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Baltimore Ravens BAL
Pittsburgh Steelers PIT
BAL 0 7 3 9 19
PIT 0 3 0 17 20

Ravens 19-20 Steelers summary: score, stats, highlights | NFL Week 13 

The Ravens had the chance to win it right at the end but failed with their two-point conversion attempt, to let the Steelers win it 20-19.

Steelers defeat Ravens, 20-19

Big Ben on the win

This win was really important for the Steelers, who came back from nowhere to get the win over the rival Ravens

What does the Ravens loss mean for the playoff picture?

The Ravens drop to 8-4 and the Steelers improve to 6-5-1.

The Ravens remain in the lead in the AFC North, but it's a close one. There are only two games between the first and last place teams. Overall int the AFC, the Ravens are sitting at third behind the Patriots and the Titans.

The Steelers are getting closer to their other AFC North rival, the Bengals, who fell to 7-5 after losing to the Chargers.

Steelers comeback win over the Ravens: Game Summary

The Ravens had the lead nearly the entire game, but not a very convincing lead, if we're being honest. Though their time of possession was more than double the Steelers' in the first half, they were making costly mistakes that were apparent in the 7-3 score at the half. By the end of the game, Lamar Jackson was sacked 7 times and threw one interception.

The Ravens got the first TD of the game after a long, 10-and-a-half-minute, 99-yard drive and a good PAT to make it a 7-0 lead. The Steelers got 3 points on the board with a 53-yard field goal by Boswell just before the half. Going into the second half, the Ravens got 3 more points on a 35-yard Tucker field goal, making it a 10-3 lead over the Steelers in the third quarter.

At the start of the fourth quarter, the Steelers were finally able to get their first touchdown. Unfortunately, instead of tying the game, Boswell botched the extra point and with 14 minutes in the game, the Steelers were still down by a point, 10-9.

The Steelers defense was doing their part to stop the Ravens getting too far, and held them to another field goal to make it a 13-9 lead for the Ravens. The Steelers responded with another field goal to make it a close game again, 13-12 with over seven minutes left to go.

After a lucky break, the Steelers got to 1st and goal, nearly avoiding an interception and they were able to finally add a TD to the scoreboard with a beautiful play by Roethlisberger and Johnson, giving them the lead over the Ravens for the first time in the game. The Steelers decide to go for two to make up for that missed PAT earlier and it paid off. Roethlisberger connected with Freiermuth and the Steelers were suddenly up 20-13 with less than 2 minutes left in the game.

A Ravens touchdown and extra point would tie up the game and bring them into overtime. With 1:48 in the game, they had plenty of time to make it happen. They were even blessed with amazing field position at the 40. The Ravens (sloppily) made it down the field for a Jackson/Watkins 6-yard connection in the end zone to make it 20-19. To go for two or not here? That is the question. John Harbaugh thought it was worth a shot, and so they did. Jackson's attempted pass to Andrews was bobbled and fell to the ground and the Ravens lost the game to their rival Steelers, 20-19.

Ravens bold move cost them

Would I have gone for 2 here? With that team, no. I would not. But I am not the Ravens coach. Too bad for them, really.


And the Steelers get the win by one point, 20-19 over the Ravens!


INCOMPLETE PASS to Andrews - the 2-point conversion FAILS!

Ravens will go for two!



Jackson pass COMPLETE to Watkins in the end zone for 6 yards and the TD!

Jackson pass complete to Watkins, gets out of bounds at the 6 - 3rd and 5


Ravens throws some long passes and they move quick to get to 1st down at the Steelers 11


Ravens take their third timeout

Penalty on Ravens - Holding, declined

Jackson SACKED for a loss of 4 and the ball comes loose! FUMBLE goes out of bounds at the Ravens 36.

False Start - Ravens - 5 yards

2nd and 10

Uh oh. Boswell's 62-yard kick goes out of bounds at the Ravens 3. The Ravens will get amazing field position at the 40 with just under 2 minutes left to play.


Steelers go for 2 and THEY GET IT!

Roethlisberger pass complete to Freiermuth in the end zone and they'll make it a 20-13 lead over the Ravens with 1:48 left in the game!


