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Los Angeles Rams LAR
Arizona Cardinals ARI
LAR 0 13 14 3 30
ARI 3 10 0 10 23

Rams 30 vs. 23 Cardinals summary: stats, scores and highlights | NFL Week 14

The Los Angeles Rams went in to Arizona and beat the Cardinals at State Farm Stadium. Matt Stafford threw for 267 yards and 3 touchdowns in the win.

Connor with TD number two.

Stafford to Kupp for the 4 yard TD

Two plays later it was Floyd with the pick which led to a second touchdown in a matter of minutes

Stafford on the quick hitting touchdown a minute and half into the second half.


Conner was the driving force for the Cardinals, scoring two rushing TDs

Stafford to OBJ for the third straight week.

Jones with a huge pick to set the tone for the rest of the game.


Donald finishes the game just like he started it, by sacking Murray as the clock hit zeros.

Murray gets 15 on the scramble, but it's wiped off the board after the holding call on Harlow.

The Cardinals get the football on the onside kick!!! It was recovered by Collins after the squib kick up the middle!!!


They finally do kick the field goal. but they did it on fourth down and let a lot of time run off the clock. Prater hits the 49 yard FG wih 37 seconds to go.

At what point do the Cardinals kick the FG? They need one, so why not take it now?

Long had a chance to pick off Murray, but couldn't make the catch to end the game.

It's not over yet!! Murray hits Kirk for 47 yards on the 4th and long to keep the drive and the game alive.

Two Minute Warning

We are at the two minute warning and the Cardinals will be facing a 4th and 9 to keep their hopes alive.

The Cardinals get a stop, and they will take over from their 13 with 2:44 to go .

Michel picks up  a first down after two straight runs.


Connor gets stopped on 4th and 1 and the Cardinals turn it over on downs for the second time tonight.

Murray to Ertz for 12 yards, and the Cardinals are in LA territory.

Connor on a big gain to start the ARI drive, 17 yards on the screen pass.


Gay is good from 33 yards for his third FG of the night.

The Rams lead 30-20 with 7:20 to go in the fourth quarter.

Stafford was sacked by Phillips, but the Cardinals might have got away with a facemask. 4th down coming up for the Rams.

Stafford hits Kupp on the slant to convert the 3rd and 8. 1st and Goal from the 10.

Jefferson with a second penalty in a matter of plays. This time an offensive PI which brings up 2nd and 15 from the ARI 30

Cross field pass from Stafford was picture perfect for Kupp on the left sideline for 44 yards. Huge play after the holding call on Jefferson.

Connor on the ground, for TD number two on the night.

Staffor to Kupp to extend the lead.

THe Jones pick set up a second touchdown in the first couple minutes of the third quarter.

The Rams with the quick hit TD to start the third quarter.


Conner with rushing TD number two after pushing the pile into the endzone on the 8 yard run.

The Cardinals cut into the lead, and trail by 7 points, 27-20 with 13:38 to go in the game.

Boom just like that the Cardinals are inside the 10 after Murray hits Green on the back shoulder throw which he took to the LA 8 for a 36 yard gain.

Hopkins holds on this time, and on a catch that had a much higher degree of difficulty than his 4th down drop.

We are at the end of the third quarter! The Rams lead with 15 minutes to go. ARI will have 1st and 20 from the LA 39.

Murray rolls right and hits Green on 3rd and 9 for a gain of 23 yards. Huge play right there to keep the drive alive.

Murray had Moore down the sideline, but Moore couldn't keep his feet inbounds. That will bring up 3rd and 9.

There's the defensive play the Cardinals needed! Allen gets to Stafford in the back field for the first time tonight, and that will bring up the first Rams punt since the opening drive of the night.

ARI ball at their 27 with 1:45 to go in the third quarter.

The Rams start their drive from their 14 yard line.

Stafford hits Blanton on the first play of the drive for 23 yards. 1st and 10 from the LA 37.

That was Hopkins' first drop of the season...


Murray looking for Hopkins on the slant pattern, but he dropped it and the Cardinals turn it over on downs.

A rare drop for Hopkins, who has some of the surest hands  in the league.

Timeout Cardinals with 4:44 to go in the third quarter.

ARI goes to the run game on 3rd and 4, knowing that this is four down territory. 4th and 2 coming up.

Murray tucks and runs, and the Cardinals are showing some bite in the second half after a disasterous start.

1st and 10 from the LA 22.

Conner brings ARI over the 50 yard line, and the Cardinals are driving

Murray going back to Conner in the air, and that's been one of the biggest bright sport of the Cardinals tonight.


Stafford hits Kupp on the 4 yard TD reception and it was so close to being picked up a great throw, and a better catch.

