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Pittsburgh Steelers PIT
Minnesota Vikings MIN
PIT 0 0 7 21 28
MIN 6 17 6 7 36

Steelers 28 vs. 36 Vikings summary: stats, scores and highlights | NFL Week 14

The Minnesota Vikings held off a second half comeback bid by the Pittsburgh Steelers after leading 29-0 in the thrid quarter to improve to 6-7 on the year.

Game recap

What a game from Minnesota. It seemed to be done and dusted three quarters in when the Vikings were up 29-0 on the Steelers. But for as flat Pittsburgh came out in the first half, they completly turned the tables in the second half and not only made the game competitive, they had a shot to tie the game up at the last second.

Banged up running back Dalvin Cook led the Vikings in a brilliant first half. Showing no ill affects of his injured left shoulder Cook ran for 153 yards and two touchdowns in the first half.

The Steelers were't going to go down quietly. After trailing by 29 Ben Roethlisberger hit Najee Harris for the Steelers first touchdown of the game with 2 minutes to go in the third quarter. Pittsburgh would go on to score 28 points in under 13 minutes.

Big Ben had a chance to tie the game up with a field goal and extra point as the clock hit zero, but Pat Freiermuth couldn't keep hold of the pass after getting crushed in the endzone by two Viking defenders.

Friermuth with a TD to cut the lead to 8 points after the two point conversion.

Witherspoon with the almost pick six, but he ran out of gas.

Cousins hits Osborn for the 62 yard TD, and again the game seemed over after that.

Big Ben to Washington over the middle. The Steelers went for two after the touchdown to try to cut the lead to 7, but they were unsuccessful and instead trailed by 9 points with 12 minutes to go.

Harris with a second touchdown in a matter of minutes.

This happend a play later. Witherspoon gave the Steelers a chance, and a sense of hope.

Harris started the charge late in the third quarter.

Up 26, this interception seemed like it would be the end of the game. MIN kicked a FG to extend the lead to 29-0.

Cook for TD number 2.

Dalvin Cook ran all over the Steelers, especially in the first half.

Cousins to Jefferson for the game's opening score.


Friermuth got stuck in the endzone and the ball was popped out of his hands as the clock runs out.

What a game that was. What a comeback bid from the Steelers after trailing 29-0.

Johnson over the middle gets down to the 11 and gets out of bounds. This is to stay alive. 3 seconds to go.

That one was nearly picked by Breeland in the endzone. Two Vikings had a shot at it. 2nd and 10 with 11 seconds left.

McCloud on the crossing pattern, picks up 10 and gets out of bounds after moving the chains. 16 seconds left.

Big Ben to Claypool on the slant for 9 yards. PIT clocks the ball with 24 seconds to go.

McCloud gets 3 on the catch. 4th and 1 coming up

Roethlisberger hits Claypool for 16 yards. 3rd and 4 coming up with 1:07 to go.

An illegal block in the back by Leglue will pin PIT back to their 40. Two Minute Warning coming up

Big Ben goes deep to Claypool who makes a magnificent catch for 38 yards. PIT are at their own 48 with 2:05 to go in the fourth quarter.

What a punt from Berry who pins the Steelers back to their own 4 yard line. They take over with 2:16 to go.

Cousins looking for Osborn, and a flag was initially thrown after Fitzpatrick looked like he got some contact on Osborn, but then picked up and 4th down is coming up.

PIT takes their third TO, and MIN will have a 3rd and 8 coming out of the TO.

Timeout Vikings with 2:38 to go in the fourth

After a 12 yard pick up from Jefferson, Cook makes maybe the play of the night on a route up the middle for 17 yards.

A holding penalty on Udoh will bring the Vikings to 2nd and 21 from their 14.

4:14 to go in the fourth quarter. MIN will take over from the 25 up eight after the touchback.

Big Ben hits Big Muth for the TD.

