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Washington Football Team WAS
Dallas Cowboys DAL
WAS 0 7 0 7 14
DAL 21 21 7 7 56

Washington vs Cowboys summary: score, stats, highlights | NFL Week 16

The Dallas Cowboys were unstoppable as they obliterated the Washington Football Team from start to finish in their fourth win in a row over NFC East rivals.

Cowboys beat Washington 56-14

Cowboys obliterate Washington: Game Summary

With the Cowboys defeat over Washington, they move to 11-4 and are just behind Green Bay for the number one seed in the NFC. It's nearing the end of the season, which is the best time for a team to peak, which is exactly what Dallas is doing.

There's been a lot of concern about the Cowboys offense lately, and Dak losing his groove. Well, neither was a concern tonight. Even though the Cowboys were playing a weak Washington team which was also extremely shorthanded and coming off a shorter week than usual, the Cowboys still showed they know how to dominate on both sides of the ball.

First Quarter Summary

Actually, the Cowboys started off sloppy on their first drive of the game. After just six plays, Amari Cooper bobled a lateral pass from Cedrick Wilson and Dallas was forced to punt. But, it really just went up from there and never went back down. Just after the punt, Heinicke threw a pass which Trevon Diggs intercepted so nicely, he looked like the actual intended receiver. That made his 11th interception of the year.

The Cowboys acted fast with several no-huddles and an Ezekiel Elliott run into the end zone got them the lead, 7-0.

After failing to get anywhere yet again, Washington punted away and CeeDee Lamb ran it back 21 yards from the Cowboys 5. The Boys were able to quickly get down the field yet again and it was Dalton Schultz with the second TD of the night to make it 14-0 Dallas.

If things weren't going bad enough for Washington, at 3rd and 7, Heinicke threw a pass which was swatted into the air by DeMarcus Lawrence who then reined it in and ran 40 yards down the sidelines and into the end zone for a pick-six. Dallas 21, Washington 0.

Second Quarter Summary

Washington was able to get in the game after Heinicke threw a deep pass to Antonio Brown for a 48-yard gain and then an 8-yard TD catch by Gibson put the score at 21-7. The Cowboys didn't take long to respond with Zeek's second TD of the day, to put the Cowboys up 28-7.

The Cowboys defense was hard at work. Parsons had his 13th sack during the game to help the offense get back in the game. The offense thanked them with an 80-yard march and a trick-play TD pass to offensive lineman Terence Steele that put them up 35-7 over Washington. With two minutes left in the first half, the Cowboys didn't give up, which they easily could've. At that point, they went for it and it paid off. They got down the field quick and it was Amari Cooper who was gifted the ball in the end zone to bring the Cowboys lead up to 42-7.

Third Quarter Summary

After halftime, the game started off slow with the first two possessions ending in punts. It picked right up though. Heinicke was sacked to put them on their own 10-yard line to punt. Corey Clement came out of nowhere to block it which then caused it to bounce into the hands of Chauncey Golston, who ran it into the end zone to make it 49-7 over the WFT. To end the third quarter, Turner busted through the WFT defense o a 61-yard run!

Fourth Quarter Summary

It was Turner again who got the next TD, putting the Cowboys up 56-7 to start the 4th quarter. The Cowboys were beating the WFT by so much that I started to lose count and the teams both started putting in their backup players.

The WFT were able to come back and get a TD with Allen's pass to Bates Bates who actually fumbled the ball but recovered it in the end zone. With 2:46 left in the game, that didn't add anything.

The Cowboys had already learned they clinched the NFC East title earlier in the night, but this win still proved they're contenders and the best in the NFC. They'll take on the Cardinals next week and division rivals Eagles after that to end the regular season.

Cowboys getting a TD on the punt return

Lawrence with the pick-six in the 1st

Things got heated on the Washington sideline. And not just because of the benches.

Throw it near Diggs and he'll snatch it up

Look at the TD catch by OL Steele!

00:00 Game

And the Dallas Cowboys get the W over Washington, 56-14

Rush takes the knee to run out the clock

2:00 Q4

Dallas with the ball back at 2nd and 9 before the two-minute warning

2:46 Q4

Washington gets TD in garbage tims

Washington fumbles but recovers in the end zone for a TD in garbage time with just over 2 minutes in the game. Cowboys up 56-14.

Slye PAT is GOOD!


Allen passes to Bates for 12 yards and FUMB:ES it with a Kazee punch but recovers it in the end zone for a Washington TD late in the  4th quarter.

Allen SACKED by Armstrong

Cowboys stopped at 4th and 1 and punt it away with 9:48 left in the game

Washington goes 3 and out and punt it back to the Dallas 1, downed by Washington Smallwood

14:16 Q4

Rush to Turner for another Cowboys TD

The Cowboys bring in Cooper Rush at QB to give Prescott a rest and he passes to Turner to get the ball down the field and it's Turner who gets it into the end zone, to keep that lead up, 56-7 over Washington early in the 4th quarter.

