DEN 6 10 3 11 30
DAL 0 0 0 16 16


Denver Broncos vs Dallas Cowboys summary: score, goals, highlights

Jennifer Bubel

Broncos upset the Cowboys, end their six-game win streak

Denver Broncos 30 vs Dallas Cowboys 16

Game Summary: Broncos upset the Cowboys in 30-16 blowout on the road

The Cowboys were rapidly becoming known as one of the best teams in the league before this game against the Broncos here today. The Boys looked like a completely different team, not seeing their first touchdown until late in the fourth quarter.

It looked like all odds were stacked against the Broncos. The Cowboys were on a six-game winning streak, their only loss a close one against a tough Buccaneers team, and one of those wins happening without their star QB. Not to mention, Denver had just traded Von Miller and several injuries. But they came out and completely dominated the Cowboys.

First Quarter

The Cowboys offense did not see the Broncos defense coming. They were completely caught off guard by a defense that came to play, not to mess around. They held the Cowboys to third downs on nearly every single set and then made two huge fourth down stops to keep the Cowboys out of their end zone. The Broncos then had a huge touchdown drive after just eight carries, rushing for 50 yards and then a 25-yard Bridgewater pass caught by Jerry Jeudy for the touchdown. The extra point was no good. Broncos up 6-0.

Second Quarter

Things just continued to get better for the Broncos and worse for the Boys in the second quarter. The Broncos defense continued to hold off the Cowboys and the Broncos offense finished the half with nearly 100 rushing yards on the ground. They were able to score another touchdown on a deep 44-yard pass to Tim Patrick and a field goal gave them another 10 points before halftime. Broncos up 16-0.

Third Quarter

More of the same. Broncos defense shone. Javonte Williams and Melvin Gordon also made huge impressions on offense, Williams finishing with 94 yards and Gordon with 78 yards at the end of the quarter. Williams had a 34-yard run that put the Broncos in field goal range. McManus gets the 27-yard field goal to put the Broncos up 19-0.

Fourth Quarter

Bridgewater, unlike Prescott, was able to convert on the third downs. On a third and long, he was able to find Kendall Hilton for a huge 41-yard gain to put them at 1st and goal. It was Bridgewater who made the touchdown just three plays later, getting the ball just over the line before losing it. They went for two and it was successful, putting the Broncos up 27-0. The Cowboys finally started to step it up a bit at this point, but not before Prescott threw an interception, caught by Caden Sterns, leading to another field goal to put the Broncos up by an embarrassing 30-0 with six minutes to go. The Cowboys stepped it up, but way too little, too late. They were able to get two touchdowns and two 2-point conversions to get them 16 points and avoid a total shutout, but their last touchdown came with just 55 seconds left in the game. The Cowboys suffer their first loss in 8 weeks, taking them to 6-2 and the Broncos to 5-4.


Bridgewater takes the knee to run out the clock and that's game. Cowboys have fallen to 6-2

The Cowboys are desperate to get some points on the board with about 55 seconds left in the game. They make it a two-possession game, better than a shutout.

Prescott runs it in and the 2-point conversion SUCCEEDS

Prescott pass COMPLETE to Turner for another Dallas TOUCHDOWN

Prescott pass incomplete to Turner - 2nd and goal

Prescott pass complete to Turner to make it 1st and goal

Prescott pass complete to Schultz. He's hit hard but keeps the ball for a 20-yard gain.


two-minute warning

Darby was injured during the play and return is Questionable

Prescott deep pass incomplete to Lamb


Prescott pass complete to Schultz for the first down

Prescott under pressure again but he scrambles, gets away and runs it JUST short of the first down

Prescott is under pressure and he scrambles and gets away but it's an incomplete pass to McKeon

Gordon to Broncos 24 for a loss of 1


Dallas takes third timeout

Gordon with a gain of 1


Timeout number 2 by Dallas

The Cowboys are able to get some points on the board, but it's coming way too late in the game. They'll avoid a total shutout at least.

Dallas of course goes for 2 and Elliott runs it and it is SUCCESSFUL


Dallas just barely avoids a complete shutout with about 4 minutes left when Turner runs it in for a TOUCHDOWN

Prescott pass complete Pollard to the Denver 5 for 32 yards - finally a big play for Dallas

Prescott pass complete to Turner to Broncos 32 for 9 yards - penalty on Dallas - False Start- 5 yards

Penalty on Broncos - Offside, declined

Prescott pass deep to Wilson to the Denver 41 for 24 yards

Prescott SACKED by Cooper - the Von Miller replacement proving himself

The Cowboys are unrecognizable today. The Broncos defense is trampling the Cowboys offense, who can't seem to convert on third down or get anywhere down the field. After an interception by Dak, the Broncos came back to score yet again.

