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Indianapolis Colts IND
Arizona Cardinals ARI
IND 7 5 3 7 22
ARI 6 0 7 3 16

Colts vs Cardinals summary: score, goals, highlights | NFL Week 16

The Colts defeat the Cardinals 22-16 to bring their winning streak to three and stay in the wild card race.The Cardinals special teams mistakes cost them.

Colts defeat Cardinals 22-16

Colts defeat Cardinals 22-16

The Colts go to 9-6 and make it a 3-game winning streak. The Cardinals fall to 10-5 and make it a 3-game losing streak.

The Colts are still in the wild card playoff race.

Special teams mistakes cost Cardinals

The Cardinals had two missed field goals, one missed PAT, and gave up a safety to the Colts. That’s nine points given up to the Colts that could’ve made the difference for the Cardinals.

The Colts and Cardinals were keeping it a close game for the majority of it. In the middle of the fourth quarter, though, the Colts pulled off a 69-yard drive and Wentz threw a 14-yard touchdown pass to Patmon which put them up by two scores over the Cardinals.

How the QBs fared

Kyler Murray ended the game with 245 yards passing and one touchdown, 74 yards rushing, and a 57-yard run. Carson Wentz complete 18 of 28 passes for 225 yards and two touchdowns.

This Colts win not only took the Cardinals security of a playoff berth away from them, but it also stopped the Tennessee Titans from securing the AFC South.

In week 17, the Colts will play the Las Vegas Raiders at home, and the Cardinals will travel to Dallas to take on the Cowboys.

Cardinals special teams actually does something good!

Watch the rare special teams move that gave them a 44-yard punt return that led to the Cardinals' first and only lead of the game.

And there's that Patmon TD!

Hilton's 39-yard pass completion

Hilton's 39-yard pass completion set up the Patmon TD to put the Colts up 22-13.

Baker had a good day today

Personally. His team, not so much.

Wesley's one-hand catch ties up the game in the 2nd half

Colts defeat Cardinals 22-16

The Colts go to 9-6 and make it a 3-game winning streak. The Cardinals fall to 10-5 and make it a 3-game losing streak.

The Colts are still in the wild card playoff race.

Pittman is the one who recovers it and he doesn't try to advance. They run out the clock and the Colts win it 22-16!

Cardinals go with the onside kick and it's recovered by the Colts!

00:42 Q4

Colts take second timeout

00:42 Q4

Cardinals make it to the red zone to settle for a field goal

The Cardinals make it a one-play game with a 28-yard field goal with 42 seconds left in the game.

Prater 28-yard field goal is GOOD!

Murray pass deep to Wesley who jumps up and makes the catch but his feet aren't in so it's incomplete - 3rd and goal

Murray pass intended for Ertz in the end zone incomplete - 2nd and goal


Colts take first timeout

Cardinals get to 1st and goal

Wesley jumps up to make a long catch and he does but Rodgers pushes his arms to push the ball out and it's incomplete

Murray scrambles again, throws deep to Kirk and it's caught for 14 yards and a 1st down

Murray to Ertz for a gain of 3 - 2nd and 13

False Start on Cardinals and they're set back to 1st and 15

02:00 Q4

That's the 2-minute warning in the game

Murray passes to a wide open Kirk and he gets 14 yards and the 1st down

Murray takes it up the middle again but they're called for Holding. It's a 10-yard penalty and they're now at 2nd and 13

Murray to Ertz, Murray scrambles 10 yards, Murray to Edmonds, sets of 1st downs puts the Caridinals at the Colts 42 with 2:22 left to go

Colts go 3 and out and punt it away

4:28 Q4

Cardinals take first timeout

One yard forward, 3 yards back for Jonathan Taylor to bring Colts to 3rd and 13

Murray pass to Green is incomplete and the Colts will get the ball back at the Cardinals 43 with 5:24 left in the game.