Roethlisberger pass COMPLETE to Johnson who runs a slant but then PIVOTS the other way and pulls the ball right into the end zone to give the Steelers the lead for the first time today!


Ravens take second timeout

Roethlisberger pass complete to Gentry for 5 yards - 3rd and goal


Ravens take first timeout

Harris loses 2 yards when he's brought down by Williams and Bynes - 2nd and goal

Steelers at 2nd and 2 - Offsides on the Ravens bring the Steelers to 1st and goal!


That's the two-minute warning in the game


Snell pushes through for 8 yards to bring them to 2nd and 2 at the Ravens 13


Steelers get to 3rd and 2 with 3 minutes left and Roetlhisberger throws the ball that is INTERCEPTED but...

it's called a PASS INTERFERENCE so the Steelers get the automatic 1st down!

Jackson throws deep but it is nearly picked by Witherspoon who hope up into the air out of nowhere! At 4th and 15, the Ravens punt it back to the Steelers.

Watt SACKS Jackson for a loss of 5! Brings the Ravens to 3rd and 15.

It really should be a tie game except for that botched extra point the Steelers had earlier. But they're able to stay relelevant in hte game with just a 1-point difference. It's 13-12 Ravens with just over 7 minutes left in the game.


Boswell 43-yard Field Goal is GOOD!

At 3rd and 8, Roethlisberger throws to Washington who isn't able to catch it but does a good job tipping it to prevent an interception


Steelers Timeout. They're 2nd and 10 at the Ravens 27.

What a run! Roethlisberger throws it to Johnson and he breaks through and runs it for 25 yards!


The Ravens make the game 13-9 after going 3 and out, unable to get into the end zone. Tucker gets them the field goal on an easy 27-yard attempt.

Tucker 28-yard field goal is GOOD!

Jackson runs it but he's short of the 1st down, brings the Ravens to 4th and 2

Ravens look to convert on 3rd and 4...

Jackson pass incomplete, but it's called a Pass Interference on the Steelers so the Ravens get the 1st down at the Ravens 41

Steelers nearly tied it up, but hey they're at least still in the game, making it a 10-9 score with 14:01 left in the game,

I don't know how to even describe that extra point attempt. Bad doesn't seem to capture the essence of it.

It was a miss, if that wasn't clear.


Roethlisberger throws another long pass to Johnson after a pump fake for 29 yards and he prances into the end zone!

At 3rd and 1, Roethlisberger throws it to Claypool for a huge 41-yard gain to the Ravens 29!


At the end of the 3rd, the Ravens had one FG and the Steelers got nada. The Steelers have the ball at their 31 at 2nd and 1

False Start on the Ravens

Wow! On 3rd and 10, Jackson somehow keeps the ball alive after pressure by Watt, throws it to Freeman but he misses the catch and they're brought to 4th and 10.

A Jackson sandwich! SACKED by Wormley and Watt!

Ravens are brought to 3rd and 8 but Brown catches a pass for 17 yards to convert for a 1st down


Steelers quickly are held to 3rd and 8 and they don't get it - Freiermuth with a gain of just 4. A penalty on the Steelers - Offensive Pass Interference is declined and they punt it away 26 yards

After 3 plays, Johnson is able to pick up the 1st down on an 8-yard run to the Steelers 45

The Ravens are up by 7 after they get a field goal on a 35-yard attempt. The Ravens missed an opportunity for a touchdown, but were able to up their lead, 10-3 with 7:24 left in the 3rd quarter.


Tucker 35-yard field goal is GOOD

Ravens penalty - False Start, 5 yards

Jackson's pass intended for Freeman is incomplete with Andrews wide open on the other side. Brings the Ravens to 4th down and Tucker comes out for the field goal attempt.

Ravens are at 3rd and 4 at the Steelers 12

Jackson scrambles and runs off with the ball for a pickup of 13 yards to the Steelers 18 and the 1st down!

Jackson's long pass to Watkins for a 15-yard gain gives them the 1st down but then Freeman isn't able to get anywhere and loses a yard. Jackson throws it away even after having all the time in the world to put the Ravens at 3rd and 11. Freeman runs it and breaks through to get the 1st down on a 15-yard run!

