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New York Jets NYJ
Indianapolis Colts IND
NYJ 7 3 6 14 30
IND 7 21 14 3 45

New York Jets 30 vs 45 Indianapolis Colts summary: score, stats, and highlights | NFL Week 9

The Indianapolis Colts waited until primetime to show their best selves . The Colts ran for a league high 260 yards in the 45-30 win over the New York Jets.

The Indianapolis Colts gave their most convincing performance of the season on a night where they needed it most. The run game paved the way for the Colts’ 45-30 win over the New York Jets, putting Indy in the playoff mix to start the second half of the regular season.

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Indianapolis Colts
  • 532Yards offensive
  • 260Rushing yards
  • 272Passing yards
  • 6Touchdown

Blink and you'll miss Johnathan Taylor's 78 yard run, which is the second longest of the season. He holds the season record for longest run as well, at 83 yards.

Everyone was getting into the action tonight, and when I say everyone, I mean everyone.. Even lineman Danny Pinter.

Pittman makes it four touchdowns in four possession to end the first half. And yes, he did take three steps before the ball was punched out.

Wentz hits Doyle on the easiest TD pass he will ever have

Taylor and Hines combined for over 100 yards in the first 20 minutes of the game.

The TD pass to Moore would be White's last snap of the game before exiting with throwing arm injury

Hines with the opening TD of the game.

It was a busy night, and much to review so let's get to it. Here are all the touchdowns from tonight's Colts win from Indy.

Johnson's pass is defelected and picked off by Okereke after driving all the way down to the IND 7 yard line.

And that will do it. Johnson and the Jets made a valient comeback bid, but the Colts never lost control of the game.

Final score 45-30 Colts improve to 4-5 while the Jets drop to 2-8 on the year.

Odum came up with the pick after the deflected pass, but there was a pass interference call against the Colts that will keep the drive alive and the Jets hopes alive.

Johnson with another couple completions, one to Wesco and one to Smith which gets the Jets down to the IND 43.

That takes us to the two minute warning in Indianapolis.

The Jets convert a fourth down play deep in their own territory, and it's not over yet. NY is driving with 2:25 to go in the fourth.

Three and out for the Colts after the Wentz chucks up a prayer which is incomplete. Jets will take over from the 10 yard line after the punt with just over 3 minutes to go in the fourth quarter.

A couple stops by the Jets and a couple time outs, and the Colts are facing 3rd and long with 3:22 to go in the fourth.

The Jets try the onside kick, but it's recovered by Doyle and the Colts might have a chance to run the clock out with a couple first downs.

Josh Johnson hits Ty Johnson over the middle for the 22 yard touchdown.

The third straight touchdown drive for Johnson, and don't look now, but the Jets trail by just two possessions.

45-30 Colts still in command with 3:35 to go in the 4th.

Johnson is leading another solid drive. This would be the third straight scoring drive if they can punch the ball in, which won't mean much for tonight, but if he has to play next week this could prove valuable time for the back up of the back up.

5 minutes to go in the a game that just about everyone is ready to be over.

The Jets are ready to get this game over with. They go three and out after the Colts field goal, but a facemask call will extend the Jets possession with 6 minutes to go in the game.

Badgley nails the field goal from 39 yards on his first attempt of the night.

Colts stretch the lead out to 45-23

What a catch for Hines who made an over the shoulder catch, after second thought by the refs, he was ruled out of bounds. It would have been a miracle catch.

Wentz to Pittman on the wide reciever screen, and the Colts continue to move the ball down field with ease.

Catch him if you can. Taylor bursting the second longest run in the NFL this year. 78 yards to the house. By the way, he has the longest run of the sesaon as well. 83 Yards against the Texans.

Johnson has not had a terrible game in relief of Mike White, but this game was out of hand early in the first half when the Jets couldn't get a stop on Indianapolis.

  • 21Passing attempt
  • 14Passing completion
  • 191Passing yards
  • 2Passing touchdown

Johnson over the middle hitting Griffin on the 13 yard touchdown pass. Nice looking drive for Johnson who has two touchdowns in the last two possessions.

