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Miami Dolphins MIA
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MIA 7 6 0 7 20
JAX 3 7 7 6 23

Miami Dolphins 20-23 Jacksonville Jaguars: score, stats, highlights, NFL week 6

The NFL is back in London, at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, for the Jacksonville Jaguars against the Miami Dolphins in the week 6 NFL game.

Jaguars find that winning feeling, finally

So it took a 4,500 mile journey across the Atlantic to break the Jaguars curse. A 20-game losing streak, the second longest in NFL history, was put to bed in London, at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. And in the most dramatic fashion, with Lawrence and his offensive coaches using their timeouts to perfection to get Matthew Wright within kicking range to slot a field goal over with one second on the clock to give the Jags a 23-20 win over the Dolphins, who have now lost five in a row. 

It all started extremely inauspiciously for Lawrence and the Jags. They gave up a TD on the Dolphins first play and were restricted to a field goal as they looked to hit straight back. And from then on they looked shaky (the number of false start penalties given away a clear sign of the nerves), and struggled to get the ball moving at all during almost the entire first half. The Dolphins meanwhile looked a fairly slick operation with Tua using Ahmed (24 yards in total) and Brown (22), and in particular receivers Gesicki (115) and Waddle (70) to put together a number of decent drives. Despite that they struggled to actually get the ball into the end zone and had to settle for just two field goals as their haul for some decent attacking.

It looked like we'd be going in with the Dolphins leading 13 to 3, but Lawrence conjured up a moment of magic near the end of the first half to find Jones in the far right corner, who grabbed one under pressure to put the Jags right back in it. 

And the momentum they carried off the field at the end of the first half they brought right back out with them at the start of the second, scoring another touchdown with their opening drive. Consecutive TDs and the Jags fans in the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium were lapping it up, as they took a 17-13 lead.  

It wasn't going to be that easy though, with the carbon-fibre armoured Dolphins QB Tua hitting the on-fire Gesicki twice in a row before floating an absolute peach over the defense to Smythe close enough to the goal-line. A penalty for taunting brought them even closer (Jenkins standing over the downed Smythe and having a wee rant for no reason anyone could discern) and Tua popped the resulting 1st down into Waddle's hands way out left for the touchdown and a 20-17 lead. 

With just 10 minutes left, every second ticking down on the clock heaped agony on the Jags fans who had dared to believe (always remember, it's the hope that kills), and despair seemed complete when they were forced to give Wright a 54-yard field goal attempt and the ball appeared to slice ever so slightly off his foot, heading well right of the posts... Jags fans seeing that could be forgiven for grabbing their jackets and heading directly for the exits, but then somehow, miraculously, the ball, heading right, started swerving left, and it kept bending inwards, to slide JUST inside the upright and tie the game. The Jags believed again. 

And they were right to believe, oh so right. The Dolphins went for risky one at 4th and one in the middle of the field and Brown was held up by the solid Jags defense who seemed to bust every sinew to stop the big running back. Turnover on downs and Lawrence and co produced an organisational masterclass to give Wright the opportunity to pop over his second 50-yard+ field goal of the final quarter (only the fourth kicker in NFL history to get two 50-yard+ field goals in the last quarter).

This time around the kicker didn't mess around - slamming the ball straight down the middle and sending Jags fans in London, and around the world, into ecstasy. So this is what winning feels like, it's been a long time coming. 

Good one Jags 

A team's not about one player. 

We are too!


Facts facts facts. 

Watch out. Sound on.

One more time for the fans!

Yes Matthew Wright. 

Trevor Lawrence makes it: first rookie quarterback to win a start in London. 

Wait for it. 

Like we said, Jaguars will always have London.

The timing was just... 

The Jaguars long, dark nightmare is over! Rookie QB Lawrence has his first win - the Jaguars will always have London...

Absolute scenes in London as Wright pings it right between the uprights and sprints off to celebrate!! WHAT A FINISH!