McManus 42-yard field goal is GOOD

The Broncos are at 4th down but they are within FG range

Williams up the middle three times for a first down, then 2nd and 3rd down

This game just keeps getting more and more painful for the Cowboys. Prescott pass intended for Lamb is INTERCEPTED by Sterns at the Dallas 40 and runs it for 1 yard.

Prescott passes to Lamb again for about 5 yards but then an incomplete pass to Wilson brings them to 4th down....again

Penalty on Dallas -  Holding - 10 yards

Prescott pass complete to Lamb again to the Denver 39 for 28 yards

Prescott pass deep left to Lamb is CAUGHT (First time today) to Cowboys 33 for 18 yards

Prescott pass incomplete to Elliott - Penalty on Dallas - Illegal Use of Hands - 10 yards - Dallas 25, no play

The Broncos continue to completely shut out the Boys in the the fourth quarter. They get their third TD of the game to make it 27 to nothing, Broncos.

They go for two and they get it! Bridgewater throw complete to Sutton to put them up 27-0

Teddy Bridgewater up the middle and he's able to get the ball over line just before the ball comes loose and is recovered by Dallas but the play was over at that point - Broncos TOUCHDOWN

Williams up the middle twice but short of the end zone - 3rd and goal

Bridgewater pass to Hinton and he runs it LONG to the Dallas 3 for 36 yards to bring them to 1st and goal

Bridgewater pass incomplete to Jeudy, nearly picked

Gordon is swarmed and taken down by Dallas, though not without a struggle - 2nd and 14

Gordon gets yet another first down


And that's the end of the third quarter. Dallas still unable to convert and Denver keeps on fighting.

Another first down by Gordon into Dallas territory

Jeudy gets it and he's got the 1st down easy

Right from 2nd and long to 3rd and short - Gordon runs it to the Denver 22 for 14 yards

Denver challenged the incomplete pass ruling, but the ruling on the field stands

Patrick was injured during the play - return is Questionable

Bridgewater pass incomplete to Patrick tackled by Diggs - 2nd and 17

Gordon runs it up the middle to Broncos 27 for 12 yards but there is a flag - penalty is on Denver - Holding - 7 yards, enforced at Broncos 15

Lamb and Wilson both can't catch the ball and the Broncos defense have held the Boys to 4th down AGAIN

The Broncos are held to 4th down but are in field goal range

Prescott under pressure, scrambles, throws deep and it is INCOMPLETE to Lamb who was wide open. It's another turnover on downs. Not the Cowboys' day today.

What the... Cooper catches and DROPS the pass from Prescott...4th ad 1 Dallas, WHAT YOU DOIN?

Elliott up the middle three times takes the Boys to 3rd and 1

The Broncos make it a 3-possession game with a field goal with 8:12 left in the third quarter.

McManus 27-yard field goal is GOOD

Bridgewater to Gordon to Cowboys 9 for 8 yards just short of the first down - 4th and 1

Gordon to Cowboys 17 for 1 yard gain - 3rd and 9

Bridhewater pass incomplete - 2nd down

Bridgewater pass to.Jeudy for a gain 20 yards at the Dallas 18

Bridgewater pass to Patrick at the Dallas 38 for 11 yards and another first down for Denver

Cowboys: Ezekiel Elliott has a knee contusion and his return is Questionable


Timeout by Dallas

Williams cannot be taken down as he runs it for 38 yards and a huge Denver first down

Because the ball is not behind the line of scrimmage, Denver gets a chance to keep the ball

The punt is BLOCKED and recovered by Denver

At the start of the first half, Dallas holds Denver to 4th down with a huge SACK by Parsons on the third down

Tim Patrick impresses in the first half

Bridgewater threw deep to Patrick who was able to get the space to make a huge 44-yard touchdown and make it a two-score lead over the Cowboys in the second quarter.

First Half Game Summary

The Broncos came to play today. They have completely shut out the 6-1 Dallas Cowboys in the first half. Bridgewater has been throwing impressive deep passes and it's Gordon and Patrick who made the two TDs of the game. The Cowboys have been struggling on both sides of the ball. This is the most rushing yards they've given up all year.


And that's the end of the first half. 16-0 Broncos.