The Floyd pick set up the Kupp TD, and the Rams are all over the Cardinals, 27-13

LA is stopped on 3rd down, but Alford is called for a defensive holding penalty which brings up a fresh set of downs from the 4 yard line.

Michel picks up the first down on 3rd and 1 bringing up 1st and Goal from the 8.


Murray is picked off on the second play after the Rams touchdown. Floyd tipped the Murray pass up and picked it off before returning the pick 11 yards to the ARZ 19.


Stafford on the play action roll out with a bomb to Jefferson for a 52 yard TD pass.

The Rams are back on top after not even a minute and a half into the second half.

How big was that field goal at the end of the first half from Prater and the Cardinals? With the Rams getting the ball back after the halftime break, Arizona didn't want to fall too far behind

Start of 3rd Q

We are back in play from Arizona, and the Rams will have the ball first.

Conner has done most of his damage in the air, but he got the TD on the ground

Stafford to OBJ for the first TD of the night.

The play of the night so far.

Murray has 151 yards in the air on 15/23 with no touchdowns and an interception. He also leads the Cardinals in rushing yards with 43 on 5 carries.

The running back Conner has 49 yards on 5 receptions.


Matt Stafford is 12/17 for 118 yards and a touchdown.

Michel has 51 yards on nine carries in that first half.

OBJ is the leading receiver with 4 catches and 64 yards.


Prater bangs home his second 53 yard field goal of the night as the clock hits zeros. We are heading to the half tied 13-13.

Murray takes it on the ground again and did a toe tap down the sideline and skipped out of bounds with a second left on the clock. 53 yarder coming up for Prater.

Murray tucks and runs for 12 yards and the Cardinals are looking get into LA territory after the timeout with 22 seconds left.

Murray hits Green for 9 yards, and Green just dragged in his 1,000th career reception.

Timeout ARI with 29 seconds to go.

The Cardinals will take over from the 25 with 35 seconds to go and two timeouts.


Gay's 35 yard field goal attempt is good and the Rams pull ahead 13-10 with 35 seconds left.

Kupp stopped on 3rd down and 5 after the screen pass was sniffed out by the Cardinals.

Stafford hits OBJ in all kinds of space on the crossing route for the third down conversion. 1st and 10 from the ARI 24 after a 40 yard gain.

Two Minute Warning

We are at the Two Minute Warning with the Rams trying to take the lead before the halftime break.

Conner kept pumping those legs to tie the game up at 10

Murray to Kirk deep down the field.


Conner on the second effort and runs it in for the 1 yard TD. He's got a touchdown in seven straight games!!! He deserved that TD after putting in work in the passing game.

We are tied up at 10-10 from Arizona, with 3:18 to go in the second quarter.

Ertz makes the 5 yard catch on the goal line, but he is stopped just inches short. 4th and Goal coming up from inside the 1 yard line.

Spinning out of pressure, Murray escapes the rush and hits Conner for 13 yards. Murray is being made to move be the D line, but he is handleing the pressure well. And how about Conner?? He looks like he's in the mood tonight.

Who needs a running game when you have Murray dropping dimes down the field to Kirk for 41 yards. The Cardinals are in the red zone in the drop of a hat.

Conner with an opening play first down off the screen pass, and he's been one of the most dangerous players for Arizona. But he hasn't got the running game started just yet.


The Rams have their drive stopped short, and they bring Gay out for the 55 yard field, which he puts dead center.

LA leads 10-3 with 7:23 to go in the first half.

Stafford with a dart over the middle on 3rd and 8. Great protection from the O line. Stafford and OBJ are starting to get on the same page, and that could be trouble for the Cardinals and the rest of the league.

1st and 10 from the ARI 41.

Stafford to OBJ for the games first TD

The Jones pick that led to the touchdown drive.

Not this time. Murray looked to scramble on 3rd and long, but picked up just 8 yards, and the Cardinals punt after their shortest possession of the night.

Murray hit Green on 3rd and 23, but offsetting penalties will erase that play and the Cardinals will try again.

Murray dropped for the second time by Donald. The Rams are getting all kinds of pressure on the Caridnals quarterback.

What a turn of events. How big will that goal line interception prove to be? The Cardinals went from almost being up 10-0 to down 7-3


Stafford hits Beckham Jr. on the slant pattern for the 2 yard TD pass and the Rams take the lead after a near perfect drive.

Beckham Jr. has three touchdowns in his last three games.

Stafford back to Kupp, and he's 6/6 on this drive. 3rd and Goal from the 3.

