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Tennessee Titans TEN
New England Patriots NE
TEN 0 13 0 0 13
NE 7 9 10 10 36

Titans 13-36 Patriots summary: score, stats, highlights | NFL Week 12

The Titans look for redemption after last week's loss to the Texans as they meet the the Patriots in Foxborough in a game between AFC playoff contenders.

Titans 13 at Patriots 36 live

I don't understand what's up with the Blink 182 song, but here's a nice recap of some of the big plays of the Pats 36-13 win over the Titans

Final Score Patriots 36, Titans 13

The Patriots win-streak continues with SIX straight wins and brings them to 8-4.

The Titans lose their spot at the top of the AFC.


And that's it! SIX straight wins for this New England team and they improve to 8-4!

Yep, that's the 4th turnover of the day and the Patriots recover the ball after a Blasingame fumble


Tennessee ball comes loose and it looks like the Pats get it back...

Here's a look at the Jackson interception in the end zone


2-minute warning in the second half

Foreman gets it up the middle a few times to finally get two 1st downs taking them to the Pats 47


Pats take their first timeout

The Patriots are maximizing on the Titans' mistakes and their own defense's help. They get the turnover on downs and they get it right on down into the end zone for an even bigger lead over the Titans with 4:38 left in the half.

Folk PAT is GOOD!


Harris runs it 14 yards to get the Patriots touchdown and he is EXCITED!

The Titans go for it on 4th down, but Tannehill's pass is incomplete to Westbrook-Ikhine - Patriots ball at the Titans 21


At 3rd and 14, Tannehill tries to make a big play but it's nearly picked, bringing them to 4th down at their own 21

Titans defense is working hard for this team and they hold the Pats to 4th down again but they're able to stay in FG range (which is a pretty big range for Nick Folk) and the Pats get the 3 points for a 29-13 lead.

Folk 52-yard attempt is GOOD!

Jones pass complete to Meyers to the Titans 34 to put them in FG range

Jones is SACKED by Naquon Jones and Robertson for a loss of 10, bringing the Pats to 3rd and 21 all of a sudden

Jenkins (Titans) injured on the play

Pats keep the ball alive (mostly because of Stevenson picking up yards on the ground) and the Pats are at the Titans 30 with a 1st down

That did NOT go as planned. They faked the handoff and Tannehill throws it to Hollister but it is PICKED OFF by Jackson in the end zone.

Hilliard comes in for Foreman...

Foreman pushes through but he doesn't get it - Titans get held to 4th and goal - will they go for it?? I think they have to!

Tannehill throws it into the end zone but Van Noy blocks it and knocks it away - 3rd and goal

Foreman gets a few yards - not enough. 2nd and goal

Foreman gets a 1st down to make it 1st and goal for the Titans


And that takes us to the end of the 3rd quarter. Titans have the ball at the Patriots 17 - 1st and 10


Neutral Zone Infraction on the Pats just before the third quarter ends


Tannehill's pass is complete to Fitzpatrick for 14 yards to bring the Titans to the Pats 17


Hilliard gets up the middle for a gain of 8 to the Pats 31

Foreman breaks through without fumbling this time to get into Pats territory and another 1st down for the Titans

Tannehill runs and slides to get the Titans their 1st down on 3rd and 2

Patriots extend their lead with a TD by Bourne on a 41-yard breakaway run.

Folk's extra point is GOOD!


Bourne takes it down the sideline at 3rd and 6 and he breaks away, stays up, and gets the TD the Pats have been looking for!

Mills knocks away Tannehill's pass to Hollister to bring the Titans to 4th down real quick

Byard SACKS Jones and the Titans defense is able to hold the Pats to 4th down yet again!

Foreman finds the hole and is on a roll but OH NOOOOO he FUMBLES the ball as Jackson pops it right out of his arms and Foreman is unable to recover it! The PATRIOTS get the ball back at their own 37!

Livin' off field goals still in the second half. The Patriots are held off by the Titans again with a near pick and some incomplete passes. They'll need to step it up if they want to win the game.

Folk 28-yard FG is GOOD!

Jones scrambles away at 3rd and 10 and he slides but it is short of the 1st - Pats are at 4th and 3 at the Titans 10

Cole nearly picks off a pass by Jones! Kicking himself for not getting that one.