Long way to go, but the Jets are showing some fight late.

Colts lead 42-23 with 11:08 to go in the fourth.

Jets QB Johnson in particular has a chance to shine. He has been in theh league since 2009, but has only played in 34 games.

It's pride time for the Jets now. They may not have a chance to get back in this game, but a lot of guys are playing for their jobs. The attitude show over the next 15 minutes could make or break their futures.

End of 3rd Q

We are at the end of the third quarter. The Jets will start the fourth with a 2nd and 6 from the IND 45.

New York will need more than a miracle with the third string QB at under center down 26.

The Colts go 3 and out and the Colts punter Sanchez goes to work for the first time today.

The Colts have 261 yards rushing tonight which is the most yard rushing by any team in the league this season, let me remind you we still have a quarter to go.

The Jets may have scored but the Colts have been in command.


Finally some good new for Johnson and the Jets. The back up to the back up finds Moore in the endzone for a 19 yard touchdown pass. The two-point conversion is no good.

But the Jets finally get a touchdown for the first time since the opening possesion of the game.

42-16 the Colts lead with 3 mintues to go in the third quarter.

Johnson is putting together a decent drive after a couple stagnent drives to start the half. A couple big completions has the Jets to the IND 33.

Taylor takes the first touch of the possession to the house for a 78 yard TD run!!!

The hits just keep coming of Indy who are rolling on this Thursday night.

Taylor has the two longest runs of the NFL season. 83 yards against the Texans and 78 yards tonight.

The Jets go three and out on another tough offensive series.

What a shame for MIke White after a stunning game against the Bengals. After three years in the league he finally got his big break, and tonight would have been a statment game, and a game that might have attracted some potential suitors for next year, or even this year.

Wentz to Pinter the offensive lineman!!! 2 yard TD pass to the big boy in the end zone, and the first career reception for Pinter goes for a touchdown!!!

Everyone is scoring for the Colts tonight!! 35-10 Indy has been all over the Jets from the start.

Back on the ground and Tayloor picks up 10, and a facemask penalty on Mosley will take the ball to the 2 after the penalty takes the Colts half the distance to the Goal. 1st and Goal form the NYJ 2

Hines on the endaround on the opening play after the Jets punt, and Hines speeds down the sideline for a gain of 25 yards.

The Jets go three and out, but at least they picked up a few yards to give their punter a little breathing space for the punt down field.

The good news: the Jets got a stop.... The bad news: they take over from the 1 yard line.

Taylor on the direct snap, and the Jets get a huge stop on fourth down finally!.

Turnouver on downs and finally some good news for the Jets on the defensive end.

Wentz tucks and runs on 3rd and Goal, he runs left but Lawson takes Wentz down at the 2 yard line, but the Colts are going to go for it.

The Colts getting back to work on the offensive end, picking up right where they left off. A deep ball from Wentz to Doyle is good for 27 yards, and right after that Wentz finds Pascal on the left side for 31 yards.

Just like that it's 1st and Goal after two of the biggest pass plays of the night for the Colts.

This is the Pittman TD catch that was under review right before the end of the first half. Take a look, Pittman gets three steps before the ball is punched out. Easy call for the refs.

White is listed as questionable to return to the game after injuring his forearm in the first possesion of the game.

He isn't getting much medical attention, but his face paints the picture of a guy who is not going to comeback in the game

Troy Aikman is on the broadcast talking about the Colts backup QB Ehlinger gettnig some time in this second hafl, but there is still much work to do in the eyes of Indianapolis.

The starting running back comparison. Taylor was banged up at the end of the first half. We will have to see if he returns in the second half.

Face to Face
Receiving yards per reception
Rushing touchdown
Rushing yards
Rushing attempt

The QB battle has been a one sided affair, but give credit to Johnson who has shown signs of life.

Wentz is on fire, he had nearly a perfect first half going 15/18. What a response after a heart breaking loss to the Titans last week.

Face to Face
Passing completion percentage
Passing completion
Passing yards
Passing touchdown
End of 1st half

WIth 12 seconds left the Jets will take a knee and head to the locker room and start game planning for the second half.

