Von Miller's 11 seasons with the Denver Broncos

Miller spent 10 years with the Denver Broncos and will join the LA Rams. Let's take a look at how he went from rookie linebacker to accomplished superstar.

Von Miller was a huge asset to the Denver Broncos basically from the very beginning. He joined the team as  a rookie in 2011 as the number two overall draft pick. That's a lot of pressure, but he did not disappoint. He started making sacks and he just never stopped.

It was announced earlier this week that the Broncos will trade Miller to the LA Rams in exchange for their second and third-round 2022 draft picks. Everyone, including Rams head coach Sean McVay and Von Miller himself, were a bit surprised about the trade. After 11 seasons with the Broncos, Miller has accomplished so much as well as built relationships within the team and in the city. He's posted emotional videos sharing his feelings about leaving, saying he meant it when he said he's a Bronco for life.

We take a look back at all he accomplished during his climb from rookie to star linebacker in the NFL.