5:25 Q4

Murray under pressure, throws it away and they'll go for it on 4th and 6

Cardinals brouhgt to 3rd and 6

Dortch runs it 31 yards on the return and Edmond gets an 11-yard run to give the Cardinals a 1st down

6:45 Q4

The Colts make it a 9-point lead after Murray makes two nice passes to Hilton in the red zone and then Patmon in the end zone. The extra point by Badgley puts the Colts up 22-13 over the Cardinals.

Badgley's PAT is GOOD!


Wentz passes 14 yards to Patmon into the end zone and it's a Colts touchdown to give them an even bigger lead. There's a flag thrown and it's a Roughing the Passer call on the Cardinals.

Wentz scrambles and is SACKED by Mauro for a loss of  a yard - 3rd and 9

Wentz passes 38 yards to Hilton and it's CAUGHT! And suddenly the Colts are inside the 15!

Holding penalty puts the Colts back to 2nd and 17. Wentz passes deep to Pittman for 20 and they get the 1st down and then some!

Prater's 41-yard field goal attempt is NO GOOD! Hit the upright

At 3rd and 3 yet again, Murray throws an incomplete pass to Ertz after scrambling away

Murray passes long to Green and he makes the catch with Rhodes on his back for a 33-yard gain!

Murray passes long to Kirk but Odom tips it and it's incomplete! Brings the Cardinals to 3rd and 10

Murray is under pressure and throws it away to just avoid a sack - 2nd and 10

The Cardinals go for it and they get it! Ward takes it up the middle 3 yards for the 1st down!

Cardinals are held to 4th and 1

00:00 Q3

That brings us to the end of the 3rd quarter and the Colts are in the lead again, 15-13.

00:03 Q3

Colts take the lead back

The Colts take back the lead with a 37-yard FG. Colts are up 15-13 with 3 seconds left in the 3rd quarter.

Badgley's 37-yard attempt is GOOD!

Wentz pass to Pittman is incomplete - Colts brought to 4th and 8

Colts get right back to 3rd and 8

An 8-yard run by Hilton gets the Colts the 1st down

Colts are brought to 3rd and 7

Wentz pass to Cox and he runs it 37 yards to put the Colts at the Cardinals 32!

At 3rd and 10, Murray scrambles and throws it away to avoid the sack and the Cardinals go 3 and out

Cardinals quickly taken to 3rd and 10 with a few incomplete passes

Wentz pass to Pittman incomplete, gives the Cardinals the ball at their own 36

And they'll go for it

Colts back to 3rd and 3 and Wentz passes to Taylor again but he's stopped for a loss of 1 to bring the Colts to 4th and 4

Taylor breaks through again, this time for 17 yards

Taylor breaks through at 3rd and 3 to get the 1st down!

10:53 Q3

Cardinals take the lead for the first time this game

The Cardinals started off this possession with a bang as Murphy was in the exact right spot to catch and run the ball 44 yards after the punt return. Murray made a long pass to Westley into the end zone for a touchdown and Prater's extra point put the Cardinals up 13-12.

Prater's PAT is GOOD!

Cardinals TOUCHDOWN!!!

Murray passes deep to Westley who made an excellent catch in the end zone for a Cardinals touchdown.

Edmonds starts off the drive with an 11-yard run and a Cardinals 1st down

Sanchez punts 44 yards to the Cardinals 10 and Murphy takes it away for 32 yards all the way to the Cardinals 42!

Wentz is under pressure and he's SACKED by Baker for a loss of 4 - 4th and 14 and the Colts punt it away

Wentz passes to Pittman but it's too high and the Colts find themselves at 3rd and 11

Wentz hands off to Taylor again, but he's pushed back this time, gives the Colts a loss of 1 - 2nd and 11

It's Taylor who runs it up the middle 11 yards to get the Colts the 1st down

Wentz passes to Dulin but he drops it for another incomplete pass and the Colts are at 2nd and 10 at the Colts 40

After a few incomplete passes, a Roughing the Passer penalty is called on the Cardinals to give the Colts an automatic 1st down

Jonathan Taylor's 43-yard run

The leading rusher in the NFL just keeps on goin'!