AND THEY WIN!!!!! Jacksonville breaks the curse !!!

JACKSONVILLE WINS! The streak is broken!!! 

:1 second!!!!

Lawrence goes to Shenault for 9, at the 35. Timeout again for the Jags... and it's 53 yard field goal attempt!

Jags have a timeout. Miami go for one too. 5 seconds...

:05 seconds to go. One team is in desperate need for a win. Can you guess who? 


5 seconds to go. Jags with the ball at the 44 yard line.

So 4th and 8 for the Jags. Field goal? Hail Mary? 5 seconds to go...

Sack  at the 44!! Ogbah downs Lawrence! 3rd and 20.

Well who would have thought it? Another false start from the Jags. This is pro football, how can they be this sloppy??

Jags are 1st and 10 at the MIA 46. 

The chains say HELD UP! Jags defense are going wild, high-fiving their fans in the stands. Big, big, big moment. 

Dolphins can't challenge if this goes against them, as they blew their budget earlier on. 

Dolphins go for it and Brown is HELD UP. Or at least it looks like he was. 

Gesicki grabs one, but he's sent flying out of bounds ONE YARD short. That could decide this game, y'know. 

Ahmed incomplete! Inexplicably dropped that one. 3rd and 6...

20-point tied game with 2 minutes left. We told you it was gonna be close!


Dolphins have 2nd and six at the MIA 41.

Tua uses a tasty mix of Waddle (8 yards),  Ahmed (1) and Brown (3) to bring up a first down.

Thanks commentator xD

Dolphins drive underway... 

Tied game. We have a tied game. 3 and a half minutes to go. 


My word, Wright sent that miles out right - everyone thought it was going well wide and then it just curved back in at the end to slip just inside the right-hand upright. Bend it like Beckham, indeed. 

Maybe this game isn't the most enticing one of the season, but this 54 yard field goal sure is! 

Lawrence forced miles back to avoid being sacked, which he does, but he's flushed so far left he then can't find anyone with the pass. Try a 54 yard field goal...

You can tell where that guy's mindset is.

Both teams thinking furiously about how the plays are going to fit into the remaining 4 minutes, with the Jags three points shy of the Dolphins and in possession near the half-way line. 

Jones Jr. again!! Persistent with good catches!

Big play on 3rd down as Jones catches for 20 yards!

Lawrence finds Robinson, the ball is a shade too high and outside, and Robinson drops. 3rd and 9 at the JAX 39. Just under 5 minutes to play. 

Up to the 37, as Lawrence uses Shenault for 7, then Robinson for 10. Really neat play that second one. The Jags QB on his feet is lovely to watch.

Lawrence takes over at the JAX 20.

Ruling on the field stands. Agnew did NOT touch the ball. Miami's challenge fails again and they're charged a time out. 

Miami are challenging again! They're saying Agnew DID touch the ball. Did it just graze his fingernail??

And Palardy batters it up and the ball flies into the endzone without touching Agnew who looked like he was going to take it. Miami claim the ball, but officials say it's a touch back. 

Miami run the clock down. Delay of game. So it's 4th and 6 now. 

"Receiver did not complete the process of the catch."

Call stands and it's 4th and 1. Miami lose a time out for their failed challenge.

Dolphins challenging the call on the incomplete pass. Official call is that the ground helped him finalise the catch, it's likely to stand. 

First down? Officials having a look. And it's incomplete to Gaskin. Touched the ground as he caught it, maybe hitting his hip or knee as he falls. 

Dolphins are challenging the call!

We're at the MIA 37. Ahmed tries his luck, gets nothing. Tua goes centre and finds Smythe for 9!

7 minutes left. 

12 yard gain from Waddle from a short pass right. That's his ninth catch of the day.