Zuerlein PAT is GOOD!


Turner pass caught from Rush for a 9-yard run into the end zone for another Dallad TD!

00:00 Q3

Rush comes in for Prescott and passes short to Turner who just KEEPS ON DODGING the Washington defense for a 61-yard run to end the third quarter!

Cowboys take over at their 21

No good - Brown blocks the pass

They go for it...

Washington brought to 4th and 1

Heinicke pass deep to Bates who keeps it going for 32 yards

Cowboys get touchdown on a blocked punt

Just when I was thinking "man, this second half isn't going anywhere", the Cowboys block a punt (Clement) and run it back in for a TD (Golston) to increase their lead to 49-7 over Washington.

Zuerlein PAT is GOOD!


Washington's punt is BLOCKED by Clement, and RECOVERED by Dallas Golston who runs it into the end zone to give the Cowboys the TD!

Washington gets one gain of 3 but then two incomplete passes bring them to 4th and 16 and they'll punt it away again

Heinicke SACKED for a loss of 8

Cowboys nearly throw a pick before they're brought to 4th and 7

Finally, a 1st down by the Boys on an Elliott run

Andddd another Washington 3 and out

Cowboys follow suit with a 3 and out too

Washington goes 3 and out to start off the second half

00:00 Q2

That brings us to the end of the first half

Heinicke kneels to run out the clock

00:05 Q2

Cowboys go for it to make another TD before the half

The Cowboys didn't settle for letting the clock run out. They played hard to get it down the field and into the end zone on a 14-yard pass to Cooper with 5 seconds left in the half. They've got a 42-7 over WFT lead going into halftime.

Zuerlein PAT is GOOD!


Schultz is up and trots off the field

Penalty on Washington - Unnecessary Roughness

Prescott pass to Schultz is complete but Schultz is laid out on the field and the flags are thrown. It'll be a helmet to helmet

Cowboys will go for it on 4th and 2 at the 40

Another incomplete pass to Wilson brings Cowboys to 4th down

Cowboys getting down the field slowly and Dak nearly throws a pick but gets lucky - Cowboys at 3rd and 2

00:59 Q2

Cowboys timeout #2

Schultz takes it to the Dallas 40 for 11 yards

2 incomplete passes to Cooper and 1 complete pass bring Cowboys to Cowboys 29 and the 1st down with a minute and a half left...Cowboys are going for it

Washington to 4th and 9 and they punt it away

2:00 Q2

Two-minute warning in the first half: Washington has the ball at their own 46 - 2nd and 9

Steele fools WFT for another Cowboys TD

No one saw that coming - offensive lineman Steele comes in to the TE position to snag yet another TD for the Boys and put them up 35-7 over Washington.

Zuerlein PAT is GOOD!


Prescott pass to the OL Steele who's WIDE open in the end zone gives the Cowboys another TD!




Prescott pass to the OL Steele who's WIDE open in the end zone gives the Cowboys another TD!

Incomplete pass and a Pollard push that is just short bring the Cowboys to 3rd and goal

Pollard runs it up the middle 9 yards and a 13-yard pass to Gallup sets up 1st and goal for the Cowboys

Another long pass by Prescott to Schultz complete for 16 yards

Prescott deep pass to Lamb is CAUGHT for 25 yards

Washington's Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne got into a heated fight on the sidelines and are now playing together on the field

Heinicke pass to Williams for a measly 2-yard gain and they punt it away

This time it's Kearse with the Heinicke SACK. WFT brought to 3rd and 8

Gibson runs it 15 yards to the 40 to give Washington a 1st down

Parsons doin' what he does - SACKS Heinicke on first drive for a loss of 5

10:34 Q2

Elliott gets second TD of the night

The Cowboys are up 28-7 over Washington after a big 41-yard pass to Gallup and an 11-yard run by Elliott to give him his second TD contribution of the night for the Cowboys.

Zuerlein PAT is GOOD!


Prescott handoff to Elliott and he runs it 11 yards for another Cowboys TD!

Prescott pass to Cooper complete for 8 yards, brings Cowboys to 3rd and 2 at WFT 11

Prescott gets out of the pocket after pressure, scrambles 13 yards for the 1st down at the WFT 21

Cowboys no huddle is paying off for them. Prescott pass deep to Gallup is complete for a huge gain of 41 yards!

14:45 Q2

WFT get on the board

Washington gets their first points of the game with a Heinicke pass to Gibson for an 8-yard touchdown to put the score to 21-7, Cowboys.

Slye PAT is GOOD!

Washington TOUCHDOWN!

Heinicke finally able to complete a pass to Gibson and he runs it in for the TD.