Kyler Murray's explosive 57-yard run

This long run led to the Cardinals' first TD of the game. He may be little, but he also be fast.

00:00 1st half

Sanchez punts it, Ward takes it 16 yards. And that takes us to the end of the first half!

00:01 Q2

Badgley 41-yard field goal kick is GOOD!

Wentz tries to find Cox again but it's incomplete/nearly picked by Simmons, brings the Colts to 4th and 20

00:09 Q2

Hines runs it 5 yards. 3rd and 20 at the Cardinals 23

Colts pass to Cox again for a 7-yard gain but an Offense Pass Interference puts them back ANOTHER 10 - 2nd and 25

Colts pass to Cox again for a 7-yard gain but an Offense Pass Interference puts them back ANOTHER 10 - 2nd and 25


Colts timeout

Wentz passes to Cox for an 5-yard gain - 2nd and 15

PENALTY on the Colts - Holding - sets them back 10 yards - 1st and 20 at Cardinals 23

Wentz runs it 12 yards to bring them within a yard of the end zone!


Cardinals timeout

Wentz pass incomplete to Pittman and almost picked off by Wilson, who was injured during the play. The refs call it a Pass Interference on Wilson and it's a 12-yard penalty to give the Colts the 1st down at the Cardinals 25

Another pass to Pittman and a 7-yard gain for the Colts - 2nd and 3 at the Cardinals 30

Wentz pass to Pittman is complete for a 14-yard gain as he leapt over Wilson

Offsides on Cardinals makes it their 7th of the game


That takes us to the 2-minute warning. Colts have the ball at their own 42 and it's 1st and 10.

Colts get held to 3rd and 5 and Wentz runs it and is tackled juuuuust at the 1st down mark and he reaches, but the refs bring out the chains to check anddd they call it a 1st down!

4:25 Q2

Colts get safety after a Murray is called for Intentional Grounding

Murray threw the ball away after recovering it on a botched snap and is called for Intentional Grounding. The Colts get the Safety in the end zone to get another easy two points. Colts up 9-6 in the 2nd quarter.

Colts get a SAFETY!!!

Murray, after a botched snap, FUMBLES at the Cardinals 11 but recovers it at their own 5 and tries to pass it short and it's incomplete but the refs call Intentional Grounding. Since it was enforced in the end zone, the Colts get the Safety!

Edmonds was tackled by Buckner and the ball came loose - almost looked like the Colts recovered it but it was ruled that Edmonds was down before the ball came loose

Wentz pass to Hilton is complete but it's a measly 3-yard gain so the Colts punt it away

Penalty on Colts - False Start - they're back to 3rd and 15. Ouch.

The ruling on the field stands - it was a complete pass and Colts are at 3rd and 10 at the Cardinals 45

Kingsbury decides to throw the challenge flag. The Hines catch is under review.

Wentz pass to Hines who makes a great catch for a 7-yard gain to bring Colts to 3rd and 10

Chandler Jones rips the ball from Carson Wentz and it is FUMBLED and recovered by the CARDINALS but there is a PENALTY on Cardinals - Illegal Contact. Indy gets 5 more yards AND a first down after that!

Taylor runs it up. the middle for 2 yards, then 4, and then a 10-yard pass to Pittman brings the Colts to 1st down at the Colts 50

After review, the play was REVERSED and ruled an incomplete pass. Colts will get the ball back at their own 33.

Murray passes to Ertz and he makes an incredible one-handed pull-in catch but does he have control? Ruling on the field is a complete pass but the Colts are challenging it.

They are still going for it...

FALSE START on Arizona, puts them back another 5 yards to 4tha nd 6

At 3rd and 2, Murray hands it off to Edmonds and he's stopped just short - 4th and 1and they will go for it!