But the next play is incomplete short left to Arnold and Cooke is out to punt. He wallops it 43 yards downfield to the MIA 25, where Waddle claims the fair catch. Tua adjusts his carbon-fibre armour and heads out to see if he can turn the screw and add to the Dolphins 3-point lead. 

At 2nd and 15 deep in their own half, Lawrence again has to move quickly to escape some big pressure, but again finds his man Agnew for 10 yards. 

See what I mean? 

If I were Lawrence I'd be beyond fuming. Another false start, from Manhertz there. 

Repeating again, Agnew's explosiveness is something to really look at.

Lovely, lovely work from Lawrence, skipping around to make space out right and then finding Agnew in the middle. Neat feet from the Jags' QB. 

10 minutes left, 1st and 10 at the Jags 13. Lawrence nearly sacked first up, but he gets the ball out of his hand, but it's incomplete to Arnold. 

Okay Dolphins, we see you getting that momentum back. 

And so the momentum swings back to the Dolphins, but it's only a three point game. Lawrence needs to still believe his first pro win can come today.

Dolphins back on top with just over 10 minutes left. 

Sanders bish, bash, boshes the extra point. 

And it's a touchdown from Waddle out left! That's his second of the afternoon.

Aaand Dolphins have the lead again. TOUCHDOWN!


Taunting penalty from Jenkins who stands over Smythe. And it's first and goal. 


Another lovely floated pass from Tua like we saw  in the first half and that nestles sweetly in the hands of Smythe, who's then utterly clattered. 

Ahmed moves the Dolphins up 5, then Tua finds Wilson out left and that's a first down at the 23 yard line!

Tua mixes it up and goes with Waddle who does not do what we've just seen Gesicki do... he catches but gives up a yard. 

Gesicki on fire! Another catch cutting into the middle and picking up 20 yards!

Tua to Gesicki and that's 32 yards! Up to the 41 yard line and the Dolphins have some much needed breathing space. 

A little harsh on Tua, no?

4th quarter, 14:15 on the clock. Are we actually going to see the Jags doing their first win since the opening day of last season??

Robinson hit and down and HE'S SHORT. Gamble does not pay off, and Tua gets away with that pick. 

3rd and 2 at the MIA 9 for the Jags. Lawrence goes hunting for Treadwell in the endzone but the ball drifts harmlessly out. 4th and 2. They're going for it! 

Back at it.

Well, well, what a couple of plays, with Lawrence giving up the ball after being sacked and then Tua gifting the ball back straight away with what was a painfully poor pass. 

21 yards to Farrell and then Robinson takes it to 2nd and 8 with a couple of yards gained and that's the end of the third quarter with the Jags at the MIA 18. 

Massive mistake from Tua! Jags pick that one so easily as the Miami QB throws too low and it's too easy for Lawson on the 50. He then trundles up to the MIA 39. 

The Jaguars are changing the game people!

Sorry Tua... just a bit short

TURNOVER! Wilkins knocks the ball out of Lawrence's hands and Sieler snaffles it! That's going to really hurt for the Jags, they were on a relentless drive but it's all blown up.

1:34 left in the quarter and it's 2nd and 9 at the Miami 31 yard line.

This is such a solid drive, Lawrence for 12, then a pass to Jones for 11. We're up to the MIA 32. 

And another first down with a short pass right to Jones for 11!

Sir Marvin Jones Jr., we like this persistence!

Couple of balls to Robinson brings up the first down, with 4 then 9. Football's so easy at times isn't it. 

Lawrence and the Jags... can they make it three scoring drives in a row? They start at their own 18 yard line as the stadium speakers play the bongs of Big Ben. 


Miami's third down conversion rate is 53.8, nearly double that of the Jags (28.6), which tells a story, but then the scoreboard tells another one...

Palardy trots out, punts it 32 yards to the JAX 18 where Agnew gets the fair catch, and then trots back off again. 

