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Jeffrey May


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The final score in Los Angeles is the Dodgers 6 Braves 5. The Dodgers showed their fighting spirit tonight and move to just one game behind the Braves, 2-1 the series stands. 


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The series is now 2 games to 1 to Atlanta. The Dodgers are home for the next two games so the whole thing has been blown wide open.

A real pitcher's battle tonight, every at bat was taken deep into the pitch count. The Dodgers picked themselves up off the canvas to get back into the race.

Big swing and it's all air. Three strikeouts in the ninth to win the game for LA!

Duvall has been clutch for Atlanta all season, can he do it one more time?

Pederson swings big and comes up empty. Back to back K's for Jansen. The Braves now down to their last out.

Big Joc steps in and the Dodgers shift heavily for him.

Riley comes to the dish and gets caught napping. Strike three looking. ꓘ

LA brings on their ace closer Kenley Jansen to try and close it out.

Mookie gives LA the lead

Smith pops out to short to end the inning but not before LA put up four, stranding three. We go to nine with the Dodgers in front 6-5.

Turner hits a slow chopper to the infield grass, there was no play to be had and everyone is safe. The bases are loaded now for Will Smith.

Seager gets an intentional walk and Chavez faces Trea Turner to try and get that last out.

Betts doubles to right center and the Dodgers take the lead in the eighth inning.

Beaty hits into a fielder's choice, moving Taylor to third with two outs for Mookie Betts.

Taylor takes off and beats the throw, stolen base.

The Braves make a pitching change and bring on Jesse Chavez to try and get out of this. He faces pinch hitter Matt Beaty.

Here is the shot that kept the Dodgers alive in the 8th

Chris Taylor jumps on the first pitch and punches it into left for a single.

Bellinger goes yard! Jackson offers up high heat and it is taken to right center. The Dodgers have tied the ballgame at five.

The Dodgers have Graterol and Treinen up in the bullpen.

AJ Pollock comes to the dish and pushes one through the middle for a single. Man on first and second and the tying run comes to the plate in the form of Cody Bellinger.

Justin Turner pops out to Albies at second and there is the first out of the inning.

Atlanta brings up Luke Jackson to face the Dodgers and Will Smith smacks the first pitch over first base for a leadoff single.

He hits a tough fly ball to right center and Chris Taylor makes a big-time catch to end the inning. We go to the bottom of the eighth 5-2 Atlanta.

Albies steps up to the plate with two out and two on.

Phillips is out of gas entirely as he walks Freeman. Dave Roberts makes the switch and brings on Gonsolin to try and get LA out of this mess.

Phillips walks Rosario on four straight balls. Now he must face Freeman with a man on first.

Ehire Adrianza hits a routine ground ball to first and Rosario comes to the bat with two outs.

Phillips gets Swanson on a check swing with a fastball up under his chin to start the eighth.

Trea Turner is having a rough day, 0 for 4 now with a strikeout to end the inning. The LA crowd let out a groan and the True Blue nation are collectively holding their heads in their hands.

Matzek's stuff is just pure filth. Crazy movement and a two-seamer that is coming in at 97 MPH.

Seager goes down swinging for the second out.

The Braves bring on Matzek for the seventh inning duties and he gets a quick pop fly to the first base side of the infield.

Travis d'Arnaud tries to make something happen here with Pederson on first and two outs but flies out to right.

Phillips' breaking balls have good movement on them and he gets Duvall to chase some cheese for the second out.

Joc Pederson knocks one into left field for a one out single. Man on first for Adam Duvall.

The Dodgers bring on Evan Phillips to face Austin Riley in the top of the seventh and he goes down swinging on four curveballs.

He gets behind very quickly and whiffs the 1-2 delivery to end the inning. We go to seven with Atlanta up 5-2.

Chris Taylor gets a two out single and the Dodgers bring on Albert Pujols to pinch hit. They need something here.

The Braves bullpen has Chavez and Matzek both throwing so we can assume that Minter will be expected to get them out of one inning only.

The Braves make a pitching change and bring on Minter. For what it is worth, the hero of the game so far is Morton. To give up a two run shot and four walks in the first and then come back from that and work a solid five innings on the back of that type of shakeup takes nerves of steel.

Albies works the count full, but Kelly fights through it and gets the strikeout on a lovely curve to end the inning. No further damage for the Dodgers and we go to the bottom of the sixth.

Albies steps up to the plate with two on and two out. Kelly is trying to get that final out and get the Dodgers out of jail.

The Dodgers call for their third pitcher of the inning and Joe Kelly comes in to relieve Bruihl.

Freeman comes in and goes 3 for 4 on the day with a slap single to left field. All three hits have been identical, same swing, same pitch, same spot.

Rosario comes to the plate and Bruihl works the zone and gets the strikeout for the second out.