On 3rd down, Murray passes to Ertz for 11 yards and the 1st down at the Colts 34

Badgley attempts a 53-yard field goal and it's short by a yard!

Colts are held to 3rd and 10 and Wentz is SACKED by and the ball comes loose and is recovered by the Cardinals, but Wentz's arm is forward so it's ruled an incomplete pass - 4th down and 10

00:00 Q1

That brings us to the end of the 1st quarter

And again - the Cardinals get a Neutral Zone Infraction - another 5-yard penalty - gives the Colts a 1st down

Penalty on Cardinals - Offsides - 5 yards

Colts at 3rd and short at their own 25 and Wentz passes it to Dulin for a 23-yard gain and a 1st down!

3:03 Q1

Cardinals nearly even the playing field

The Cardinals responded to the Colts' TD with a big 57-yard run by QB Kyler Murray to put them within a yard of the end zone and it's Edmond who runs it in for the touchdown.

Matt Prater misses the extra point - way left. The Cardinals are down by 1, 7-6.

Prater extra point is NO GOOD! Went waaay left. Adios!

Edmonds runs it up the middle 2 yards for a Cardinals TOUCHDOWN!!

Pass to Edmonds but he's tackled right away for no gain - 2nd and goal

Kyler Murray runs the ball 57 yards and is tackled JUST before the end zone!!

6:11 Q1

Colts get into the end zone in 6 plays

Colts get first points on the board after a huge 43-yard run by the NFL's rushing leader Jonathan Taylor.

Cardinals trail the Colts 7-0 in the 1st quarter.

Badgley PAT is GOOD!

Wentz passes to Hilton for a TOUCHDOWN!!

At 2nd and goal, Wentz hands it off to Taylor who goes straight up the middle to the Cardinals 1.

Wentz passes to Pittman for a 9-yard run to the Cardinals 4

Colts TE Doyle was injured on the play and walked off the field

Jonathan Taylor has a 41-yard run to start off the Colts first possession and the Colts are already in the red zone!

Kyler Murray goes for a long pass to Kirk and it's incomplete. They settle for a 51-yard field goal attempt and it is NO GOOD!

Kickoff has begun with Cardinals on offense!

Cardinals moving slowly down the field but getting those first downs nonetheless. It's 3rd down at the Cardinals 35.

Colts players in holiday spirit

Colts in the holiday spirit

The Colts' Matt Pryor and Will Fries arrived to the game against the Cardinals in full-on holiday spirit. Well, if the Grinch is considered holiday spirit, that is.

James Conner out vs Colts

The Cardinals running back was listed as Questionable and didn't practice this week. He's been ruled as Inactive for tonight's game against the Colts.

Colts dealt low blow just before Cardinals matchup

The Colts lost three players (two starters) just hours before the game against the Cardinals.

LB Darius Leonard , WR Zach Pascal, and safety Khari Willis were all placed on the reserve/covid-19 list.

The Colts will also be without LG Quenton Nelson, RG Mark Glowinski, CB Rock Ya-Sin, DE Kemoko Turay (all on the reserve/covid-19 list), and C Ryan Kelly.

The covid-19 hits continue to affect the Colts, who are the fifth seed in the AFC playoff hunt and are far off from making it as of yet.

Where do the Colts and Cardinals stand going into the game?


The Colts (8-6) finished off a two-win streak last week by beating the New England Patriots for the first time since 2009. They've won five of their last six games and will be looking for a win tonight against the Cardinals to stay in the playoff picture.

The Cardinals are 10-4 and leading the NFC West but are on a two-game losing streak including an embarrassing loss to the Lions last week and have lost four of the last seven after a 7-0 start to the season.

Hello and Merry Christmas! Welcome to our live coverage of the Colts at Cardinals game.

The game kicks off at 8:15 p.m. ET at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. We'll be here before, during, and after the game to give you live updates, scores, and commentary on this key Christmas Day matchup!


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