GB 0 10 7 7 24
ARI 7 0 7 7 21


Green Bay Packers 24 vs 21 Arizona Cardinals summary: score, highlights | NFL Week 8.



Rodges back to Cobb!! You had to know it was coming fantasy players!!

Connor up the middle to close that gap to a one possession game.

Rodgers hits Cobb!!! For the first time in a long time.

Look at Aaron Jones move the pile

Hopkins was so close to finishing of this catch and run for a touchdown, but it set up the first score of the night.

The Packers will kneel out the clock and the Packers stun the Cardinals to give Arizona their first loss of the season.

Green Bay Wins 24-21



Green didn't know it was coming and Douglas sniffed it out. That will end the game on a fantastic defensive play!!.

What a finish!!

Edmonds on the run up the middle for a gain of 3 yards. 2nd and Goal from the 5.

Murray on the keeper, and he may have got enought for the first down.

Murray runs left after the tuck and run picking up 9 yards. 2nd and 1 from the GB 10.

Murray hits Edmonds on the hitch route who takes it to the GB 18 after a 22 yard gain. 49 second to go in the fourth

Snap was high and Murray had to jump on it for a loss of 8. 2nd and 18 coming up.

Murray hits Kirk for 6 yards on 2nd and 1. 1st and 10 coming up from the GB 32.

Murray to Moore for a gain of 9 yards from teh GB 47. 2nd and 1 coming up

Murray hits Green who was wide open in the soft spot of the zone for a gain of 23

ARI takes over but buried inside their own 5 yard line, down 3 with under 3 minutes to go.

Rodger's tried the play action pass but his pass was delfected at the line and batted down.

After the penalty it's the Packers punch it in with a two yard rushing touchdown, but the play is underview as the refs try to figure out where Jones was just a rige short.

St.. Brown picks up a gain of 5 after the out route but an personal foul against the Cardinals will give GB 1st and Goal from the 2 yard line.

Jones streaks up the middle for a gain of 16 yards down to the ARI 12

Jones runs left and getst the first down at the ARI 36. Under 6 minutes to go in the 4th quarter.

Winfree made the catch but had the ball poked out of his hands on his way up field. The fumlbe rolled out of bounds and GB wil have 3rd and 2 coming up

Winfree on the out route to the left side for a 10 yard gain. 1st and 10 from the ARI 44

Rodgers finds Deguara on the left side for a gain of 12 yardfs. 1st and 10 from the GB 46.

Rodgers hits Jones on the right side for a gain of 9, 3rd and 1 coming up from the GB 34.

Green Bay takes over from the 25 after the touchback, Rodgers scrambles on 1st down but gets no gain


Conner up the middle for a 8 yard touchdown run!!!

24-21 Packers lead with 10:45 to go in the fourth quarter


Ertz on the slant patter over the middle for a 9 yard gain. 2nd and 1 from the ARI 9

Pass to the flat to Green for a gain of 4 yarda and another first down.

Arizona took over from the 25 yard line after the touch back and marched down to the 50 yard ine.

A big fourth down conversion areound the 50 yard line extends the drive and puts ARI at 7-7 on 4th down conversions this year.



Rodfgers hits Cobb for a 6 yard touchdown pass. Crosby's PAT is good!

GB leads 24-14 with 14:46 to go in the 4th quarter.

Rodgers hits Tonyan for a 33 yard streak over the middle, but he comes up cutching his leg after a huge ptich and catch.

1st and 10 from the ARI 21 with 2:41

Jones out of the backfield gets a couple nice blocks and breaks a few tackles for a gain of 19. 1st and 10 from the BG 42

Rodgers look to St. Brown but the pass is incomplete. 3rd and 1 coming up.

Dillon with a swerving run to the GB 18. 2nd and 1 coming up

Ward gave the crowd a thumbs up after a scary collison. What a great sign that is to see Ward not only moving but giving a signal to the crowd

Hill was carted off the field but Ward, who made the tackle, is still getting medical attention on the field.

There was just a huge collison on the return by the Packers. Hill returned it and Ward made the tackle but both came up injured on the play.


The Cardinals look like a new team at the moment and the are moving the ball with ease. Ertz had a big 20 yard reception that set up a Conner direct snap which he took into the endzone for the 2 yard TD!!

