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Jake Paul knocks out Tyron Woodley: fight summary, stats and updates

Jake Paul knocks out Tyron Woodley: fight summary, stats and updates

Jake Paul knocks out Tyron Woodley: fight, summary, stats and updates

Jake Paul lands a mean right and shows the world that the 24-year-old can box. The YouTube star might not be the most prolific fighter, but he can sure throw punches and take them too.

Tonight's fight was originally set to pair Paul with Tommy Fury, but the reality/boxer star had to withdraw from the bout due to a bacterial chest infection in addition to a broken rib.

The Brit had to be replaced by Tyron Woodley last minute. As a result, the Missouri native only had two weeks to prepare for this fight. Although, he claims that he has been ready since they last fought this past August.

Paul won by split decision on their last outing, and many believed that it was not a right call. Well, tonight, Jake Paul put those claims to rest as he knocked out the MMA fighter and put him to sleep. Paul controlled the fight and never seemed riled up by Tyron, even when a head bump cut the YouTube star on the forehead, and he began to bleed.

Tyron, who needed to take the fight to Paul, never seemed to find the right distance to catch the younger of the Paul brothers.

The fight was a slow one, and at some point, the crowd booed as they expected more of an exhibition fight than an actual boxing one. But Jake took his time and danced around the floor until he could connect a straight jab to Woodley's jaw. Then, he went down and was out of it for a couple of seconds. The ref did not even start a count. Tyron was out of it immediately.

Tonight might be Jake Pauls's declaration to the world that he is the real deal.

And down goes Woodley

What a right by Jake Paul to bring Tyron down.

Paul vs Woodley

The fight was not going anywhere. The slow tempo and both fighters exhausted. But Jake Paul landed one good right jab to put Woodley down. Amazing hit.

Is Jake Paul the real deal? His hit was just as good as any professional fighter. Amazing skill.

Round 6

Paul vs Woodley

This is barely a fight. Both guys are exhausted
Well, that was wild, and TYRON GOES DOWNKNOCKOUT with one punch.

Jake Paul knocks out Woodley down. He can't get up

Round 5

Paul vs Woodley

Not much to this round. Woodley keeps grabbing Paul that takes advantage of this.

The crowd booed as the fight seemed a bit boring.

Round 4

Paul vs Woodley

Wild left by Jake Paul and missed Woodley
Paul with a nice combination to the body but nothing that can concern Woodley
Paul goes to the floor misstep, and Woodley helps him with a small push
Paul looks exhausted. Woodley should take advantage of this.

Round 3

Paul vs Woodley

Jake Paul with a big cut to the forehead from an accidental elbow.

Paul seems shaken up, and Woodley with two hits to the face of the YouTuber

Paul moves away and keeps it under control. Woodley needs to take this opportunity to take the fight to Jake

Round 2

Paul vs Woodley

Woodley has a very wide stance that welcomes Paul and tries to close that height gap

Nice one-two by Paul to the body and face of Woodley

Woodley keeps grabbing Paul. This is not helping him. He needs to work the body and make Paul dance.

That's a Jake round. Woodley needs to change his strategy or he will go 0-2.

Round 1

Paul vs Woodley

Here we go folks!

Woodley with a left jab. Trying to catch Jake's body. Working that height difference

The crowd boos as Tyron grabs Jake as he comes forward with a right hook

End of the first round and not much to it. They seem to be studying each other.

Here comes Jake

Rocking the YMCA anthem and looking relaxed

Here comes Tyron

The UFC champ looks confident and calm for his second bout against Jake.

Lets get ready to rumble

Jake with the Rolexes. This is also a "fashion show," don't forget his words.

Coming up Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley

The main fight is coming up in less than 20 minutes. Get the popcorn and chips because you don't want to miss this one.

Don't forget that if Woodley knockouts Jake Paul, he will make 500k, in addition, to the already agreed purse of the fight.