Bruihl gets the strikeout on a high cut fastball. One away

Justin Bruihl will come on to face pinch hitter Johan Camargo. With a baserunner and no outs, the Dodgers need to jump on top of the situation.

Swanson singles to right. It was a fly ball hit to the same spot that Will Smith hit last inning. The sun sets directly behind third base and neither Betts nor Pederson for Atlanta have any chance of even seeing the ball.

Bickford faces Swanson to start the sixth.

Charlie Morton gets a quick out and then gives up a bloop single to Will Smith. He faces Justin Turner and throws heat for two quick strikes before trying the breaking ball. Turner grounds to short and they turn the double to end the fifth.

Here is Duvall's RBI

The Dodgers finally catch a break as d'Arnaud hits into a 5-4-3 double play to end the inning. We move to the bottom of the fifth and the Braves lead 5-2.

Duvall slaps a single to center and Albies scores from third. Riley advances to third and the Braves have men on the corner and still only one out. This game has turned around completely.

Pederson flies out to deep center and Albies tags at second and advances a base. That will be it for Knebel. Bickford will come in to face Adam Duvall.

Riley stays disciplined and draws the walk. Phil Bickford is up in the pen but Knebel must face at least three batters, so with two men on he must throw to dangerman Joc Pederson.

On a high ball to Austin Riley, Albies takes off and beats the throw easily for a stolen base.

Ozzy Albies comes up hitting 0 for 2 today. His at-bats have been strong and have both pushed the pitch count high, as he is doing right now. He sees seven pitches and fouls three of them off, stays tough and gets his first base hit of the day, slapping a breaking ball into left.

Corey Knebel comes out of the Dodger bullpen to face the Braves in the fifth.

What a curve! The bottom drops out of it and Seager whiffs it for the final out. We move to the fifth with Atlanta leading 4-2

Seager steps up and gets two blazing fastballs for strikes and then switches to the low breaking ball. He is still hitting 97 mph after 86 pitches, but you have to wonder how much more he has in him.

Mookie Betts comes up and fights off some great pitches to work the count full. Morton has thrown 82 pitches and misses with a curve waaaaaay off the plate to walk Betts.

He leads off the inning with five straight strikes, punching out Chris Taylor on a 97mph fastball that had wicked movement on it, and getting pinch hitter Souza to pop out to first.

In the bottom of the fourth, it is perhaps surprising to see Buehler out and Morton still in. When he finds the strike zone, he is throwing good stuff. It is a real credit to him that he has managed to settle in to a game that had all the hallmarks of getting away from him.

Here's Dansby's shot past short

Alex Vesia comes in to face Freeman with the bases loaded and he hits the first pitch to left for the final out of the inning. The Braves score four and strand three to move to the bottom half of the fourth leading by two.

With the bases loaded, Buehler is in trouble. He loses Rosario and walks in the fourth run of the inning. The Dodgers need to make a pitching change.

d'Arnaud gets on base and Dansby Swanson knocks a single to left off the glove of Seager to score Pederson and the Braves lead it 3-2

Adam Duvall follows up with a broken-bat RBI single to left and we have a tie ball game.

Joc Pederson steps to the plate with two in scoring position and one out. He gets lucky on a 0-2 strike that wasn't called and lines a single to right. Freeman scores and Ron Washington holds Riley at third. We have a one run game.

Riley hits a towering shot to the centerfield wall and Lux lost it in the sun. He drops it and Riley takes second and Freeman makes it to third on what is scored as a double.

Albies flies out to left and we have one away.

Freeman leads off the top of the fourth with a single to left, almost identical to his first inning hit.

Bellinger comes up first ball swinging and flies out to center to end the third.

Lux steps up to the plate and he is a very patient hitter. He runs the count full and is rewarded for his patience with a walk, his second of the day.

Justin Turner chases the high heat and goes down on strikes for the second out.

High pitch counts are the biggest weapon that you have against a pitcher who is struggling to find the zone. The more the Dodgers can make Morton throw, the better their chances of creating scoring opportunities.

Will Smith comes to the plate and grounds out to short stop for the first out.

Morton enters the third with four walks and having thrown 55 pitches. He is having a very stressful day at the office.

Walker Buehler is having a very steady day for LA and he retires the side in order. One two three and we go to the middle of three still 2-0 Dodgers

Watch Mookie run!

Turner pops it up behind the plate and d'Arnaud makes the catch to end the inning.

That is the most stolen bases without being caught in post season history.

The Braves shift hard for Trea Turner and Betts takes off. High throw from d'Arnaud and he is in there with a stolen base, his fifth of this post season. He is now 13 for 13 in post season in stolen bases.

The movement on Morton's fastball is almost as crazy as his curve. He is finding the zone but seems to have a little trouble with placement. Betts is itching to run on first as Seager goes down on strikes.