Prater's PAT is good.and we have a ball game wtih 6:22 to go in the third quarter

ARI goes for the 4th down with 4 to go from the Cardinals 47. Murray finds Wesley on the short pass and catch for 7 yards and a first down.

After a couple frist downs Murray and the Cardinals were stopped on 3rd and 4 fro the ARI 47 after the incomplete pass to Edmonds.

Two straight first downs for the Cardinals after a couple slant passes...  This is better from Arizona.

Harris takes the kickoff to the ARI 19 after a 12 yard gain.


Rodgers hits Cobb on the 2 yard connetion for a touchdown in the right corner of the endzone. Crosby's PAT is good.

17-7 Green Bay leads with 11:37 to go in the third quarter.

Rodgers hits St. Brown on the 5 yard out route to the right side. 1st and Goal coming up from the ARI 2.

SInce the interception the Packers went for a 7 yard Jones run, and incomplete pass to Rodgers, and a Dillor run for no gain. 4th and short coming up and GB is going for it.


Murray's pass to Moore is tipped an picked by GB's Black and returned to the ARI 14.

Murray stumbled under heavy pressure and is dropped for a loss of 10 yards. 3rd an 16 from the ARI 9.

ARI gets the ball after the hafltime break but a holding call will bring the Cardinals to the 15.

When is this Arizona offense going to come to life??

Adams ties things up at 7 wtih a 3 two yard run.

The Cardinals comeing out with the direct snap to Edmonds for the opening score of the game

Murray is 4/8 for 73 yards.

Edmonds has one touchdown after two carries for 15 yars.

Rodgers is just 10/21 for 64 yards.

Dillon has 11 carries for 59, Jones has 8 rushes for 23 yards and a touchdown

GB is going to go for the hail mary with 5 seconds left on 4th down.

Rodgers almost made an amazing play after breaking a few tackles in the back field. He rolled right and looked for Jones but his throw on 3rd and 12 pass was a little low to Adams.

Green Bay is driving, 2nd and 9 from the GB 41 coming out of the Two Minute Warning

GB takes over from their 16 yard line. A quick three yard Dillon run and a Cobb 7 yard catch gets a first down for the Packers.

Rodgers (the other one) calls the fair catch at the GB 16 after the punt.

ARI got a few first downs, but stalled the drive on 3rd and 5 from the Cardinals 29 yard  line. Murray's pass was incomplete to Moore and 4th down is coming up

Moore returns the kickoff from the endzone to the ARI 20 after the GB field goal


A big Goal to go stop from ARI after turnover from the muffed punt. That's a loss that feels like a win for the Cardinals.

GB lead 10-7 with 6:24 to go in the second quarter.

We almost had the catch of the year on first down after the turnover. Mercedes Lewis just snagged a one handed catch in the back of the endzone, but couldn't get two feet down.

2nd and Goal from the ARI 3.

The GB punt was touched by Moore on the attempted muffed fair catch. The fumble was recovered by GB's Summers at teh ARZ 3.

The Packers got to mid field, but were stopped on on 3rd and 5.

Rodgers hits Tonyan over the middle on 3rd down for a gain of 15. T he Packers keep the drive alive, 1st and 10 from the GB 35


The Packers will take over from the GB 15 after the illegal block above the Waist.

Green Bay takes over with 11:39 to go in the 2nd quarter.

Murray sacked by Campbell for a a loss of four yards. 4th and 15 coming up. 3 and out for the leagues best offense.

Murray going deep on second down but overshoots Wesley. 3rd and 11 from the ARI 24

Touchback, and the Cardinals will take over from the 35.


Jones into the endone for a 2 yard TOUCHDOWN!!! He pushed the pile for three yards into the endzone!!! Crosby's PAT is good!

We are tied up at 7 from Arizona with 12:54

Dillion again this time for a gain of 8 to the ARI 3. 2nd and 2 coming up

Dillon gets the first down after the 4th and   from the ARI 13. The 2 yard run gives the Pack a 1st and 10 from ARI 11

We are at the end of the 1st Quarter.

The Cardinals lead the Packers 7-0 after the first 15 minutes.