Bridgewater is SACKED for the last play of the first half


Denver takes third timeout

Holdng on defense - 5 yards - enforced at Denver 46


Bridgewater pass is INTERCEPTED by Lewis!


second timeout called by Denver

After an incomplete pass to Jeudy, a second pass is complete and it's 3rd and 4


Timeout by Denver

Bridgewater passes to Okwuegbunam for a gain of 17 yards

Bridgewater passes short to Sutton for the fist time today, he gets a gain of 9

Anger punts 46 yards to Denver 2 but there's a penalty on Broncos - Illegal Block Above the Waist - 10 yards

Dak is under way too much pressure at 3rd and long and he throws super deep but it's incomplete - 4th down

That brings us to the 2-minute warning in the first half

Prescott pass incomplete on 2nd down and SACKED on 3rd down

Zeke gets it this time and he pushes through for a gain of 21 yards and the 1st down at the Dallas 44

Pollard can't get anywhere - he's swarmed for a loss of 2

Cowboys are down 16 to nothing with 3:41 left in the half. They have barely gotten anywhere on offense and have struggled to stop the Broncos' offense. Broncos, meanwhile are doing a great job in getting both rushing and passing yardage.

McManus 53-yard field goal attempt is GOOD

Bridgewater is SACKED at 3rd and 2 by rookie Micah Parsons

This time Gordon is stopped after 2 yards

It's Gordon again for a gain of 10 yards and another first down at the Dallas 37

Gordon gets a gain of 2 to give Denver the first down

Massie was injured during the play and return is Questionable

Gordon up the middle to the 50 for 2 yards - 3rd and 1

Bridgewater pass is CAUGHT by Patrick for the Denver 1st down and a gain of 19 yards

Gordon runs it for a big gain of 12 yards - 3rd and 9

At 1st and 20, Bridgewater is under pressure - he throws it away and it's called incomplete - 2nd and 20

Gordon gets a gain of 12 yards but there's a penalty on Broncos - Holding - 10 yards

Anger punts it and the Broncos let it fall into the end zone


Prescott throws deep to Lamb but it's overthrown and the Boys are back to 4th down AGAIN

Prescott pass to Schultz who runs it to the 42 for 17 yards - off to a good start

With 12:13 left in the first half, Denver is up 13-0 as we start to see the cracks in the Dallas defense's foundation. The Broncos came to play today and Dallas will need to step it up on defense if they want to keep up their winning streak.

The PAT from McManus is GOOD this time

Bridgewater throws it deep to Patrick and it is CAUGHT for 44 yards in the end zone for a second Broncos TOUCHDOWN!

Bridgewater has plenty of time this time and he throws a perfect toss to Patrick and it's caught for 11 yards and the Denver first down

Bridgewater hands it off to Williams but he is STOMPED by Neal for no gain - 3rd and 10

Bridgewater is under pressure and he throws it away

Bridgewater passes to Okwuegbunam for 8 yards before a pass to Williams gets Denver 17 big yards - 1st and 10 at the Denver 45


That takes us to the end of the first quarter, folks. Denver up 6 to nada.

They'll punt this time after two failed attempts going for it on 4th down. I like their boldness, but maybe this is the right move this time.

Prescott pass is INCOMPLETE to Brown and they are back at 4th and 1 yet again

Pollard takes it this time for 2 yards to make it 3rd and 1

Elliott takes it again for 7 more yards - 2nd and 3 at the Dallas 43

After the return, Pollard lets it drop. On the drive, Elliott finds the hole and bursts through it to get the first down for Dallas.

The Broncos get the ball down the field and into the end zone. Cowboys almost held them, but a mis-timed stop by Diggs gave the Boys a pass interference penalty to put the Broncos back at 1st and goal. After Gordon is stopped once, he tries again and runs it right into the end zone to get the Broncos the first points of the game. McManus PAT is way too far right and it is no good. Broncos up 6-0 with 1:48 left in the first quarter.

McManus extra point is NO GOOD - wide right

Gordon goes for it again but this time he's IN the end zone - TOUCHDOWN DENVER!

Gordon is completely swarmed by the Cowboys defense with nowhere to go - 2nd and goal

Penalty is a pass inerference on Diggs - automatic first down - 1st and goal at the 1

Bridgewater pass INCOMPLETE and Diggs stops him, but there is a flag on the play

Bridgewater to Jeudy for a gain of 5 STOPPED by Parsons - 3rd and goal

Penalty on Denver - False Start - 5 yards (enforced at the Dallas 9) - 2nd and goal

Gordon spins around to the Dallas 9 for a gain of 13 yards

Williams doing what he does best, breaking tackles and bringing Broncos to 2nd ans 3

Bridgewater throws deep to Jeudy who catches it on the BACK side of his head for a gain of 25 yards!