The pick that led to the TD


Big Ben hits Friermuth on the out route for the 15 yard TD.

Two point conversion is good as Roethlisberger pump fakes and hits Johson in the endzone!!

The Steelers have scored 28 points in under 13 minutes.


Cousins is picked by Witherspoon, who ran out of gas or else it would have gone for a pick six. A 41 yard return takes the Steelers to the MIN 21.

Cousins escapes the pressure in the back field and he tucks and runs to pick up 11 on 3rd and 5. Huge play by Cousins who almost never uses his legs.

Cousins to Osbourne for 62 yards, and will that seal it?

The Steelers were going to go for it, but were flagged for a false start on 4th and 3, and that will bring the punt team on.

Harris stopped on 3rd and 1, and a 4th and 3 coming up after the 2 yard loss.

So the Steelers take over at the 25. They still need two scores, that doesn't change. But they need scores.


Cousins goes deep on the second third play of the drive and finds Osbourne for a 62 yard touchdown pass. What a throw from Cousins!!

PAT is good and the Vikings lead by 16, 36-20 Minnesota.

Not so sure about going for two after that touchdown. Now your team needs two scores after the failed two point conversion. It seems like the momentum was kind of let out of the sails of the Steelers with that decision.


Roethlisberger to Washington over the middle!!! Washington rises over the two defenders to drag down the 30 yard TD catch! It took PIT just 3 plays and a minute and nine seconds to go 69 yards

The Steelers go for the two point conversion with a pass to the flat for Johnson who was stopped in the backfield. Vikings still lead 29-20 with 12:11 to go .

Big Ben over the top to Johnson, and what a throw from Roethlisberger. 37 yard completion and the Steelers are at the MIN 30

The Vikings go 3 and out, and watch out... Minnesota looks lost right now and a huge possession is coming up for the Steelers.

PIT will take over on their 32 with 13:17 to go in the fourth.

The  Vikings have to get back to running the ball. They ran all over Pittsburgh in the first half. They need to keep the clock moving and move the chains a few timesn to stop the Steelers momenum.

Back to Harris two minutes later after the interception, and the Steelers are back in this ball game.

Big Ben to Harris for the first score of the game 43 minutes into the night.

Harris up the middle for a 1 yard touchdown! The Steelers are right back in this ball game. PAT is good from Boswell.

2 TDs in 2:22 for the Steelers. 29-14 the Vikings lead, but not as comfortably as they did 3 minutes ago.

Roethlisberger looking for Johnson who got held by Danztler and a PI flag is thrown.

1st and Goal from the 1 for the Steelers.

Minnesota have a tendency to get themselves into close games late in the fourth quarter. That will be on their minds over the next 15 minutes in Minnesota.

End of 3rd Quarter

Roethlisberger hits Claypool on the right sideline for the third down conversion, and that brings us to the end of the third quarter.

Steelers are on the MIN 9 yard line and need a touchdown to start the fourth quarter.

PIT get a break on what should have been a false start on  3rd and 9, they VInkings are flagged for a neutral zone infraction. 3rd and 4 coming up


Hold on just a second!

Jefferson couldn't make the catch after a deflection on the slant pattern, and it falls to Witherspoon for the Interception. The Steelers take over on the MIN 42


Roethlisberger hits Harris on a 3 yard TD pitch and catch for PIT's first score of the game 43 minutes into this game.

29-7 the Vikings lead with 2:11

Harris keep on trucking. He got 10 yards and picks up a first down a play after Boyd was flagged for taunting.

The Steelers are looking like they are going to get their first score of the game.

Washington hauls in a 29 yard reception on the left side. It was one of those where both the WR and the saftey came down with the ball, but the tie goes to the WR.

Harris is the only one still fighting for the Steelers. He was stopped in the backfield on 3rd and 2 shook off a couple tacklers made a move and dove for a three yard gain.


The Steelers come up with another stand after the Vikings had 1st and Goal.