Riodgers hits Winfree for a gain fo 12 on 1st down. 1st and 10 from the ARI 22

An offside penalty on Golden will give the Packers a first down on 3rd and 4 from the ARI 39.

1st and 10 from the ARI 34.

Rodgers was almost picked on the long ball down field. 2nd and 10 from the ARI 45

Dillon breaks a big run and is in to Cardinals territory after a couple first downs. 1st and 10 from the ARI 45

The Pack takes over from the 25 after the touchback.


Edmonds takes the direct snap and runs left, cuts up field and runs it in for the 11 yard TD run.

Cardinals lead 7-0 with 6:17 in the first quarter

Murray just took a big hit on 3rd and 1 diving for the 1st down at the GB 11 yard line.

Timeout ARZ with 8:07 to go in the 1st quarter

Murray goes deep to Hopkins for a 61 yard gain!! But the touchdown was called off afte a facemask on Hopkins. The Pass stands, but it will be brought back to the GB 21.

1st and 10 Cardinals

The Cardinals will take over from their 37 after a 14 yard return.

10:00 to go in the 1st Quarter

Rodgers just went deep to Adams who almost brought down the 30 yard reception but the it bounced out of his hands. That brings up yet another punt from the Packers.

Rodgers gets his first completion and its to the other Rodgers for 7 yards

Murray scarmbles and can't find anyone on third down. Both teams exchange punts on their opening possesions.

11:09 in the first quarter

Murray was sacked in the backfield but a facemask against Gary will will give the Cardinals 15 yards and a 1st down. 1st and 10 from the ARI 27

Great punt that sails out of bounds at the ARI 13

Rodgers went to Adams on third down and the Packers already look like a team short of options. 4th down coming up.

Back to Jones after the holding penalty, screen pass is good for 11 yards. 2nd and 9 coming up

Jones gets the opeing run of the night. Expect a heavy dose of Jones tonight without the WR core decmiated

Start of 1st Q

We are underway from Arizona and the Packers will take over from the 25 after the touchback.

Buck is commentating the World Series and the NFL Thusrday Nights and Sunday's

We are just about to get underway from Arizona. FOX has started their broadcast and the hardest working man in TV is on the mic (Joe Buck)

We are 15 minutes away from kick off from Phoenix.

The Arizona Cardinals are 6.5 favorites against the Packers and the Over/Under is  50.5

All buisness for Randall Cobb

Arizona Cardinals are showing all kinds of drip in the desert

The Packers suffered a devastating defeat in Week 1 at the hands of the New Orleans Saints. Since then they are undefeated and Aaron Rodgers is playing nearly flawless football.

The undefeated Arizona Cardinals are coming off demolitioin of the Houston Texans in Week 7.

Hello everyone and welcome to Phoenix for Week 8's prime time matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the Arizona Cardinals

This was supposed to be the matchup of the week, maybe the the season. The undefeated Arizona Cardinals host the 6-1 Green Bay Packers to start Week 8 of the NFL season, but injuries have taken some of the steam out of the pregame hype. There will still be plenty of eyes focused on tonight’s game and AS English will have live, up to the minute coverage of tonight’s Thursday Night showdown from State Farm Arena.

Kyler Murray looks the most likely to strip reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers of his title, but Rodgers has shaken off a drama filled offseason, and a disastrous opening game against Saints and turned the Packers into a contender yet again… Like it was ever in question.

Rodgers is a three time MVP and is acting like it this year. He has passed for more than 1,700 yards and thrown 15 touchdowns with just three interceptions, two of those were in the 38-3 loss to the Saints on the opening day of the season.

Murray has thrown for more yards and more touchdowns than the reigning MVP. He has 2,002 yards and 17 touchdowns in the first seven games of the season, and has q 116.8 passer rating which is good enough for second in the league.

Rodgers and the Packers will be with out top receivers Devante Adams and Allen Lazard. Without two of their top three pass catching options Rodgers will have to get creative. The Packers did bring back A-Rod’s old faithful Randall Cobb in the offseason after two seasons away from the frozen tundra. He will most likely be the favorite target for Rodgers, who has a very young, very inexperienced wide receiving core at his disposal.

The bad news did not just fall upon Green Bay. All-Pro Arizona pass rusher J.J. Watt will miss tonight’s game, and potentially the whole season with a bummed shoulder.