Great pocket to give Tua the protection to go long, long, long right to Waddle who is under massive pressure from Jenkins. Incomplete and to be honest Jenkins actually looked more likely to catch that one. So at 3rd and 14 it's punt time!

Tua at 2nd and 20 throws square to Waddle, who makes some headway but eventually runs into too much traffic. 6 yards on that one. 

Pass interference from Holins, so that'll take us to 1st and 20 at the 44 yard line. Everyone involved there seemed to be having some good banter after the play. 

To Waddle at the JAX 46 and that's 14 yards there. 

Tua with another run, picks up 7. 3rd and 7.

False start offense. 5 yard penalty. 2nd and 14 at the MIA 38. Discipline from both sides has been poor today. 

At 3rd and 4, Tua runs out of options, but suddenly the field right in front of him opens up so he sneaks upfield and picks up the first down. As ever he slides to ground to protect those ribs as soon as the defense get close. 

But gotta say, great mobility even with those broken ribs Tua!

Miami with the ball, starting at their own three yard line, but quickly escape from there with Waddle picking up 20 yards to get to the 23 yard line. 

For the first time this season, back-to-back touchdown drives for Robinson!

Well, we said the momentum had maybe swung to the Jags, and boy did they prove us right. Scoring on consecutive drives and firing into the lead!

Maybe the second longest losing streak for the Jaguars is starting to hurt. They're picking up!!

Nicely stroked over for the extra point from Wright.

Robinson rockets down the field, begins to fly, doesn't make it. 
But 2 seconds later... TOUCHDOWN!

And Robinson strolls over for the touchdown... he made it, he scored it! 

24 yards from Robinson as he charges to the 1 yard line! But has he kept the ball?? He has! Robinson like a rocket. 

Unnecessary roughness from Miami's Holland. 15 yard penalty. 1st down at the MIA 40 for the Jaguars.

Lawrence within milimeters of being sacked but he JUST gets the ball out of the hand and completes to Agnew for 29 yards!

Like seeing a desert rose... 

Ginkel blocks the pass, which flies incomplete! 2nd and 15.

Another false start, this time from Jaguar's Robinson. 1st and 15 now. Lawrence not happy.

Jags on the drive. 1st and 10 at the JAX 25. 


Second half underway!


Here's the Dolphins' offense stats. Gesicki is looking fired up.


Malcolm Brown with the ball, slipping away from Shaquille Quarterman.

Half-time scores on the doors. Lawrence and the Jags may be trailing but they are probably going into the dressing rooms at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium the slightly happier side after that touchdown inside the two minute warning to make it a three-point game, and then forcing Miami to try a 58-yard field goal with their final drive. So after an opening half in which for the most part the Jags offense never really clicked, it feels like the momentum right now is with the Jags. 

Field goal attempt from 58 yards is, as expected, absolutely no good. And that's HALF-TIME!

Gesicki grabs it, gets both feet down and he's got a first down at the JAX40. They'll go for the field goal, but it's likely far too far. 

3rd and 2 for Miami at the JAX 48.

That one works though, as Tua hits Hollins who neatly makes sure he goes out of bounds. 20 yard gain to the MIA 45.

First play is a big ol' chuck down the middle looking for Smythe, but it's not even close.

Touchback for Miami, they've got 40 seconds to produce something here. Bets are they won't. 

Jags struggled and struggled on offense in this half, but that ball to Jones gives us a three-point game. 

Seventh touchdown pass of the season for Trevor Lawrence!

Extra point is good.

That time out worked wonders... Lawrence goes for a risky throw over the top to the right corner of the endzone and Jones IS THERE!

TOUCHDOWN FOR THE JAGUARS!! Trevor Lawrence to Jones!!!

Jags time out. 

Lawrence goes for Shenault and FINDS HIM. And he jumps over the 1st down line. 1st and 10 at the MIA 28.

4th and 6 and the Jags are going for it!!

Lawrence goes left to Shenault who does touch it, but can't hold it. 