Joseph comes on and knocks home his third FG of the night, this time from 25 yards.

Minnesota lead 29-0 over the Steelers who look beaten and battered.

Cook continues to cruise along. Two runs to start the drive, for 21 yards. He's got 182 yards rushing on 17 rushes.

The NFL rushing record is 296 yards set by Adrian Peterson back in 2007


The joy is short lived for the Steelers, who are picked off by Breeland on the very next play. Breeland returned it 18 yards to the PIT 30

Harris with the biggest play of the night, cutting outside and breaking a 23 yard run.

The Steelers hold the Vikings and will force a FG on a 4th and 14.

Joseph splits the uprights on the 42 yard field goal and the Vikings extend their lead to 26-0

PIT's TJ Watt will miss the rest of the game with a groin injury

Cook picks up another 8 yards on his first run of the second half.

Westbrook broght the punt to the PIT 34 after a 15 yard run back

The Steelers give five yards back to the Vikings on a false start penalty, after the Vikings were called for an offside on 3rd and 7.

And on the ensuing 3rd and 7 Roethlisberger is sacked again, this time by Richardson. That's the fourth 3 and out in 7 possessions for PIT

We are back in action, and the Steelers will have the ball to begin the second half.

Yet another penalty on the Steelers after the good return from McCloud. The holding call will bring Steelers back to their own 12 .

Cook with number two.

Cook with the 29 yard touchdown for his first of two in the opening half.

Cousins finds a wide open Jefferson for the first TD of the game.

The Vikings have 176 yards on the ground, and Dalvin Cook has 153 of those yards on 14 carries and two tochdowns.

End of 1st Half

The first half comes to a close, and the VIkings put up 300 yards of offense in the opening two quarters. Pittsburgh had just 66 yards of offense,

The Steelers had 5 frist downs in the first half, and gave up four sacks for a loss of 31 yards. Add on the 4 penalties for 45 yards and the Steelers have been unable to do anything on the offensive end

Cook is dropped after a pick up of 8 yards and the Vikings fo 3 and out for the first time tonight.

PIT take over from the 33 yard line after the punt.

Big Ben is sacked again, this time Kendricks drops Roethlisberger for a loss of 9 yards.

The Vikings have sacked Roethlisberger four times. MIN has just as many sacks as the Steelers have first downs.

Another holding call, this time on Johnson back the Steelers up again, and leaves them with 3rd and long not for the first time tonight

Two Minute Warning

A 0 yard run by Harris and a horse collar penalty take the Steelers up to the 49, and that will take us to the Two Minute Warnings.


The Vikings go to Cook on three straight runs and he rewards them with a 7 yard touchdown run. He's got two touchdowns and 144 yards on 13 carries.

Vikings dominating 23-0 late in the second quarter.

The drive stays alive on 3rd and 10, as Cousins hits Osbourne on the slant for 11 yards. 1st and 10 from the 15

Minnesota is inside the 30 after the Cousins pass to Herndon for 17 yards. And the pass game has opened up with the Vikings running game running rampant.

Cousins had Jefferson wide open on 3rd and 1, but Cousins overthrew his receiver.

The Vikings go for it on 4th down and Cousins keeps in on the QB sneak and picks up the first down.

Back on the ground with Cook who picks up 9 yards.

MIN start with great field position again. 1st and 10 from their 40 yard line.

Roethlisberger is dropped by Smith in the backfield and the Steelers go 3 and out again.

That's already the third sack for the Vikings tonight.

A personal foul on the return will back the Steelers up to the 19 to start their drive.

Can they get anything going on this drive? PIT have just 35 yard in the first half

It's been this easy for Cook all night


Cook AGAIN!!!

It's too easy for the Vikings, Cook took the hand off up the middle cut outside and strolled into the endzone untouched for a 29 yard touchdown. MIN leads 16-0 early on.