Amanda Serrano takes this one

It really wasn't a difficult fight for the champ. She came out swinging and put it away on the first round.

The "Real Deal" wins by unanimous decicison over the Spaniard Miriam Gutierrez,

Round 10

Serrano vs Gutierrez

Final round and Serrano takes Gutierrez to the ropes but she gets out quick.

The fight has been over since the round started. No surprises here.

Round 9

Serrano vs Gutierrez

Serrano keeps away, The champ doesn't want.a surprise knockout.

Guttierez is too tired to go after Serrano.


Round 8

Serrano vs Gutierrez

The champ comes out and she looks like wanting to edn the fight now.

Nice left by Serrano to the face of Gutierrez who looks too tired.

They traded punches towards the end of the round, but nothing that will concern the champ and nothing that can give the Spaniard the win.

Round 7

Serrano vs Gutierrez

Serrano keeps working the body and landing punches. Nothing too crazy. She is not looking for a knockout.

The champ

This is how a professional looks like. Insane footwork.

Round 6

Serrano vs Gutierrez

Gutierrez throws the wild lefts but can't connect. Her strtaegy seems to be wanting to catch Serrano open when she goes for the right jab

Round 5

Serrano vs Gutierrez

Serrano, in control of the fight, works Gutierrez's legs and makes her dance on the floor.

Not much to this round as Serrano controls the fight and Gutierrez doesn't want to be cornered again by the champ.

Round 1

Serrano vs Gutierrez

Here we go and Serrano takes the offensive stance. Rights to the face of Gutierrez but none that matter yet.

Serrano takes Gutierrez to the corner and goes wild on her, and the Spaniard native can't get out.

WHAT A ROUND BY SERRANO! The champ comes out swinging and is not taking it easy tonight. Twice it took Guttierrez to the corner, it seemed she could put her down.

The champ looks confident

Serrano has a 27th winning streak and wants to keep that way

Gutierrez coming out

Can she beat the champ?

Serrano vs Gutierrez

Gutierrez from Madrid Spain, comes to challenge a very experience Amanda Serrano. She had 9 weeks to train for this. The 38-year-old became professional at 34. Incredible.

The Puerto Rican Serrano is the clear favorite for this bout. She signed with the Paul brothers to be managed and this is her first fight under them.

Wild! Wild!

The crowd had fun with this one for sure. And now Serrano vs Gutierrez coming up. You won't want to miss this one.

Very fun fight!

Guys who come out and throw punches give the best exhibitions. These two athletes proved that they could be great in more than one sport!


Williams takes this one

One fight and donde deal. Deron Williams says he won't do it again. He just wanted to give it a try and have some fun tonight.


Williams vs Gore

And Deron Williams wins this one. The NBA beats the NFL on this exhibition fight. The crowd doesn't agree with the result.

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley II: fight card, TV and how to watch online


Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley II: fight card, TV and how to watch online

Don't forget this is all the info you need on the how and when to watch the fight between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodly

Round 4

Williams vs Gore

Final round here and the guys have given it all

Both Williams and Gore are waiting for this to be over. They don't want to get knockout.

A very fun fight between two guys that gave it all. Not real boxers but for sure they have the spirit.

One minute to go and Williams goes on the offense with a left that misses.

Round 3

Williams vs Gore

Only the 3rd round and they are exhausted.

Williams to the face of Gore who is too tired.

They only know how to hit each other on the face. Jabs and Jabs galore. No body punches at all.


Round 2

Williams vs Gore

Williams with a nice right to the face. But Gore counters with a left.

Gore seems exhausted. But he lands an incredible left to the face of Williams.

And Williams goes crazy and pushes Gore to the floor and the ref stops the fight for a sec

And ref continues the fight.

Not sure if these guys are on a boxing match or a street fight. Pushing, elbows and wild punches. Gore finishes with an incredible right to the eye of Williams who seems hurt.

Round 1

Williams vs Gore

Frank goes on the offense and hits Deron with a right to the face

Oh Frank missteps and almost falls to the floor.