Mookie Betts gets a high cutter that hung over the middle of the plate and slaps it into center for a single.

Charlie Morton needs to settle in to this game for Atlanta. His breaking balls are now finding the strike zone and he gets a quick ground out to start the inning.

Take a look at the homerun shot.

D'Arnaud hits into a 6-4-3 double play to end the inning. Dodgers leading 2-0 in the middle of two.

Duvall flies out to right for the first out, but not before he fouled a few off as well. Buehler is slowly working his way into a pretty high pitch count. D'Arnaud comes to the plate and Buehler has thrown 32 pitches already.

Pederson fouls a few off, including a long shot just outside the foul pole in right, and manages to work the count full. Strong at-bat from him. The delivery is in the dirt and Buehler has now given up his first walk of the game. That was a 10 pitch at-bat.

The former Dodger Joc Pederson leads off the second for Atlanta. He has been an offensive weapon for the Braves and they could really use something from him right now.

Morton had a dismal start but to get out of it only giving up two runs is almost a win for him in that situation.

The Dodgers get the bases loaded and Chris Taylor hits a little pop up to short. They strand three and score two runs.

He loses Bellinger as well. Four walks in the first inning. The Braves have Jesse Chavez up in the bullpen.

If I were the Dodgers, I'm not sure that I would swing at much. You know what they say, when your opponent is making mistakes, get out of his way!

Morton is very wild today and loses Lux as well. That is three this inning. He is all at sixes and sevens today. Braves pitching coach Rick Kranitz makes a visit to the mound to try and settle his guy down.

Morton throws a wild pitch that makes it to the backstop and Turner advances to second. I'm not entirely sure how Lux avoided getting hit, it went striaght through the batter's box.

Charlie Morton gives up the second walk of the day as Turner works the count full and stays disciplined to draw the fourth ball.

Morton comes back with a ground out and a K and Justin Turner steps into the box with two outs.

Corey Seager launches a long home run to straight center field. And just like that, the Dodgers are up 2-0

Betts draws the walk and LA now have a dangerous runner on first, look for them to test Travis d'Arnaud early.

Charlie Morton takes the mound for the Braves to face Mookie Betts.

Buehler flips the momentum with a strikeout of Austin Riley to get out of the inning. You never know what direction these things will take. One error, one miscalculation and it all swings the other way.

Albies swings at the first pitch and hits to center. Gavin Lux charges and makes a great catch! Rosario had been running aggressively and couldn't get back to the bag. The Dodgers turn a double play and the crowd comes alive!

Freeman goes inside out to push a high cutter into left field for another single. The Braves have started off with back to back hits.

Rosario leads off and delivers an opening single through to center field.

The Dodgers are on the field warming up and Walker Buehler is just about ready to go.

Southern California's eternal summer is perfect for the post season. It is a perfect day for baseball. Let's play two!

Their trip to Atlanta has left them empty handed, but last year's series started out with two losses as well, and this crowd hasn't lost sight of that. You get the feeling that the True Blue fans are eternal optimists, and how can you not be?

The LA crowd has turned out in force to welcome their Dodgers back after the heroics against San Francisco just one week ago.

Tonights lineups

Braves Batting Order
Eddie Rosario (L) LF
Freddie Freeman (L) 1B
Ozzie Albies (S) 2B
Austin Riley (R) 3B
Joc Pederson (L) RF
Adam Duvall (R) CF
Travis d'Arnaud (R) C
Dansby Swanson (R) SS
Charlie Morton (R) P

Dodgers Batting Order
Mookie Betts (R) RF
Corey Seager (L) SS
Trea Turner (R) 2B
Will Smith (R) C
Justin Turner (R) 3B
Gavin Lux (L) CF
Cody Bellinger (L) 1B
Chris Taylor (R) CF
Walker Buehler (R) P

The Dodgers will turn to Walker Buehler, who went 16 and 4 with a 2.47 ERA and a miserly 0.97 WHIP. Working on an extra day’s rest as well, expect Buehler to work deeper into the game than the Dodgers have shown in the previous two. Los Angeles have a fabulous bullpen, maybe the best of any team in the postseason, but they need to give someone decent rest if they hope to last the series and they can start that here.

For the Braves, Charlie Morton gets the start, working on extra rest. During the regular season, he went 14 and 6 with a 3.34 ERA and a 1.05 WHIP. If there were any doubt that Atlanta is going for the knockout punch, then starting Morton should dispel that. He has one of the best, if not the best, two-seamers in baseball today and a curve that has incredible movement. It just drops right off the table.

Welcome to the live commentary of Game 3 of the National League Championship Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Atlanta Braves. Atlanta won the first two games of the series with walk-offs in highly defensive contests. Tonight the action moves over to the west coast and we will see if the Dodgers can get back into this series. First pitch is scheduled for 2:08 local time, 5:08 on the east coast.