Cook has 7 carries for 117 yards with 10 minutes still to go in the first half. He is on record setting pace

Cook again, this time for 15 yards, and MIN has 1st down again inside PIT territory.

Cook is averaging over 14 yards a carry on his six rushes.

Cousins going back to Jefferson on 1st down for a 15 yard chunk on the first play of the drive.

He's got 5 catches for 67 yards.

Westbrook had another nice return, but a holding call on Metellus will bring MIN back to their 22 yard line.

The sack sets PIT back, and the Steelers go 3 and out giving the ball back to the Vikings who have been moving the ball easily in the last two drives.

Roethlisberger dropped for a loss of 9 on the opening play of the drive. Watts with the sack and 2nd and 19 coming up


Cousins had Jefferson on 3rd down, but the diving effort from Jefferson wasn't enough to pull in the pass.

Joseph comes on and hits the 38 yard field goal. That will serve him well after a tough first quarter where he missed a FG and a PAT.

1st nd 10 from the PIT 20 for the Vikings to start the second quarter.

Cook had 73 yards on 5 carries in that first quarter.

Stop me if I've said this before, but Cook breaks a big run yet again. This time he picks up 16 yards and the Steelers run defense is getting gashed.

That brings us to the end of a long first quarter.

Cousins hits Jefferson over the middle for 18 yards, and the Vikings are rolling again.

The Vikes will start their drive from their 43 after a punt return of 17 yards by Westbrook.

The call is reversed after the review shows Claypool's shin was down before the ball was swiped from his grasp.

Harris is taken down for a loss of 1 on 3rd and short and the Steelers will punt

This has been a long first quarter. Two challenges, two long empty drives, and a few stoppages have dragged this first quarter out. And three minutes still remain in the opening quarter.


Claypool with a second mistake of the night. He reached for the first down on 2nd and 3 and had the ball swiped out of his hand. The fumble was recovered by the Vikings, but the play is under review

Jefferson couldn't have been more wide open for the game's first TD


Cousins hits a wide open Jefferson in the corner of the endzone for a 14 yard touchdown pass.
That is Jefferson's 8th TD of the year. Joseph misses the PAT, but the Vikes lead 6-0 after the 5 play 61 yard drive.

Mattison runs left and he picks up another first down after a gain of 14.

Cook breaks another big run! This time for 30 yards to start the drive and the Vikings have 1st and 10 from the 31.

Cook already has 54 yards on 3 carries.

Two drives end in two missed field goals for each team. We remain scoreless with 5:32 to go in the first quarter.

Boswell had made 20 straight before the miss, and Joseph had made 11 straight


The Steelers will settle for a field goal after the taunting penalty backed them up and Boswell comes out for the 49 yard field goal, which he pushes wide left!

After review, the ruling on the field stands. The Steelers will be faced with 3rd and 18 and they lose a timeout and a challenge.

The timeout is acutally a chance for PIT to challenge the play, as Mike Tomlin thinks Big Ben's arm was going forward when he lost possession of the ball.

Roethlisberger sacked in the backfield, and almost lost it, but he falls on top of the ball. PIT is facing another long 3rd down try, but not before a Steelers timeout.

Big Ben tucks and runs on 4th down and he gets 5 yards to keep the drive alive.

How about those 39 year old legs still showing some spring.

Roethisberger hits McCLoud for 15 yards but he's short of the first down. PIT will go for it on 4th and 4

Not a smart play by Claypool who made the catch and then was jawing at Breeland and stuck a finger in Breeland's face, which provoked a taunting penalty. 2nd and 19 after the penalty

Not a smart play by Claypool who made the catch and then was jawing at Breeland and stuck a finger in Breeland's face, which provoked a taunting penalty. 2nd and 19 after the penalty

PIT are into enemy territory after Najee Harris moves the sticks for the first time tonight.

Big Ben and the Steelers start their drive with great field goal position after the missed field goals. 1st and 10 from their 43

Joseph misses the 53 yard field goal wide left!