And another near-pick incompletion but there's a flag thrown on the play and it's a Personal Foul (Facemask) on the Steelers. They're at 4th and 20 and will punt it from far away. What a bad break for Pittsburgh.

Roethlisberger almost threw a pick but lucked out. 3rd and 10 at the Steelers 21...

The refs call it an incomplete pass after the review. They say he didn't have complete control before hitting the ground. Ouch, Steelers.

The Ravens are challenging the call. Ruling on the field is a catch but it does look like he could have not had complete control. We'll see what they say after the review...

Wow! A GREAT catch by McCloud on a deep pass for a 32-yard gain!

Steelers are at 3rd and 1 and Roethlisberger hands it off to Harris for the 1st down...the Steelers first 3rd down conversion of the game.

10-yard penalty on the Steelers on that drive - Holding

Steelers get the ball at the start of the half and McCloud runs it back 19 yards to the Pittsburgh 20

Ravens dominated time of possession

The Ravens had possession for 23:30 of the game compared to the Steelers 6:30, but they're still only up 7-3.

Four sacks and a pick will do that to you.

Halftime Report

The Ravens/Steelers rivalry has been about as exciting as you'd expect. The 1st quarter was scoreless as neither team could seem to get down the field.

Lamar Jackson was sacked four times and threw one interception, but the Ravens were still able to get the first TD of the game in the second quarter on a 3-yard run by Freeman after a long 29-yard pass to Andrews.

The Steelers fought to get a TD before the half, but after a bobbled pass by Johnson in the end zone, they were forced to kick a 53-yard field goal, which was successful.

The Ravens are up 7-3 over the Steelers at halftime.


And that's the half - Ravens 7, Steelers 3

10-yard penalty on the Ravens for Holding - 3rd down and 13

Freeman runs it up to the 40 for the 1st down but there's a flag...

Ravens get to 3rd and 2 with 16 seconds left on the clock


Boswell 53-yard field goal is GOOD and the Steelers finally have some points on the board before the half

Roethlisberger throws it away to bring them to 3rd and 10, and then throws it to Freiermuth and it's touched by several players before falling to the ground

Roethlisberger throws deeeeeep into the end zone to Johnson and it was a great thrown but Johnson bobbles it and it is incomplete. Missed TD opportunity.


Steelers take first timeout

Roethlisberger pass is caught by Johnson for a 14-yard gain and a 1st down


Ravens take first timeout

Steelers are trying to get something done before the half. Roethlisberger throws it 12 yards to Claypool for a 1st down. Another 17-yard gain on a Freiermuth pass. They're at the Steelers 29 with 1:07 left in the half.


That brings us to the two-minute warning in the first half

Jackson tries to scramble away but...he is SACKED again by Heyward, brings them to 4th and 12

The Ravens are back to 3rd and 9 and they're 4/6 on conversions...

Another Jackson SACK by Wormley for a loss of 9 yards, brings the Ravens to 2nd and 19

Jackson runs it for the 1st down again and the Steelers are having a real hard time stopping this Baltimore run game

Steelers go 3 and out at their own 42 and they punt it away

The Ravens get the TD after a long, drawn-out 99-yard drive to put some points on the board finally with 8:37 left in the 2nd quarter.

Roethlisberger pass complete to Harris to Steelers 36 for a pickup of 18 yards - 1st down

Tucker PAT is GOOD!


10 minutes and 27 seconds later, the Ravens get the first touchdown of the day on a 3-yard run from Freeman!

Jackson passes deep and it's COMPLETE to Andrews for 29 yards to the Steelers 3!

Jackson is doing a lot of running today. He takes it to the Steelers 27 to bring them to 3rd and 1 but a False Start takes them back to 3rd and 6

Andrews fights for the 1st down and he gets it! The Ravens are 1st and 10 at the Steelers 36

Penalty on Watt (Steelers) who gets in the face of Freeman after a tackle (Unsportsmanlike Conduct)

Jackson throws a near pick, brings them to 2nd and 15. He said he'd be more careful about that today but so far, not convinced.