Into the final minute! 3rd and 6 at the MIA 35.

Jax lookin for their first win since September 2020. 

Another Miami time out, that's their last.

Robinson this time, and he ploughs through for 4 yards. 3rd and 6 for the Jags. 

1st and 10 at the MIA 39, Lawrence incomplete to Agnew. 

Can the Jags get something here... been a long ol' time without bothering the scoreboard operator.

So punt time it is. Palardy puts his cleats through it for 37 yards and Agnew makes the fair catch at the MIA 49 yard line.

4th and 1 as Gesicki catches for 5.

Gain of 4 from Ahmed, boshing up the middle, 3rd and 6 for Miami. 

uh oh 

Miami are at their three-yard line, 2nd and 10. Two minutes to go.

Two minute warning, people! 

The Jags forced to punt again. They need to shake this up. Nice punt though to the three yard line.

Another drop from Shenault! Nice route out right, the pass is tiny bit short, but Shenault should have done better there. 

Think about this way: at least he's putting on a show for the Jaguars 

Great pressure from the Dolphins on Lawrence there and who throws one incomplete and on the next play he's forced to wheel away and run out left and he hits Shenault who SHOULD have caught that but drops it. 3rd and 15. 

Too many men in the huddle and that's another shocker from the Jags. 1st and 15 at the 40. Lawrence is ABSOLUTELY RAGING.

James Robinson's posture is seriously stellar.

Big throw to Jones! He grabs it and hits the deck. 16 yards.

Personal foul, face mask. That's poor from the Jags who give up another penalty. 

Fake to Robinson who's stopped at 9 yards. 2nd and 1. 

1st down as Arnold gets 8 yards from another short pass. 

Larence passes short right to Jones who catches and rolls out at the JAX 31 yard line

Sanders kicks off to the end zone. Touchback. 

Second half, 5:38 remaining.

Also true.

Lawrence needs to produce something on this drive, or this game is going to really start slipping away from the Jags. 

Decisions decisions Tua!


Field goal is good! Sanders slots it home. 10 point game now...

That drive saw 8 plays for 32 yards. 

3rd and goal... Tua goes for Gaskin but he can't hold the ball! Field goal time...

Tua sent miles back but he just gets the ball away under big pressure and complete to Smythe who gets a 1 yard gain, and is utterly pummelled by about 3 JAX defenders. Ouchie. 

Accurate throw. Good first down with Hollins


Miami decide to go for a time out... and that worked a dream! Tua hits Hollins for 20 yards and it's 1st and goal for Miami!

Tua runs outside the pocket and he could slide in for first down, but bizarrely decides to throw to Waddle and it's incomplete. 3rd and 2 at the JAX 30. 

I seriously feel bad for the Jaguars... 

8 yard gain, but the Dolphins defense get Carter before he can get over for a 1st down. 

Jokes on the Jax 

Tua decides he wants to go LONG, but his deep left pass to Hollins is incomplete. Like, really incomplete. 

Trevor's second time out of the country... was not as nice as his first... :/

Lawrence looking extremely serious on the sideline there after that mess.

We're in the second quarter with 8:49 left. 

Cooke punts 27 yards to the JAX 38.

MIAMI! Ogbah blocks Lawrence's pass to Shenault and the Jaguars need to punt from near their own goal line. Well, that drive went spectacularly badly for the Jaguars. 3 plays and they lost 2 yards, dearie me. 

False start! Offense, All-Pro guard Norwell. 5 yard penalty. 3rd and 12 then.

Robinson runs for 1 yard. We're at the JAX 13. 

So Tua's third drive comes to nothing and a game that started with three scoring drives in a row has now all gone a bit sparse. 

Palardy punts 30 yards to the JAX 13. Fair catch by Agnew. 

Going up... on a Sunday 

Tua looks for Gesicki at 3rd and 4 and that's incomplete. Punt!