Interesting decision from the VIkings, not going for the 4th and 3 from the 35. We have been seeing more and more teams go for it in those situations no matter where they are on the field.

Cousins his Osbourn for 8 yards, but he's stopped short of the marker on third down and the Vikings will settle for a FG.

Cousins going deep to Jefferson, and he almost comes up with the finger tip catch in the endzone. What a throw from Cousins, but 3rd and 6 is coming up.

Make that 3rd and 11 after a delay of game.

Dalvin Cook bursts up the middle on his first run of the night for a 20 yard gain. MIN is in PIT territory, 1st and 10 from the PIT 42

Cousins and his 25 TD and 3 INT ratio take the field and he completes his first throw to Jefferson for 8 yards.

Start of 1st Q

We are underway from MInnesota. The Vikings will start the game with the ball after the Steelers won the toss and differed.

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are in the booth, and the broadcast has started from USBS

Can the Steelers snag a win in Minnesota to stay in the hunt?

According to the Vikings are 3.5 point favories over the Steelers and the Over/Under is set at 45

We are 20 minutes away from kickoff from Minnesota!!

The Vikings twitter account has it pretty clear, do you agree?

Is Justn Jefferson the best receiver in the league?

Dalvin Cook look ready to bring the heat in  Minnesota tonight.

He has 773 yards and four touchdowns coming into tonight

The Vikings walking into U.S. Bank Stadium with the home town drip

Will Watt get the single season franchise record for sacks tonight?

Najee getting artsy before the game. Will it be him with his pictures in the papers tomorrow?

Don't be surprised if you see some Terrible Towels tonight in Minnesota. The Steelers always travel well

The stage is set. U.S. Bank Stadium will be packed tonight as the Vikes try to get back on the winning track

How and where to watch Steelers vs. Vikings

        Matchup: Steelers vs. Vikings
        Location: U.S. Bank Stadium
        Date: Thursday, Dec. 9
        Time: 8:20 p.m. ET
        TV channels: Fox | NFL Network
        Live stream: Amazon Prime | fuboTV | DAZN (Canada)

AFC WIld Card

Look how tight things are in the AFC. The Steelers are a half game back of the Chargers, Bengals and Bills who sit at 7-5 in the AFC.

NFC Wild Card picture

The Vikings trail the 8-4 Los Angeles Rams, and sit just a game behind San Francisco and the Washington Football Team in the NFC Wild Card race, as both teams are 6-6 going into Week 14.

Vikings dreadful defense

Minnesota’s defense has been doing Kirk Cousins and the offense no favors in the last five games. The Vikings are 5-7 after winning just two of their last five and the defense is giving up 29.6 points a game in that span.

Minnesota mid slump after Packers wins

The Vikings have been disappointing in the two games that followed their shock win over the Green Bay Packers in Week 11. They went west and lost to the San Francisco 49ers before being beaten by the previously winless Detroit Lions in the final second of last week’s game.

Big Ben coming to life at the right time

Roethlisberger threw for 236 yards and two touchdowns while Diontae Johnson pulled in eight receptions for 105 yards to push Pittsburgh to 6-5-1 on the year.

This year Roethlisberger has passed for 2,758 yards, 16 touchdowns and 6 interceptions while completing 64.4% of his passes

Pittsburgh looking to keep momentum going

Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers edged out the AFC North leading Baltimore Ravens on Sunday afternoon to put and end to their three game winless streak. The Steelers defense came up with a stop on a last second Baltimore two point conversion attempt to seal a fourth quarter comeback win.

Steelers vs. Vikings

Two aspiring playoff teams will square off on Thursday night to start Week 14 as the Pittsburgh Steelers head north to take on the Minnesota Vikings from U.S. Bank Stadium. AS English willl be keeping you up to the minute with live scores, stats, highlights and analysis of tonight’s contest between to teams eyeing a Wild Card spot in their respective divisions.


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