A look at the team leaders for Titans and Pats:

Passing yards


Receiving yards





H.Landry III10


D.Long Jr.66

Titans give the Pats great field position right off the bat with a Face Mask penalty

Halftime Summary

Pats relying on field goals and Titans are fighting hard to stay in the game. If not for a Titans fumble in the second quarter, we could be looking at a tie game. Then again, if not for that incomplete pass to a wide open Henry by Mac Jones, we could be looking at an even bigger Patriots lead.

Pats and Titans were both able to get a TD in the first quarter but the missed PAT by Bullock kept the Titans behind. Patriots were living off field goals after that with 3 in a row by Folk. Titans get a TD on a huge 68-yard run by Hilliard to make it a 16-13 game at the half.

And that'll do it for the first half! It's a close game in chilly Foxborough with the Titans trailing by 3 at the half.


Folk 53-yard attempt is NO GOOD!

Field goal unit coming on the field

Bourne 7-yard gain gets the Pats to field goal range at the Titans 35


Titans take their second timeout


Pats take third timeout


Pats take second timeout

Tannehill's pass attempt is swatted down by Van Noy so they said "let's just run it" and Hilliard said, "no problem". He finds the hole and he just keeps going 68 yards to get the TD before the half! This time Bullock's got the extra point to make it a 3-point game before halftime. 37 seconds left in the half.

And Bullock's extra point is GOOD!


Hilliard is going going GONE on a 68-yard breakthrough run!!!!

At 2nd and 3, Tannehill throws a bullet but Van Noy nearly picks it as he swats it down real quick


Titans take their first timeout

Pats get the ball back after a Titans fumble and they're able to get close, but not close enough for the TD. Trusty ol' Nick Folk gets them the FG to make it a 10-point lead over the Titans.

Folk 44-yard field goal is GOOD! Good thing the Pats have this guy. They're having to rely on him a lot today.

Jones throws it to a wide open Henry that would've been a TD but it's incomplete on an overthrown pass

Face Mask on Titans - 15 yards....oof. Not going well for the Titans right now.

Bolden gets a gain of 19 and they are in Titans territory

UH OH! Ball is LOOSE and it is RECOVERED by the PATRIOTS! Godchaux knocks it loose from Hilliard and Duggar gets it! Patriots ball at the NE 32!


That brings us to the 2-minute warning in the first half

Tannehill gets a big play with a 24-yard pass to Westbrook-Ikhine

Hilliard on a 13-yard run for a Titans 1st down to start off this drive

Patriots get another field goal to put more points on the board with just over 3 minutes left in the half.

Folk 37-yard field goal is GOOD!

Pats are taken to 3 and out at the Titans 19

Another injured Titan on the play (Rice) - they are dropping like flies with the most injured players in the league right now

Jones with plenty of times and he throws a DEEP pass to Meyers and it is CAUGHT for 38 yards!! What a throw and what a catch by Meyers!

Holding call on the Pats


Boom. Jones pass to Harris for a gain of 12 and a 1st down. Lookin' to head down the field quick again.

OHHH NOOO! Bullock's 44-yard field goal attempt hits the pole AGAIN!! NO GOOD!

At 3rd and 4, Rogers is open, open, couldn't be opener! But Tannehill overthrows it and it's incomplete!

Ouch - 15-yard Roughing the Passer call on the Pats after Phillips sacks Tannehill

Titans Hudson was injured on the play

Rogers takes it to the Titans 28 for a 30-yard run on the punt return

Patriots took it down the field fast, hoping to answer with a TD but were held to 4th down at the goal line and had to settle for a field goal. Pats up by 4 with 9:50 left in the 2nd quarter.

Folk 22-yard field goal is GOOD!

Pats bolted it down the field only to get to 4th and goal. Ouch.

Another quick 13-yard pickup with a pass to Smith

This time it's a 16-yard pass to Smith for another big gain! Pats gettin' right on down the field. They're at the Titans 21 already

Another Jones-Meyers connection for 20 more yards, just barrelling down the field

Whew, big 22-yard pass from Jones to Meyers for a big Pats 1st down on their first possession of this drive

Titans able to get the TD but unfortunately they inadvertently iced their own kicker by challenging the play which was originally called short of the TD. A bad call by the refs that cost the Titans the extra point.

Bollocks! Bullock extra point is NO GOOD! Bounces right off the pole. Yikes! That challenge must have thrown him off!


After further review, the refs REVERSE the call and rule Westbrook-Ikhine's play a touchdown and the Titans are on the board!