Wilson catches close to getting the first down probably could have had 3rd and 1, but then decides to run back round a mob of players and ends up giving up all his yards. 

Miami on their third drive and they start solidly, with a Brown going 16 then 4 and w're 1st and 10 at the JAX 49.

Remember. Dolphins 1-4 and Jaguars 0-5 coming into today's game. 

So Lawrence's second drive ends in a punt. Advantage Dolphins!

Cooke punts 45 yards to MIA 35. Fair catch by Waddle! 12:46 left in the second quarter. 

Lawrence spirals one down the middle to Austin, but the defense is ALL over him, and the pass is just a tad short and he can't grab it. Punt time!

Lawrence goes short left to Jones who gets 4 yards but they need a lot more than that here. 3rd and 15. 

Flag on the play! and Bartch done for clipping. So the JAX go even further back. 

Incomplete pass to Shenault! Long throw from Lawrence.

Second quarter and 14:10 left. 

Dolphins kick off to the endzone. Touchback. Lawrence's second drive will start at the 25 yard line. 

Lean back, Jax fans... 

So the Dolphins had to settle for a field goal at the end of that drive, which was looking good, but fell apart when Carter incurred a holding penalty on 1st and goal. 9 plays and 66 yards in that drive from Tua and co. 


So Dolphins go for the field goal and IT IS GOOD! Sanders let it drift a little left, but it slides through for three. 

Second quarter under way and it's 3rd and goal for Miami. And they are unable to get anywhere there as Gaskin fumbles! 

Second quarter under way and it's 3rd and goal for Miami.

We're hyped too! 

End of the quarter! And it's 1st and goal for Miami.

Another 1st down as Tua goes short right to Ahmed and he takes it to the JAX 10 with a 15 yard gain. 

There was a flag on the play, but the officials decide nothing doing and take it off. 

3rd and 1... and that's a BIG play. Tua out left to Smythe for 25 yards! 

Smythe, that was good!

We're Tua fans too

Tua is wearing a carbon-fibre flak jacket that's been specially made for him. Seems to be working. 

2nd and 6 for the Dolphin as Gaskin goes down the middle for 4 yards.

Gesicki for 22 yards!! Such a lovely floated pass through the London air. Hats off to Tua for that one. Absolutely beautiful. 

Dolphins run to the MIA 19 from the kick-off. How's Tua going to go on this drive? 

So, the Jags have to settle for a field goal at the end of their first drive, but they'll be happy at what they've seen of the Dolphins defense which is looking rather wobbly, just as we expected. 

First field goal of the season for the win-less Jaguars!!! 

40 yard field goal is good! 

So field goal attempt it is for JAX.

Lawrence to Arnold down the middle and HE FUMBLES! Good pocket, good throw, but butter fingers...


The Dolphins call a time out to try and work out how to stop Robinson and Agnew who are finding gaps again and again. 

Robinson running again and he gets five yards to get to the MIA 22. 3rd and 5. 

James Robinson is putting up some impressive numbers! 

This is a solid drive from rookie Lawrence. 

Lawrence decides it's time to use his arm and he sends it to Arnold who gets 19 yards on the play, to take us to the MIA 27. 

Lawrence going with run plays here. After Agnew he turns to Robinson who takes us to 3rd and 2 at the MIA 46. 

Lawrence with the start of his first drive and he goes to Agnew twice, first for 24 yards, then for just 1.

Agnew's quick. 

Aaaand the Dolphins get us underway again! Agnew returns from his own goal line and takes it to the JAX 22 yard line. 

Super interesting that Tua on the play before the TD ran himself through the middle, but as soon as the defense got anywhere near him he hit the deck. Protecting those ribs!

And the extra point was good! 

Tua to Waddle for six yards and a TOUCHDOWN! Well, that drive started rather shakily, but in the end it's a 75 yard drive and the Dolphins score on their first drive. 

Fins Fins Fins!!! Touchdown!! 