After review the refs deem Pittman did get three steps and controlled the ball for the 10 yard TD pass.

Four TD's in their first four possession and the Colts are rolling tonight from Lucas Oil Stadium.

Colts lead 28-10 over the Jets with 12 seconds to go in the half

The play is indeed under review, and in my opinion that will be overturned and the Colts will have their fourth touchdown of the night.

Wentz over the middle to Pittman and it looked like he caught it, but it was punched out of his hands. They might have to look at the review, because he may have got three steps down before it was punched out.

Wentz finds Pascal wide open over the middle and the Colts will use thier time out this time. 1st and 10 from just beyond the 10 yard line.

Wentz to Pascal on the right side for a short gain, and more importantly he gets out of bounds to stop the clock with 27 on the clock.

Hines on the carry to the left side for 11 yards. IND down to the NYJ 26.

Wentz tucking and running for a pick up of 9. 3rd and 1 and the clock continures to run.

What a dime from Wenz down the sideline to Dulin down the left sideline. The Colts look like they are not content with the 11 point lead going into halftime. They want more, and might get more. 1st and 10 from the NYJ 46

Ammendola drains the field goal from 33 yards. And the Jets close the gap. 21-10 Cotls lead with 1:46 to go in the 2nd quarter.

Pass to Cole on the left side is incomplete as he ran out of space on the side line. Not a bad drive from the Jets but the Colts hold strong in the red zone.

Johnson pressured in the backfield and was able to get rid of the ball. 3rd and 8 coming up.

Two minute warning

We are at the two minute warning, and this half has flown by. Entertaining night from Lucas Oil so far, let's see if the Jets can tighten the game up before the half. 2nd and 8 from the IND 15

Wentz will get credit for the TD pass after the shovel pass to Doyle to put the Colts up 21-7

Johnson down the right side, lobs it up and lets Croft go up and get it at the highest point. 26 yard pitch and catch, and Johnson is looking comfortbable.

Johnson finds Ty Johnson on the screen pass for and 18 yard run, and the Jets are finding ways to move the ball with their top two QBs on the bench with injuries.

White starts the drive on the sidelines as Johnson comes back under center for the Jets.

That says it all. Indy finding all sorts of space in the run game.

Rushing yards

The Colts are off to a fantastic start. With Wentz as thier "game manager" they should be in good hands, but they were in a similar situation last week against the Titans

Wentz with a  little shovel pass to Doyle who falls into the endzone and the Colts have scored a touchdown on their opening 3 possessions.

They lead 21-7, and the Jets don't look like they have an answer for the Indy run game. 5 minutes to go in the first half and it's all Indy

Ehlinger in the shotgun takes the snap and runs right and picks up 2 yards. 2nd and Goal from the 1.

Wentz just falls forward on 4th and short and that will be good enough for the first down. 1st and Goal from the 3 yard line.

The Colts call a timeout as the game clock was running down. 4th and short with 6:27 to go in the first half

Taylor stopped short on 3rd and 1 inside the 5 yard line and the Colts have a decsion to make here. 4th and short deep in Jets territory and it looks like IND will go for it.

Wentz finds Pittman who gained 12 before fumbling yet again for the Colts. Luckily for them they quickly recover it, but they have to be a bit more secure with the ball. Two fumbles in three plays, but the Colts survive the scare.

Taylor giving the lead back to the Colts in the first quarter with the 20 yard TD run.

Tayor on the screen pass to start the drive after the turnover who took it for 20 yards. The ball did come out at the end of the run, but Taylor recovered.

The Colts already have 100 yards rushing

Indianapolis Colts
  • 9Rushing attempt
  • 2Rushing touchdown
  • 101Rushing yards

Johnson up the middle, but he gets only as far as Leonard who punched it out of his grasp and jarred the ball loose. Odum comes up with the loose ball and IND will take over at the Jets 46 yatd line after the turn over

What a play on third down and long. Johnson on the pass to Crowder who then tosses it all the way back to the other side of the field to Carter who takes it for a pitch and catch of 23 yards and the drive stays alive!

