What phone app lets you watch NFL games for free?

Watching NFL games on the go is easier than ever, with a lot more options available for mobile phones. Are there choices that come free of charge?

What phone apps let you watch NFL games for free?

There are many more options available these days to watch NFL games on your mobile phone. Some of them are free with a cable subscription, but there is one app that allows you to watch them absolutely for free.

Free mobile streaming

If you don’t subscribe to cable, the best option for streaming is the Yahoo! Sports App. Users will be able to stream locally broadcast and national TV games for free, so you won’t have a reason to miss Thursday, Sunday, or Monday Night Football.

For cable subscribers

For those who do have cable, the NFL app is another great option, as it will allow you to watch local market and primetime games of the week on your phone for free. It also features action-filled videos and highlights of the matchups.

Other cable channels will allow subscribers to watch games on their mobiles on certain days of the week. Fox will broadcast Thursday Night Football, so subscribers can stream the action on the Fox Sports app.

NBC will broadcast Sunday Night Football, so you can avail of several live-streaming options for the games on the NBC Sports app.

Fox will carry the NFC games on Sunday afternoons, while CBS will air the AFC games, which you can stream on your phone via the CBS Sports App. Three games are usually broadcast locally on Sundays.

Meanwhile, Monday Night Football will be aired on ESPN, so subscribers can stream the games on or the ESPN app.

Other options to stream for free

There are other streaming services which come with a monthly subscription, but they offer free trials. If you are resourceful and patient, you can make use of the trial period until shortly before they run out, unsubscribe, then move on to the next service to keep your NFL viewing experience free of charge.

If you make use of the five major live TV streaming services in the US, you will be able to watch most of the games this season. You can check out fuboTV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, AT&T TV Now, and Hulu Plus Live TV, all of which you can try for free.