At 3rd and 2, Bridgewater hands off to Williams and he runs it for 20 yards and a Broncos 1st down

The Broncos have two HUGE 4th down stops already and the Broncos will take over at the Denver 20

They go for the throw this time but it is INCOMPLETE to Cooper

Prescott is under pressure but he runs it for 7 yards and the Cowboys are at 4th and 2 and will go for it again

Elliott tackled by Young nearly immediately as Cowboys are held to 3rd and 9

Prescott pass COMPLETE to Cooper and he runs it and he avoids the tackle and gets through to the Denver 28 for 32 yards

Pollard bursts through tot he 40-yard line and Dallas is at 3rd and 2

Elliott can't seem to get anywhere. The Broncos are all over him as the Cowboys go to 2nd and 10.

Penalty on Broncos - offsides - automatic first down

Incomplete pass to Cooper but there's flags thrown

Dallas is quickly held to o3rd and 5 after an incomplete pass and only 5 yards from Elliott

Wilson fumbles the ball after the return but the Cowboys get a break as Joseph recovers it and somehow even gains some yards. We're off to a sloppy start, people.

Dallas really putting the pressure on as they quickly get the ball back

Gordon takes the ball but he's SWARMED by Dallas - 3rd and long

Bridgewater is sacked for a loss of 8 by Watkins for his first sack of the year

They go for it, but they don't get anywhere as Elliott is stopped with a huge hit and the Broncos take over on the Denver 39

Pollard returns it for 54 yards after the kickoff!

Dak is back!

Prescott is back in action tonight against the Denver Broncos. He was out last week, but the Boys proved that they can do it without him, too. They beat the Vikings with backup QB Cooper Rush. This week, though, their star is back and Amari Cooper and Ceedee Lamb are good to go, too. Meaning the Broncos had better be prepared for this Dallas offense.

Injury Update

Broncos Injury Update

Denver will not start second-team All-Pro left tackle Garrett Bolles (ankle). Listed as Questionable is a long list including outside linebacker Malik Reed (hip), guard Graham Glasgow (hip), tight end Albert Okwuegbunam (knee), nose tackle Mike Purcell (thumb), and safety Caden Sterns (shoulder). Starting tight end Noah Fant and reserve guard Netane Muti are both unlikely to play, as they are on the Reserve/Covid 19 list.

Cowboys Injury Update

The Cowboys will see Dak Prescott back from a calf injury sustained three weeks ago and with much fewer injuries than the Broncos. They will, however sideline tackle Tyron Smith (ankle) and tight end Blake Jarwin (hip).

Ceedee Lamb active against the Broncos

Lamb was listed as Questionable (ankle) against the Broncos earlier in the week, but has now been listed as Active.

Lamb is the leading receiver in Dalas with 39 reception, 57 targets, and 609 receiving yards.

Game Preview

The Broncos just came off of their first win after a four-game losing streak to beat the Washington Football Team. Now they’ll take on another NFC East team, but this time, it won’t be an easy win to achieve for Denver. The Dallas Cowboys are only a field goal away from being undefeated, a field goal which came at the last minute in a close game against the Super Bowl defending champions in the NFL home opener. Suffice it to say, the Cowboys are the team to beat in the NFC.

The Cowboys’ offense ranks third in scoring and lead the league in total offense with weapons at every position. Led by QB Dak Prescott, RB Ezekiel Elliott, and WRs Ceedee Lamb and Amari Cooper, the Cowboys’ offense have been near impossible to stop. Broncos QB Teddy Bridgewater is going to have a lot to keep up with on his side, and will be up against a Cowboys’ defense that leads the league with 11 interceptions. Two of the biggest threats they’ll need to be aware of are cornerback Trevon Diggs and rookie linebacker Micah Parsons. Diggs made seven of those 11 interceptions all on his own and Parsons won NFC Defensive Player of the Week and leads the league in tackles for loss and is tied in the league for QB hits.

Good afternoon and welcome to AS USA's live online feed of the Denver Broncos at Dallas Cowboys game! We'll be here before and all throughout the game to bring you live updates, scores, and commentary as Dallas' high-powered offense take on the Denver Broncos at home.