast their ballots in a historic recall election, many Californians are rushing to figure out where they can vote in person.

Today, 14 September is the last day to vote in the election.

A bill passed by the state legislature in February 2021, mandates that all registered voters are sent a mail-in ballot for all statewide elections, but some are still opting to vote in person.

To find your polling location, the Secretary of State offers an online tool to help voters. By putting in one’s physical address, they are able to point you to the correct location to cast your ballot.

One can also contact the state’s voter hotline at (800) 345-VOTE, where representatives can inform you of your polling location over the phone.

Does California offer same-day voter registration?

California does offer same-day voter registration, for those who would like to vote in the recall today. Those still looking to register can do so "and vote at their county elections office, polling place, or vote center."

One can also find a polling location that allows registration using the state's locator.

Mail-in voting and tracking your ballot

For a mail-in ballot to be counted, it must be postmarked by 14 September. Additionally, the state has also set up drop boxes to facilitate secure ballot collection.

Ballots dropped off after 8 PM tonight, will not be counted. If you are interested in tracking the status of your ballot, the Secretary of State has just the platform for you.