Top Ten Dallas Cowboys players of all time

In this list of top ten Dallas Cowboys of all time, we've considered their impact on the team as well as the numbers, but really, championships trump all.

The Dallas Cowboys history is full of greats. There are some who come immediately to mind and some whose names might be lesser known or whose stats might not show them as the best, and yet their impact on the team was so great that they absolutely must be added to the list of top ten greatest Cowboys players of all time.

There are several other players who didn't make the list who could easily be argued that they should have. Tony Romo, Larry Allen, and Mel Renfro were tough ones to leave off and if it were a top 15, they would definitely have made it. As it is, here are the top 10 greatest Cowboys players in franchise history.

10 - Jason Witten
Tight End - 2003-2017, 2019

9 - Daryl “Moose” Johnston
Fullback - 1989-1999

8 - Randy White
Defensive Tackle - 1975-1988

7 - Drew Pearson
Wide Receiver - 1973-1984

6 - Tony Dorsett
Running back - 1977-1988

5 - Michael Irvin
Wide Receiver - 1988-1999

4 - Troy Aikman
Quarterback - 1989-200

3 - Emmitt Smith
Running back - 1990-2002

2 - Bob Lilly
Defensive Tackle - 1961-1974

1 - Roger Staubach
Quarterback - 1969-1979