Tua scrambles himself... picks up 7 on the play and it's first and goal!

Lots of excitement for the Samoan tonight! 

3rd and 3 and Tua hits Waddle again, out left this time! 16 yard line and a first down. 

Dolphins up to to the JAX 28 yard line now. 

What a funny drive this proving to be for the Dolphins, two false starts, huge pressure on Tua several times, but they KEEP moving up. Tua through the middle of the scrimmage and hits Gesicki for 20 yards!

Mike Gesicki with a nice catch. The fins move the chains again!!! 

Play action and Tua sends it to Hollins for 17 yards!  

ANOTHER false start from MIA. Another five yard penalty. Really daft. 

Big throw! To Waddle and that's a first down. Tua under massive pressure there, but he slipped his man and got the ball out. Ok, so he's shown he can do it. 

Miami with a stupid foul to lose a futher five yards and go to 3rd and 9. Daft. Just nerves?

Waddle takes it up for  3rd and 4. JAX definitely looking to pressure up Tua and see how those ribs are holding up. 

First play and the Dolphins look to run, and get absolutely blocked... lose a yard and it's 2nd and 11. 

Straight into the endzone, touchback and Tua starts 1st and 10 from the 25. 

Right, let's try that again. JAX kick-off! 

Jacksonville kick off and play suspended straight away... with someone on the pitch. 

Tell me you're a Cowboys fan without telling me you're a Cowboys fan... 

Somewhat cloudy in London, 65 degrees. Great afternoon for football!

Just to let you know, as the game is in London, I'm covering this one, and I am indeed British - Scottish in fact - so apologies for the British spelling on this live feed. I may also occasionally use half-way line for 50-yard line and so on, but I'll try and keep it as American as possible!

You can get cheerleaders or you can get Jaxson de Ville... 

Will roses bloom again? 

And the US national anthem rings out around Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, as a HUGE American flag is carried onto the turf. 

And we're getting the British national anthem up first ahead of kick-off. God save the Queen, indeed!

Big questions to answer for Tua Tagovailoa today, as he comes back in after a month out and with his ribs still recovering... and he's also missing wide receivers DeVante Parker and Preston Williams. Big, big afternoon for him. 

Tua returns!! 


And the teams are out in London! The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is looking an absolute picture! 

And the teams are out in London! The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is looking an absolute picture! 


Jaguars mascot, Jaxson de Ville, just flew in. 

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium looking great. 
Weather: 16°C / 61°F

Meyer excited by Lawrence progress as Jags look to end losing start in London


Meyer excited by Lawrence progress as Jags look to end losing start in London

Dolphins vs Jags preview

Here's an in-depth look at today's game. Read it quick though, there's less than 10 minutes to kick-off.


Atmosphere looking good in London (yep, that's Miami Bryan and his crew)

NFL Picks for Week 6: Justin Herbert and the Chargers will make it clear they are contenders


NFL Picks for Week 6: Justin Herbert and the Chargers will make it clear they are contenders


With half an hour to go to kick-off in London, why not have a read of our picks for week 6 from our very own Iván (he is on Twitter, if you fancy practicing your Spanish - he mostly tweets in that). He reckons today really could go either way, predicting that the Dolphins are going to shade it 24-23 but refusing to rule out the Jags finally breaking their losing streak. 

QB lowdown: Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence, the quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, is looking to be the first rookie quarterback to win a start in London in this afternoon's game. Rookie quarterbacks have had zero luck on British soil, currently standing 0-5 in London... and curiously Lawrence happens to also be 0-5 -in his NFL career. Clearly his run of losses is worrying for the Jags, with the team carrying on last year's losing streak and falling to one defeat after the other this season, but this afternoon really has to be a major opportunity to change things around for them; the Dolphins’ defense is ranked 30th in total defense and have shown no real signs of improvement recently.  