Wild left by Deron that misses. Frank has trouble finding Deron because of the height difference.

Wow nuff said

The stats don't lie and Deron Williams seems like the favorite

Williams vs Gore

Deron has height over Frank. He will be looking to use this to his advantage. Gore will be looking to use his strenght and legs to make it even.

Williams vs Gore

This is a great fight. Fran is a physical beast 3rd most rushes in NFL history, only behind guys like Emmit Smith. The Miami native says he fell in love with boxing back in 2005.

Paro still undefeated

After a big hit in the first round he gets up and wins it!

Deron vs Frank

This is a fascinating fight. It promises to be explosive. Both guys are not experienced, and anything can happen.


Paro vs Alamo

And Liam Paro wins this one. He remains undefeated with 23 wins. He did well after being kockout in the first round. He was the most offensive of the two of them and in the end the Australian takes the belt home. 

Win by split decision

Who do you think won?

This one is a tough one to score. Both fighters didn't want to give too much and they decided to fight a very tactical boxing bout.

Round 10

Paro vs Alamo

They both come out swinging. Both fighters looking for a good one hit that will brgin the other to the ground. The score card has them too close and neither of them want this to go to the judges. And this is over and it is not clear who will come out a winner on this one.

1st round hit

That hurt!

Round 9

Paro vs Alamo

Alamo working the body. Paro looks more composed. The last two rounds were good for him. Alamo should be looking for a knockout. He might not want this to go to the judges. Oh nice left by Paro the face of Alamo to finish the round.

In style

Jake Paul is showing off how he tackles this fight. In his own words, " this is a fashion show too." Not sure if Tyron takes this so lightly

Round 7

Paro vs Alamo

Paro grabs Alamo to finish the round. And more of the same, Paro throws the right and misses. He has to calm down and try to land more and throw less.

Round 6

Paro vs Alamo

Nice right by Paro to the body, but Alamo is in control of the fight. The Australian is not landing with the frequency he would like to.

Round 5

Paro vs Alamo

A very tactical fight where Paro seems to be losing because of that first knockout in the first round. Although he seems to be doing very well and winning rounds, he still looks desperate to get that knockout punch

Frank Gore looks intense

The NFL star is not playing around and Deron WIlliams should take notice

Round 2

Paro vs Alamo

Paro wants to get inside with combinations to the body. He wants to get that knockout that will bring him at a par with Alamo. One good right to the face by Paro who went a bit wild at the end of the 2nd round.

Round 1

Paro vs Alamo

Alamo seems to go on the offensive here but Paro can't be found. A first round aimed at studying each other. And Alamo gets a left in against Paro who goes down. This is his first knockout. The fight has a 3 knockout rule.

Ready to get this going

Jake Paul just got to the arena and he looks ready to get this started tonight

Liam Paro vs Yomar Alamo

The fight between 26-year-old Yomar Alamo and 25-year-old Liam Paro is about to begin. The Australian Liam is the undefeated junior super light champion. Can he keep it undefeated?

Wait what?

Not sure what to say here. We got robots around here. You don't want to miss this

The champ is in the house

Amanda Serrano looks ready for the first fight of the night in Tampa

Jake vs Tyron snapshot

Who has the advantage? Jake is taller, but Tyron is an experienced fighter. The age difference goes against Tyron. That's 15 years.


Who will win? Is the NBA vs the NFL tonight. This will be a nice fight coming up. Is not all about Jake and Tyron

Paul vs Woodly

Tonight's card

Don't miss a minute of this exciting boxing night

Don't miss NBA star Deron Williams fight

The ex-NBA player will begings his boxing career tnight when he fights Frank Gore

Jake and Woodly face to face

Check out what Jake had to say to Tyron Woodly before their fight tonight 

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodly II

Welcome to our coverage of the Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodly II fight tonight. We will start witth the preliminaries and the main card afterwards.



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