Gutsy call by the Jets who need some sort of inspiration on the offensive end

Johnson brought down in the backfield for a loss of 5 yards after the Stallworth sack

Josh Johnson will come into the game after White was hurt on that first drive. The back up to the back up will take over for the Jets.

White is looking dejected on the sideline as he tries to shake off the pain to his throwing elbow.

Moore could not have been more wide open on the touchdown pass.

Taylor with three big runs to end the first quarter and start the second quarter!! One goes for 2 yards on the final play of the first quarter. The next went tor 13 yards, and the third and final one Taylor took to the house on a 21 yard touchdown run!!

The Colts are running all over the Jets in the openingn of this game!!!

14-7 INDY leads

End of 1st Q

Taylor up the middle on a big third down conversion on third and short and the Colts are over midfield!

That will bring us to the end of the first quarter, and what an entertaining first quarter it has been

Wentz showing his cannon on first down looking for Pascal on the deep ball down the right side. NYJ's Maye was injured on the play and that will bring a pause to play in indy.

Hines with the 34 yard TD run to get things going!!!


White finds Moore in the endzone on the left side for a 19 yard pitch and catch! Ammendola's PAT is good and the Jets tie up the game on their first possesion of the night!
Watch out, Mike White might be for real.

White is looking good on his frist possesion for the Jets. New York is moving the football down the field quite fluidly! Maybe it wasn't just a first start luck spell. This guy looks like he can play!!

What a first drive from the Colts who march down the field in 8 plays and go 88 yards for the long touchdown drive to start the game.

Hines with the 34 yard TD to cap the opening drive off!!

Another hot start from the Colts who started in similar fashion against the Titans last week. Lets see if they can hold on to a lead a bit better this week

Start of 1st Q

We are underway from Indy

Carson Wentx has played the game manager role all season for the Colts. but last week he was asked to do too much and turned the ball over twice, take her season interception totoal to three all year

White threw for over 400 yards in his first NFL start, as the Jets beat the top rated Cincinnati Bengals 34-31 last week.

The Jets will be with out Zach Wilson for a second straight game. Mike White will start under center for the second time in his carerr.

Hello and welcome to Lucas Oil Stadium where the Colts are set to host the New York Jets to begin Week 9 of the NFL season

The New York Jets travel to Indianapolis looking to keep the momentum going against the Colts going after beating the the Cincinnati Bengals last week. AS English will have you covered with live updates, stats, scores and highlights of tonight’s game to start Week 9 of the NFL regular season.

The Colts were unfortunate not to take down the Titans last week. It was a wild game in which Indy went up two touchdowns in the first quarter, but Tennessee battled back to win it in the late stages of the last quarter to win 34-31.

Indy now sit at 3-5 on the year and trail the Titans by three games in the AFC South. The month of October will serve as a milestone month for the new look Colts, They went 3-2, and their two losses came by a combined total of 8 points. A three point loss to the Titans and an overtime loss to the Ravens in Baltimore were the only blemishes last month.

The Jets turner to third year quarterback Mike White last Sunday after Zach Wilson went down in Week 7 with a knee injury. White went on to pass for over 400 yards and three touchdowns in his first career NFL start against one of the top teams in the AFC. The 34-31 win over Cincinnati gave the Jets their second win of the season, and coincidentally both wins came against some of the best competition in the conference.

Wins over the Titans in Week 4 and the Bengals last week has to have the Jets feeling like they can compete with any team in the league. The only question is who will they have at quarterback once their first round draft pick, Wilson, is healthy.

That won’t be a decision Robert Saleh will have to make as Zach Wilson continues to nurse his injury back to health. If White continues to win, and perform like he did last week Saleh will have to side one way or the other.

Carson Wentz is starting to show signs of his best self in recent weeks under center for the Colts. He has been asked to play the role of game manager. He threw two picks last week, which was two more than he had previously thrown all season. He’ll have to keep the turnovers down, and have a healthy helping of handoffs to Johnathan Taylor, who continues to impress in his sophomore season.

We will be bringing you live coverage all night, if you can’t tune into FOX Kickoff from Lucas Oil Stadium is set for 8:20 p.m. ET