Lawrence made his NFL debut against the Houston Texans where he had his first loss in the regular season, in a 21-37 defeat. He threw for 332 passing yards, three touchdowns and three interceptions. He has been improving though and put in a far better performance in Week 4 against the Cincinnati Bengals scoring his first touchdown and recording his first NFL game without an interception. While facing the Bengals’ quarterback Joe Burrow, he threw for 204 yards and completed 17 of 24 passes. 

The 22-year-old might have not been able to have the NFL start he wanted, but he has definitely shown much improvement as far as decisions with the ball and completion percentage; he now has a completion rate over 60%, with an 8.37 increase in yards in the last two weeks. 

"I feel like I’m getting better every week and just trusting that that’s going to put us in situations to win games down the road. Obviously up to this point it hasn’t, but we’re going to keep getting better eventually if I keep doing my job. I’m going to make the plays," Lawrence said this week.



Tua ready in London

A friend of a friend, Miami Bryan (who you'll find on Twitter at @lewiredshut) has the luck of actually being in the ground today, and he's just sent us this one of Tua, who is ready to go. Thanks Miami Bryan!

How do pronounce Tagovailoa properly?

If you're interested, and who wouldn't be, Google have a neat feature to check out the proper pronunciation of the Dolphins' QB. And definitely switch up the pronunciation style from America to British to see how they'll be saying it out on the streets of London... it's quite a difference. 


QB lowdown: Tua Tagovailoa

Miami Dolphins’ quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, returns to the field this afternoon after dealing with a ribs injury for the past few weeks. Tagovailoa only played in Week one’s game against the New England Patriots, where he threw for 202 yards, one touchdown and one interception. Following the 17-16 win over the Patriots, he suffered the injury in the matchup against the Buffalo Bills in Week 2. 

Fun facts: the rookie quarterback is of Samoan descent and is the only left-handed quarterback starting in the NFL. The 23-year-old played college football at Alabama and helped lead the team to two consecutive National Championship Games in 2017 and 2018. The dedication Tagovailoa shows us on the field is a reflection of his character off the field as well; in his younger years, he slept with a football in his arm every night. Football is not just a game for him, it’s a lifestyle.

The Miami Dolphins are hoping to get back on track with the return of Tagovailoa. They have been losing by double digits and are currently tied for last in the division at 1-4, going on that losing streak after the win over the Patriots. 

Injury updates

Injury updates this weeK sees, the Dolphins missing CB Xavien Howard, and have four players questionable, WR Preston Williams, TE Adam Shaheen and two quarterbacks Jacoby Brissett and Tua Tagovailoa, thought the Hawaiin is expected to start as he comes back from busted ribs. 

The Jags, meanwhile are missing LB Myles Jack and DT Rashaad Coward, while CB Tyson Campbell and DE Roy Robertson-Harris are questionable. 

Trevor Lawrence


Someone's losing streak will end today, and that's going to be big news for whichever franchise comes out on top in London. Miami are on a four-game losing streak, so snapping that would be a big boost, but THAT IS NOTHING compared to what a win would mean for the Jags. They are on a TWENTY-game skid and new quarterback Trevor Lawrence, their big hope to turn things around, is on a confidence-battering 0 and 5 start to his pro career. 

That said, the Jags have actually been competitive in every loss they've taken this season, and Lawrence looked particularly promising in the last two weeks against the Bengals and the Titans, so maybe today, 4,500 miles from home, is going to be the day they turn things around.

NFL across the pond...

Good morning, and welcome to London, England! The NFL is back in town once again after last week's Falcons - Jets match up (27-20 in favour of the Falcons) and today it's the turn of the Miami Dolphins and the Jacksonville Jaguars to play in the British capital. 

Kick off at the 62,850 capacity Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is at 9.30 a.m. ET, which is 2.30 p.m. local time. 

So grab a cup of tea to get into the British swing of things and enjoy the build-up to the Jaguars vs the Dolphins.


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