Michel explodes for the best run of the night on the first play of the second quarter. 1st and Goal Rams from the 9

End of 1st Q

Kupp with his fouth recpetion of this drive this time for 11 yards. The Cardinals keep letting him get open, and Stafford is more than to keep targeting his favorite receiver.

Kupp leads the league in recptions, yards, and receiving TDs.

Kupp moves the chains again and the Rams are in Arizona the first quarter clock winds down.

Kupp with the first first down for the Rams after a 13 yard pick up on the throw from Stafford.


Murray is picked off in the endzone by Jones after the deflection on the defensive line.

Jones returned the interception 31 and the Rams take over from their own 32 yard line. Huge play by the Rams defense against one of the best red zone teams in the league.


Murray is picked off in the endzone by Jones after the deflection on the defensive line.

Jones returned the interception 31 and the Rams take over from their own 32 yard line. Huge play by the Rams defense against one of the best red zone teams in the league.


17 yard carch and run for the dual threat RB, 1st and Goal from the LA 5.

The Cardinals are over midfield again after Murray hits Ertz for a first down.

Murray converts again on 3rd and long, this time to Hopkins and the Rams have given up a couple of those already.

The Rams go three and out after an incompletion from Stafford over the middle searching for Kupp.

Arizona will start their second possession from their 33 yard line.

Sony Michel will get a heavy load of the carries tonight with Darrel Henderson out with injury.

Stafford and the Rams take the field from the 25 yard line.


Prater sticks the 53 yard field goal for the opening points of the game.

Green was wide open in the endzone, but Murray was under heavy pressure and had to get rid of it earlier than he would have like. 4th down coming up from inside the Rams territory.

Murray to Green for 17 yards on 3rd and 3 and the Cardinals are starting to expose the Rams secondary without Jalen Ramsey

Murray to Ertz on 3rd and 8 to move the chains for the first time tonight. If the Cardinals win the Super Bowl, the mid season acquisition of Ertz is going to be one of the big reasons why.

Murray dropped in the backfield on the first play of the game. Is the Rams defense going to show up tonight? On paper they are one of the top units in the league. It's time to go show it on the field tonight and of the rest of the season.

We are underway from Arizona!!! Murray and the Cardinals will start the game with the ball first from the 25 yard line.


Kyler didn't do much last week, but back at home I think he gets back to his MVP level play that we saw before he went down with his ankle injury. Cardinals take it in a close one 35-31.

We are less than ten minutes away from kickoff from State Farm Stadium

Accoriding the Cardinals are a three point favorites, and the Over/Under is set at 51.

Kyler Murray is back at home after three games out do to his ankle injury

State Farm Stadium dropping the top tonight

D Hop showing all kinds of drip

Who's ready?

Who do you think Kurt is rooting for? He played for the St. Louis Rams and the Arizona Cardinals in his lengthy career.

Whitworth on his way to the Pro Bowl?

The Rams rolling up with the drip

The Cards best defense/offnse combo

The Cards defense has allowed the fourth fewest points in the league (224) and have forced the fifth most turnovers (23), while the offense is third in points per game with 28.6 point per game.

LA still top team in offensive stats despite three game losing streak

The Rams offense is one of the top units in the league, piling up the third most passing yards (3,468), second most passing touchdowns (30) and they are averaging 28 points per games.

Beckham Jr's time to shine

The Cardinals have one of the top defenses in the NFL and will be keeping a watchful eye on a Rams receiving corps that has lost some sting since the Robert Woods went down with a knee injury a month ago. Odell Beckham Jr. was brought in around the same time, and the mid season move is starting to pay dividends. He has had touchdowns in each of the last two games.

Rams looking to return to league's best convo

Not too long ago the Rams were 7-1 and in the discussion for the best team in the league. Since then they lost three of four games. Matt Stafford and the the Rams offense got back on track after their bye week with a 37-7 beat down of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Cardinals top dogs in the NFL

The Cardinals come into tonight boasting the leagues best record at 10-2 after winning their first seven. They hit a bit of a rough patch when they lost to the Packers, lost Kyler Murray and lost to the Panthers in a matter of weeks. Last week the Arizona came off their bye week and took care of business against the Chicago Bears in Kyle Murray’s return to action. Murray didn’t have to do much because the Cardinals defense picked off Andy Dalton four times.

NFC West Showdown

Hello everyone and welcome to the desert where two top teams in the NFC will go toe-to-toe. All eyes will be on Kyler Murray in his second game back from injury. The Rams got back to the win column last week after suffering a three game losing streak going into their bye.

Rams vs. Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals will put the best record in the NFL to the test tonight when they host the Los Angeles Rams in a battle of top teams in the NFC West. AS English will be with you along the way with live stats, scores analysis and highlights from State Farm Stadium.


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