Tannehill pass to Westbrook-Ikhine complete and refs are calling it short of the TD but Vrabel is challenging that call. It looks like he is across before he's down and is slipping into the end zone. We'll see if the refs reverse the call on the field.

Pats take their first timeout of the half

Hilliard gets a gain of 1 but it's not enough - 3rd and goal Titans


Foreman stopped just short of the goal line and that brings us to the end of the 1st!

Hollister is back i and picks up another gain of 8 yards to bring the Titans to 1st and goal!

Tannehill throws a bullet to Hollister for a 14-yard gain but he takes a big hit from Dugger and Phillips and is slow to recover from that one - he'll be checked on the sidelines

Tannehill scrambles and gets away with a pick up of 11 yards and another Titans first down!


Tannehill takes it up the middle and the Titans get the 1st down!

At 3rd and 3, Rogers gets the catch but he's just short of the 1st down - Titans at 4th and 1 and looks like they'll go for it!

Tannehill pass to Pruitt for 10 to get the Titans the 1st down and Titans are at the Titans 45

Heyy this time it's on the Pats - Offsides

Rookie Mac Jones gets another TD to add to the list with a 4-yard pass to Bourne and the Pats get the first points of the game with 7:37 to go in the 1st quarter!

Folk extra point is GOOD!


At 3rd and goal, Jones passes to Bourne and he is up and DOWN in the end zone with both feet in!

Pats at 1st and goal

At 3rd and 10, Bouldin gets the catch and runs it all the way for the 1st down, careful to keep those feet in

Jonnu Smith able to get the first down for the Patriots - seems to be unaffected by the shoulder injury so far

Why don't we just change this live updates to "penalty count" - another Titans flag - Pass Interference

Two penalties called on the Titans on that punt return - Illegal Formation and Illegal Motion

Tannehill is SACKED by Quesenberry at 3rd and 3 and the Titans have gone three and out

Hey look at that! A flag after 6 seconds! (holding on the Titans)

Patriots won the toss and they've deferred and the Titans will start off the game!

We're just minutes away from kickoff at Gillette Stadium!

"Bill and I won't be squaring off to determine this game. This game will be won, like it always is, by the players."

Mike Vrabel, Titans head coach

Mac Jones - best rookie QB of 2021

Mac Jones stands out as the best rookie QB of the 2021 season. The Patriots are sitting pretty in the AFC at 7-4 and Jones himself has some nice stats to brag about: 2,540 passing yards, 14 passing touchdowns, and 94.7 passer rating.

Titans at Patriots Injury Report

Titans Injuries:

RB Jeremy McNichols (concussion) out
WR A.J. Brown (chest) IR-out
G Nate Davis (concussion) out
LB Rashaan Evans (ankle) out
LB David Long (hamstring) out
CB Greg Mabin (ankle) out
DT Teair Tart (ankle) out
TE Geoff Swaim (concussion) questionable
LB Jayon Brown (quadriceps) questionable
CB Elijah Molden (groin) questionable

Patriots Injuries:

RB Damien Harris (neck) questionable
RB Rhamondre Stevenson (knee) questionable
TE Hunter Henry (neck) questionable
TE Jonnu Smith (shoulder) questionable
OT Trent Brown (calf) questionable
DT Christian Barmore (knee) questionable
LB Dont’a Hightower (ankle) questionable
LB Ja’Whaun Bentley (knee) questionable
K Nick Folk (knee) questionable
P Jake Bailey (knee) questionable

The Titans inexplicable loss to the Texans

The Titans (8-3) were on fire on a six-game winning streak until last week when they lost 22-13 to the Houston Texans. Five turnovers and a career-high four interceptions thrown by Ryan Tannehill contributed in breaking the Titans streak and gave Houston their first win since their season opener.

The Titans pass rush has been consistent so far this season, but they couldn't stop Texans QB Tyrod Taylor, who accounted for two of Houston's TDs. The Titans recorded just one hit on Taylor.

Today, the Titans will look to maintain their spot atop the AFC in a road game against the Patriots, who are currently on a five-game winning streak.

Good afternoon and welcome to our live coverage of the Tennesee Titans at New England Patriots game!

It's a chilly day in Foxborough at 37 degrees with a slight chance of some showers this afternoon.

Kickoff will be at 1p.m. (ET) at Gillette Stadium and you can follow the game live right here on AS USA.


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