And that takes us to the end of the 1st quarter. Ravens and Steelers are scoreless.

Andrew gets the 1st down with a gain of 9!

Jackson is SACKED again by Watt! Again...Steelers are happy to have him back. A loss of 2 for the Steelers at the Ravens 16 and they're at 3rd and 7


Harvin punts it 64 yards to the Ravens 1 and it goes out of bounds inside the 1!

The Steelers go 3 and out. This is getting exciting, people. Ravens with the ball again.


McCloud twirls around and breaks a few tackles, takes it down 14 yards to the Steelers 27

Ravens get a break after throwing a pick but get stuck at 4th and 11 to give the ball right back to the Steelers again

At 3rd and 1 they try again with Harris but he comes up short and the Steelers will punt it away

The Steelers get the ball back at their own 20. Harris takes it up the middle a few times but is short of the first down and Moore was injured on the play.

Jackson throws ANOTHER PICK right into the end zone!!

The Steelers are happy to have Watt back. He put the pressure on Jackson, who threw it pretty carelessly to give Fitzpatrick the interception.


The Ravens botch the snap and lose 20-something yards but get a lucky break with a Delay of Game Penalty prior to the snap for a loss of 5 yards instead

Freeman picks up a gain of 18 but then Jackson gets SACKED for a big loss of 9 yards to put them at 2nd and 19 at the Steelers 20

Jackson passes Andrews who bobbles it and drops it (called incomplete). He came up with a grassy helmet after flopping onto the field. Jackson at 3rd and 10 makes a perfect throw to Murray for a 16-yard gain and the first down at the Steelers 32.

Freeman is so good at breaking through tackles. He gets a gain of 5 after avoiding the Steelers defense and it's Duvernay who gets the first down. A penalty (Illegal Shift) sets them back though and they're stuck at 2nd and 10 again.

The Ravens start us off with a return to the Baltimore 25. Freeman gets a 14-yard first down and Jackson scrambles 12 yards for another first down. Ravens make it to the Steelers 48.

5 minutes away from kickoff at Heinz Field!

Lamar Jackson talks with the Playmaker

Jackson spoke with Michael Irvin about making big plays and getting wins and his need to improve this week against the Steelers.

Injury Report

Inactive Ravens players:
CB Chris Westley
RB Ty'Son Williams
OLB Jaylon Ferguson
WR Miles Boykin
TE Nick Boyle

Inactive Steelers Players:
QB Dwayne Haskins
RB Anthony McFarlans
CB Joe Haden
DT Carlos Davis
DT Isaiah Buggs

Steelers Ravens Weather Report

At kickoff, we'll have some nice football weather at 53 degrees, but there is a slight chance of some light rain, but it looks like most of the rain won't happen until later tonight.


TJ Watt cleared to play against the Ravens

The Steelers star linebacker TJ Watt was cleared to play against the Ravens today, which is lucky for the Steelers. Ravens QB Lamar Jackson recently talked about getting back into his rhythm. Let's hope that's true for the Ravens' sake. In the nine games Watt has played this season, he's had 12.5 sacks and 41 tackles.

Big Ben's last season in the NFL

Ben Roethlisberger recently "privately" spoke about retiring at the end of this season. The 39-year-old QB isn't where he used to be back in his prime and injuries kept him out of most of the 2019 season.

Lamar Jackson's interception run

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson has had a bad run with interceptions as of late. Last week against the Browns, he threw for four interceptions. Over the last five games, he's thrown a total of nine. The game's outcome and the Ravens spot in the AFC North will largely depend on him and how he is able to perform over the next six games.

Live coverage Ravens at Steelers

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Ravens and Steelers game!

This should be a fun AFC North matchup and there's a lot at stake here this afternoon. If the Ravens win, they'll maintain their spot at the top of the AFC North. Meanwhile, the Steelers are sitting at 5-5 and will drop below .500 if they lose. If they win, however, it would complicate things for the Ravens in their hopes of getting to the playoffs, but would give the Steelers a shot at moving up in the AFC North and making a run for the AFC Wild Card spot.

Kickoff is at 4:25 p.m. at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh and we'll be here with live updates, commentary, and scores throughout the whole game.


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