Heinicke under pressure and throws it away, incomplete - 3rd and goal


End of Q1: Cowboys up 21-0 and WFT has the ball at the Dallas 8 at 2nd and goal

Heinicke scrambles away and dodges Lawrence before he finally sacks him for a loss of 1

Kearse blocks pass to Bates in the end zone but a Holding penalty is called. Brings WFT to 1st and goal

Carter takes it up 15 yards for another Washington 1st down tot he 12-yard lne

Woah! Heinicke passes deep and it's CAUGHT by Brown for a 48-yard gain!

2:17 Q1

Lawrence interception gives Cowboys a 3-score lead

Heinicke at 3rd and 7 goes for a long pass but Lawrence jumps up and steals it, breaks through, and runs it back for a third Cowboys touchdown in the first quarter to put the Boys up 21-0.

Zuerlein PAT is GOOD!

Lawrence runs it and he breaks through one, and another, and it's a Dallas Cowboys TOUCHDOWN!!

DeMarcus Lawrence picks off the Heinicke pass and...

Punt return is out of bounds - Washington will get the ball at the 40

3:08 Q1

Cowboys make it a two-point lead

Cowboys go on a 76-yard run to get a second TD on a pass to Schulz to bring the Cowboys to 14-0 over the Washington Football Team.

Zuerlein PAT is GOOD!


Prescott pass to Schultz for 9 yards and another Cowboys TD!

Prescott pass to Cooper for 10 yards to bring Cowboys to 1st and goal

Cowboys at the Washington 19 at 3rd and 6

And he does it again for another 22 yards!

Lamb hops up and SNAGS that pass from Prescott for 14 yards and a 1st down!

Lamb takes off with the punt return 21 yards to the Cowboys 26

Washington simply could not keep up with the Cowboys defense. A Diggs swat, Parsons and Gregory hit on Heinicke led to 4th and 4 and a punt away.

7:42 Q1

Elliott TD puts Cowboys up 7-0

Cowboys botch their first possession, but the defense said, "don't worry, we got this." On Heinicke's first pass of the game, a long one, Diggs leapt up and took it to give the Cowboys another chance, and they took it. Prescott's pass to Elliott for 5 yards gave them the TD to get an early lead, 7-0 over Washington.

Zuerlein PAT is GOOD!

Cowboys TOUCHDOWN!!!

Elliott is forgiven, running the ball right into the end zone for a Cowboys TD!

Schultz takes it 5 more yards for 3rd and 3

Prescott pass to Elliott and he makes a rookie mistake, closing his arms before he even gets the handoff...fumbles the ball obviously. And then recovers it right away.

Prescott pass to Cooper complete for 23 yards to the Washington 12!

Prescott is working on his scrambling abilities, but he's not lookin' too hot in that area

Cowboys offense was saved by their defense yet again. They're getting down the field after some Elliott runs and passes to Wilson and Schultz.

Heinicke pass is INTERCEPTED immediately to give Trevon Diggs his 11th pick of the season! Diggs looked like the intended receiver there!

Cowboys punt it away and Carter takes it 8 yards to the Washington 28

Prescott pass to Wilson who throws it to Cooper who drops it, picks it up again, and loses a yard. Mike McCarthy looking like a disappointed dad on the sidelines...

Two sacks on Prescott in a row bring the Cowboys to 3rd and 16

And we're off! Cowboys will start us off on offense.

Almost time for kickoff in Dallas!

Don't tell Omicron about this

Cowboys clinch NFC East title

So, here's something confusing. The Raiders beat the Broncos, so the Cowboys clinched the NFC East. Here's how:

The Raiders won the AFC West matchup against the Denver Broncos, and the Eagles beat the Broncos, who beat the Cowboys. The Eagles win over the Broncos is now less meaningful because of The Broncos loss to the Raiders. That means that the Eagles won't be able to make up the lost ground.

It hurts my head, but it's a definite clinch. After this week's game vs Washington, the Cowboys will have the Cardinals and Eagles to end the season. The Eagles could potentially be fighting for a playoff opportunity and the Cowboys could potentially be as well.

Washington makes roster moves ahead of Cowboys game

Before the game tonight, Washington made some moves after dealing with six players on the reserve/covid-19 list. Two of those six are starters Brandon Scherff and Cole Holcomb, so the WFT are preparing for the worst.

They activated RB Wendell Smallwood, which will give them four RBs for the game vs Cowboys. They activated kicker Joey Slye, giving them two kickers. They elevated Smallwood and CB D.J. Hayden from the practice squad and promoted safety Keremy Reaves and linebacker De'Jon Harris as covid-19 replacements.

WFT bring heated benches to Texas on 80-degree day

Apparently the WFT thought it would be funny to copy the Cowboys and bring their own heated benches to Dallas. The thing's 80 degrees in Dallas today and will be in the high 70s for tonight's game. But hey, good joke!

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Washington Football Team at Dallas Cowboys game!

Kickoff for this NFC East rivalry game is set for 8:20 p.m. ET at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas.

The Cowboys are 10-4 and on a three-game win streak and Washington is 6-8. The Cowboys defeated Washington in their last matchup in Washington two weeks ago, 27-20.



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